Wednesday, November 26, 2008


At the Town Board meeting and budget hearing on Monday evening Robert Bernstein, leader of the Edgemont Community Council, called on the Greenburgh Town Board to stop funding the SWAT team. His predecessor, Michelle McNally, wrote a letter to the editor to the Journal News earlier in the week suggesting the same thing.
Todays terrorist attacks in India highlight the importance of being prepared. The media is reporting that NYC is on the alert for a major possible terrorist attack in the NYC transit system.
Investing funds and resources on a SWAT team makes sense --in these very difficult times. Our police are highly trained and specialized. Greenburgh is better prepared than most other communities in the region to respond to terror attacks.
I am not sure if Mr. Bernstein or Ms. McNally are speaking for the ECC. I hope that they aren't. And, also hope they will reconsider their recommendations.
For more information about the SWAT team and the highly trained Greenburgh police department - please visit and log onto the police department.


Anonymous said...

If Bernstein didn't exist would Paul have invented him to distract attention from his own incompetency?

Anonymous said...

Bob probably was speaking only for himself, not for the ECC.

Anonymous said...

How many people live in Edgemont? Probably 8,000+.
Bob is one person. He is not our spokesman. We are individuals. I want to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Bernstein. My mother was on the Nutrition program and it was great. Shewas so happy to see the driver every day. Please don't leave the program alone and thank you to all those who work for it.

Feiner's attack on ECC leaders wrong said...

The state and county each have SWAT teams. Bernstein and McNally were objecting to Feiner's cutting essential services, including police, sanitation, snow removal, and leaf pickup. They identified services that they believed were less essential, including the subsidy that Greenburgh taxpayers give to the towns of Eastchester and Mt.Pleasant for their nutrition programs, the $100K gift that Greenburgh taxpayers are giving to the Fairview Fire District, the $61,000 "council for the arts," the new $335K after school program which the town shouldn't even be funding and which school districts can get tax free from the YMCA, Feiner's unnecessary $67,000 personal secretary, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars in duplicative costs for camps, recreational services and transportation, run by the departments of Community Resources and Parks and Rec, each with its own set of well-paid commissioners, to name just a few of the problems.

Feiner, however, chooses to focus on the SWAT team in an attempt to divert attention from all the pork he can't seem to find a way to cut instead. As Bernstein said the other night at the budget hearing, the Greenburgh SWAT team is something that's nice to have, but in an austerity budget, which we have, when the police chief says he doesn't have enough manpower next year to protect the safety and security of the town, many unincorporated residents think its more important to choose safety and security over luxuries like a SWAT team, particularly when the state and county each have their own SWAT teams and each is available to Greenburgh should the need arise.

It's too bad we have a town supervisor who doesn't know how to differentiate between essential services and non-essential services. It's too bad we have a supervisor who tells the police chief he has to cut his budget, even when the chief tells him that to do so would compromise public safety. It's too bad we have a town supervisor who is so clueless about how to run a police department that he insists that police officers be replaced by civilians who he feels can be hired for less money, even though. according to the police chief, that's sheer nonsense.

As Edgemont residents have said over and over again, when it comes to whose judgment to respect on police matters, that of Feiner, a career politician, and that of Kapica, a career law enforcement individual, they choose Kapica. And Feiner will pay a big price for compromising the public safety of the town's unincorporated area by refusing to allow the police to increase its staff to levels which the town believed were required several years ago.

No one in Edgemont would like to see the SWAT team not funded, but if it the choices comes down to more men on patrol and less crime, they'd choose more men on patrol and less crime.

It's too bad that Feiner feels he has to use his blog to personally attack private citizens who believe Feiner's priorities are screwed up

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost to train the tech-rescue team? Let's cut that!
let the fire depts do the rescue calls

SWAT team is a Feiner red herring said...

What;s the big deal about the town's SWAT team? The SWAT team's budget is $167,000. A total of $55,000 of that budget is to reimburse the villages for the overtime that their cops get for the training. Another $25,000 is to reimburse the unincorporated area for the overtime that their cops get for the training. That leaves a total of $87,000. Feiner's personal secretary costs $67,000 and the "council on the arts" costs $61,000. If we cut Feiner's secretary and the "council on the arts" we could keep the SWAT team, such as it is, and fund the overtime that Kapica says he needs to keep the town's unincorporated area safe and secure at a time when he's short 6 to 9 officers.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous that we have a SWAT team yet no street cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Since when does Feiner care what anyone in Edgemont thinks?

Anonymous said...

11:37 -- we should cut all you suggest and Xposure and mroe

it aint just feiner said...

as bernstein observed - juettner and sheehan are on board with feiner and his budget priorities

now bob and michelle- what about the comprehensive plan?

isnt that another waste of money edgemont supports?

this town needs a walmart style team to squeeze the waste out of a most inefficient government.

Anonymous said...

Zoning and planning is a real need, and can not be supplied by other than the Town (unlike Xposure) -- ask Fulton Park if it isnt needed.

Anonymous said...

Paul I would like to ask you a question who do you think you are taking away free speech from anyone whether in Edgemont or any other area .
Free speech is one of our rights as Americans.

Are you the only one to speek your mind.
You ask for the publics input but you don't follow through.
The only thing that you do is follow those that want to take away the services that we have and should have .

We pay the money and we want the services that are due us. Remove the parasites that constantly cry for more and more money.
You know dam well that both centers are eating up all of the tax dollars. close them or sell them.
NO this won't do but you will stop the ones who will advize you which way to go to save money.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein has a right to speek out since he is a citizen of the U.S.

Anonymous said...


This attack on Bernstein is personal and vindictive. It has no place on this blog or anywhere else. Bernstein has a right to criticize anything he wants. He is probably paying more taxes than you or anyone else on the Board. What you are demonstrating to everyone is your lack of concern for Edgemont. You are pitting the Edgemont Community Council against the rest of the Town and making Edgemont look like the bad guys. You are pushing Edgemont into incorporation. With us leaving Greenburgh, you will lose a significant source of tax revenue and it will make your job of governing significantly more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein and McNally are gadflys. They will fight anything Feiner wants. Had Feiner cut SWAT they would hold an emergency meeting of the ECC to complain.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein has a right to speak. If he makes a dumb comment that puts our lives at risk - the public should be advised. Eliminating SWAT puts Edgemont residents at risk.

Anonymous said...

I never thought that I would defend Bernstein on anything, but this nut blogging by Feiner changes that.

Paul, Have you nothing better to do than to write drivel like that? Is your idea of open government that you ridicule a person for speaking at a public meeting?

And when are you going to cut non-essential services anyway?

Anonymous said...

Chief Kapica says he will be short 6 to 9 people next year. He also says he doesn't have enough overtime in his budget to pay the officers he does have when an emergency comes up or even when officers are sick or disabled He says public safety will be compromised. Bernstein and McNally have come up with suggestions on how to cut hundreds of thousands of dollars of nonessential town services so that Kapica will have the servicers he needs. Feiner's response, to ridicule them for coming up with these suggestions, including yes, cutting the SWAT team expense, shows how truly disturbed an individual Feiner is. He should be thanking Bernstein and McNally for showing him the way out of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's attack on Bernstein is his way of changing the subject after Bernstein demonstrated so effectively the other night that Town taxpayers are subsidizing the the meals delivered to the Towns of Eastchester and Mt. Pleasant. All Feiner could do was say it wasn't so, but he couldn't point to any financial analysis to show that what was in his budget wasn't so. Feiner's attacking Bernstein because Bernstein once again showed up Feiner big time. What kind of elected official uses our town tax dollars to subsidize programs in other towns?

question for mr feiner said...

what has swat accomplished?

mr feiner - your response please

Anonymous said...

If the unincorporated police department will be six to nine officers short next year, as Chief Kapica says, what would happen if there were a need to deploy the town's SWAT unit? The answer is that if the chief is able to muster enough officers in such an emergency, he certainly won't have enough officers on hand to handle other routine police matters, such as shoplifting on Central Avenue, home burglaries in Edgemont and Hartsdale, traffic violations, drug dealing and the like. This is no way to run the railroad. Feiner should listen to Bernstein and cut the town's non-essential services before putting the town at risk by cutting the essential services. If having SWAT is essential, then by all means cut the other non-essentials that Bernstein identified. What are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Even though Kapica wants to keep the SWAT team, he was at least polite. Feiner and Brown could learn from him.

9-11 Never Forget said...

Keep SWAT and cut the other bull$hit!

Get the money from GHA! Cut the Xposure program. Get Boy & Girls Club of America to take over TDYCC. Sell Taxter Ridge!

Unlike myself, Bernstein & McNally didn't lose a loved on that day. If they had, they'd be singing a different tune.

Hell! I'm not letting my kids ride Metro-North into the city until after Xmas. Wake up people!

These threats are real!

Anonymous said...

Chief Kapica suggested at the Town Board meeting on video that Edgemont High School is safer because of the SWAT team preparedness.

Anonymous said...

SWAT is insurance. Being prepared is insurance. The ECC leadership should be advocates for Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

What makes Mr. Bernstein an authority on anything Police related? He has no qualifications that enable him to speak authoritatively on any law enforcement topic! I guess we have forgotten the events of September 11th 2001. Look at todays newspaper and you will understand how unsafe our world really is today. As a Greenburgh homeowner and a parent of children in Greenburgh schools I want my community to be safe! Apparently Mr. Bernstein wants to put a dollar amount on our safety. He owes the dedicated Police Officers of Greenburgh and particularly the SWAT Team an apology. These Officers volunteer for this assignment in addition to their regular duties and do not receive hazardous duty pay or extra compensation for the dangerous work they are asked to do. Lets at least give them the funding they need to keep us safe!

Anonymous said...

Yes the State and County Police have SWAT teams with huge areas of responsibility. They will respond if requested within a couple hours. Do you want to wait that long for help when you need it? Columbine ended in 19 minutes! If you are going to comment then get your facts straight! The post 911 world is not a safe place.

Anonymous said...

Yes the State and County Police have SWAT teams with huge areas of responsibility. They will respond if requested within a couple hours. Do you want to wait that long for help when you need it? Columbine ended in 19 minutes! If you are going to comment then get your facts straight! The post 911 world is not a safe place.

Anonymous said...

What has SWAT accomplished? Its very simple...SWAT has saved lives!

Anonymous said...

I think that our Town police can contain the situation while waiting for county police. AND I see no need to subsidzie the villages on this. If all they can point to is one person who barricaded himself in an apartment, the local police can sty and wait for county.

Yes there is massive waster and overageds at the Town.

Anonymous said...

SWAT has acomplished Squat. Does anyone remember when,the swat team broke into the wrong house and set off a stun granade and scared the old lady? I think she sued the Town and won some money, not sure though. Paul do you know how much money the lady received?

Anonymous said...

As Chief Kapica eluded to...the SWAT team has successfully resolved hundreds of high threat situations over the past 32 years, but people like you can only focus on being negative. It's similar to the way that you criticize Mr. Feiner and never give him credit for the good things that he has done for the Town of Greenburgh. Chief Kapica has done an outstanding job of providing Police services to the Town. Lets leave law enforcement decisions to the people who have a concept.

hal samis said...

So many issues wrapped up in this little Feiner "gem" that he drops on the blog front door so casually on Thanksgiving. And so little time to explain them so that readers will understand the real issues that his post is substituting for.

I write these "screeds" as some will call them online and I apologize for my anticipated relaxing of editing -- I have allocated but two hours to writing this. Some of the following will be bullet proof and some will require a further explanation.

Feiner is shamelessly using scare tactics, not because of concerns about terrorism, but because he thinks Bernstein will be vulnerable if he can be painted into the corner of penny wise but pound foolish.

To begin, whether the ECC represents all of Edgemont is problematic. Does any organization's leadership represent all of its membership?
Feiner would do away with all civic associations because invariably they end up almost by definition on the opposite side of the government. Civic associations are formed to protect neighborhoods; they are not formed to praise the government. If the government did everything to benefit everyone all the time there would be no need for civic associations. No government can do that. A civic association represents neighbors facing what they perceive as a common problem. To tell their side of the story, residents form these groups to speak, not as a voice of one, but as the voice of many. A premise which is the backbone of Democracy. To amplify these concerns and to unite different neighborhoods facing the same problems, umbrella organizations are formed to gather the issues of individual civic associations and focus their collective energy by speaking out with a louder voice. The ECC is such an umbrella and its members are the individual civic associations.

The question, at any stage and on any issue, is how representative of the neighborhoods are the civic associations and when banded together how representative are they of the entirety? To answer that, we have to consider that given an open membership policy to all living within a neighborhood, do those who join count more than those who don't? It is a fair question; certainly a mainstay of the ground where philosophy and government meet. However, this post will not yield the answer only this observation as shown by the equation:
Bernstein/McNally/ECC are to Edgemont as Feiner/Town Board are to Greenburgh.

Neither entity represents an overwhelming consensus of the total population of their franchise. To say that Bernstein speaks for Edgemont is just as fair or unfair as to say that Feiner speaks for all of Greenburgh. And the reverse.

The point here is that to trade the important issue for a debate over the bonafides of the those claiming standing is itself going off point.

And Feiner already knows that Bernstein and McNally are speaking for the ECC just as he considers himself to be speaking for the Town Board.
That he is trying to seed doubt and discredit his opponents is the signal that he has much to fear from them -- as he should.

Mr. Bernstein has raised a number of Budget related issues; it is true that he has made some relatively minor mistakes based upon mistakes found in the rush released tentative Town Budget; mistakes now being corrected by the Town. However, the Monday evening focus on the SWAT team is a relatively new issue and one that Feiner feels that he can be safe in using to discredit Bernstein. And, it is a surgically clean attack because all Feiner has to do is introduce the topic, raise the fears, depend on Kapica's copyrighted "what if someone were to die" and leave it to anonymous bloggers to perform the actual slaughter.

And Bernstein is particularly vulnerable because he is riding a seesaw which at one end argues we need more police on patrol, the middle is to avoid an increase in taxes and on the other end is to suggest that the Police are not using their dollars wisely. This is the trap that Bob created for himself; this is the trap that Feiner wants to exploit. And just to leave no doubt, Bob also has to defend against the suspicion that seeking more patrols is something unique tp Edgemont because of a spate of robberies. Feiner could not have devised a better torture chamber himself.

Now I have parried with Chief Kapica before and whereas I don't read his numbers or sit it on his strategy sessions, I think the Police Department is poorly managed in the best of circumstances and while this is not as apparent when the money is flowing, the evidence becomes compelling when the money spigot is tightened.

Everyone (other than perps) would seek a cop at every corner if they could afford it. Police presence is clearly a deterrent to crime. Thus the issue becomes how much presence is required, where and when, and how much will it cost. Looking at the costs is fascinating; maybe it would be cheaper to give every known felon $25,00 to conduct business elsewhere. What other communities spend; what other communities do is irrelevant. It takes just one community to raise the bar and thereafter the PBA will be pointing to that as the baseline. So let's just stay on the Greenburgh page.

The workings of the Police Department have determined that there are, I believe, 7 sectors and that to patrol these sectors 24/7/365 a number of regular officers are needed plus a reserve force of back-up to fill in for sick days, vacation periods, training days et al. The Chief says that having bodies in uniform to fill-in is less expensive than filling these openings (temporary)with overtime. Adding to the problem is that officers go on disability, retire, move away, etc. and that the Police are unique in that replacements need a long lead time of training to be serviceable. There is no "Cop shop" where you can pick up replacement parts.

Now what follows is where the Chief and I disagree. If the primary mission of the Department is to maintain the sanctity of these sector patrols, then having the required number of officers in place to fulfill this task -- at all times -- should be the sole directive.

However, how the Chief sees the mission is that those on patrol can be removed for other needs (to be explained) and this results in diminishing, in many circumstances, the number of officers engaged in sector patrol.
How can this happen when he has enough men on the roster to maintain these patrols, even with their back-ups? Because the Chief wants to run the department as a Department Store -- not in competition with the "Cop Shop". He wants to be Chief over SWAT, EMS, his Navy, summer camp, etc. He will justify this by saying that he's getting "two mints for the price of one". In other words, the officer on sector patrol may also be trained as an EMS person, a SWAT team, a counselor at Police camp, whatever. This presents no problem when nothing happens; as soon as a situation occurs, though, the patrol officer is now no longer on patrol but rushing to serve as the EMS technician or the SWAT team officer or directing traffic around them at the scene. An event in one part of town leaves the remainder of town without Police presence for the duration. In the case of EMS, the duration includes filling out an hour's worth of paperwork and/or wait at the hospital. So while you're getting "double" service from officers; they cannot fulfill both roles at the same time.

But that is just the visible part of the picture. All these specialties require constant and ongoing training. And training involves not just the classroom but the travel time to and from.
Even Patriot and his companion have to go for periodic training --all at taxpayer expense. And while officers are being trained, left behind to fill their slots is minimal manpower to take their place and service sector patrols. What is someone were to die? What if someone called in sick and two officers were away in a classroom somewhere? And, will Greenburgh provide EMS or SWAT assistance to neighboring communities should they have an emergency? I believe so; I would be among those clamoring for our SWAT to assist if a Columbine event were to happen nearby. But while they race to nearby, going with them is their presence on sector patrol.

The defense of this duality in function is to argue that it is cheaper although I am not convinced. But what it most certainly is not preserving is the defense of the 7 sectors.

Eventually we have to come back to how bedrock are these 7 sectors and how often do they have to be patrolled. Is it just to have some visibility to comfort residents? Is it a practical measure? Maybe it should even be beefed up? I don't know. However, I have observed two occasions when the response to non-incidents produced a considerable number of responding units which argues that they cannot be covering two places at once. So, given the sop that at least two units will always respond, that means at least one sector is being unpatrolled if summoned elsewhere.
Adding EMS and SWAT, etc. responsibilites only aggravates this reality.

With this as background, let me expand on what Bernstein most eloquently defined as nice, need and necessary.

Having a SWAT team, for example, would be nice. Given a blank checkbook, the Chief could even find something he doesn't yet have for his Department. A blank checkbook in the past yielded a SWAT. But this year, last year and years ahead, the Town faces a revenue shortfall. We can no longer afford "nice".

Then there are items in the budget that represent need. Do we need to provide a police car for the Chief of Police and his Captains to drive to and from home? Isn't there anyone capable left running the store when they're away. Do we not have (we paid for it) a wonderful communications system that calls can be patched from or forwarded? Will a portable dashboard mounted flashing light in their personal car delay the Chief or Captains in getting to situations much faster? How many of these situations occur over the course of a year and the Chief is summoned? Needs are a little more tolerable than nice but if the dollars aren't there...

And this brings us to necessary. This is why we have a Police Department; this is to fight or prevent crime; not issue summons for parking violations or improperly bagged leaves. Not having manpower to staff patrols or even deal with street crime: this is the heart of the matter. This is the stuff that happens everyday, day in, day out. Not once in a blue moon.

So, if the Chief is feeling the pinch of budget crunch, the battleground could be that the Town Board is being reckless by cutting the Police Budget or it could be that the Department can still make do with less by closing some boutiques and let other town departments handle them or deed them over to the County or the State. And here's the impasse and the politics.

Feiner says to the Public I'm taking a knife to departments and cutting budgets. On one side of his mouth he is looking out for taxpayers by cutting expenses; from the other side of his mouth, he has marshalled his support for the SWAT team because he fears outbreaks of terrorism in Greenburgh.

Not unlike Mrs. Malaprop arguing to add a Social Worker ($50,000+) to the TDYCC staff but questioning the increase in grease ($10,000+).
She probably thought this expense was related to vehicle use.

When it is convenient for Feiner to quote the Chief of Police he does; when it is not, he doesn't.
Witness the Chief pleading for the restoration of money cut from his budget. "I don't have enough money to print parking tickets..."

Of course terorism could happen, anything is possible, and after terrorists cross out the first 79 best places to live, hopefully they will eliminate Greenburgh too because they heard we have a Navy SWAT and Patriot.

Is SWAT better prepared to deal with the bad guys? Probably. Do we have a well-trained SWAT, yes.
But is that the underlying issue or the window dressing?
Will the regular Police arriving at a situation just throw their hands up in frustration or have they received some training in what to do while waiting for anyone's SWAT to arrive? Do SWATs arriving in the first 15 minutes make a statistical dent in SWATs arriving in 30 minutes?

Given the inability to put a cost on life, it is no advantage to argue that statistically the chances of engagement are small. But given the same inability to foretell the success or effectiveness of SWAT in any setting, all that we have is the heart strings tugging at the purse strings. Those favoring SWAT and other in-house Police Department amenities will always quote "what if someone were to die" until one day they might be right. And if money were no object, everyone should have a second car in case the first breaks down, buy two quarts of milk in case the first quart has gone bad, have a second home in case Greenburgh becomes a focus of terrorist activity...

Mr. Feiner, however, is clearly funding his personal feud with the ECC by drawing upon today's news to
conclude that what happened in India can happen here, what could happen in the NYC transit system could happen here (hopefully the sculpture at the Hartsdale train station will remain unscathed) and that with an over 30% two year tax increase, residents should just shut up because this peace of mind costs.

A parked van at a shopping center exploded by a remote device, not even by a suicide bomber, won't happen because residents are paying for a SWAT.

Shame on Feiner for trading on fear to beat up on the ECC. Shame on Feiner for playing race cards everytime the TDYCC is mentioned. Is there nothing he won't do to look good?

And what is it all really about?
So far Bernstein has led the assault on the Feiner @ Co. proposed budget. Feiner can't beat Bernstein on the numbers; the only way out for Feiner is to discredit the messenger.

Until the terrorists attack we'll all have to carry on; just as I've got to ride the train to work on Monday.

If the mission of terrorists is to spread terror and fear, then they should be sending a large check to Friends of Paul Feiner.

Anonymous said...

Bob was wrong. The chief of police is right. The SWAT team may never be used. If, god forbid, there is a terrorist attack in Greenburgh we will be counting our blessings that the town is fully prepared.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Watch the Town Board discussion of the SWAT team with the police chief. The chief argues that Edgemont residents stand to benefit by having specially trained SWAT team officers. Many diplomats reside in Edgemont, acccording to the chief.

Anonymous said...

While you all are arguing over the $160K SWAT team (as opposed to the 160K Xposure program), Paul is sitting back chortling over his turkey, having successful constructed a straw man issue to distract attention from his mismanagement. Bernstein is certainly an idiot to walk into a trap that hadn't even been set. Paul must be thanking god every day for being given such maladroit opponents.

he's no turkey said...

lets see what the court of appeals has to say about bernstein v. feiner

word on the street is bernstein has a pretty powerful constitutional argument that may blow finnneran out of the water (or is it veteran pool park)

all eyes will be on bernstein if he wins
if he loses, edgemont may think about packing its bags and leaving greenburgh.

stay tuned

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to agree with Hal Samis on some level he is correct about the police. Greenburgh has not allocated its resources properly for years. EMS should have been run a seperate service for years. Having police officers driving ambulances makes no sense. The Department does not need a tech rescue team and never did. Bulding collapses are a function for the three paid fire departments to handle. These are labor intensive operations that require manpower. The fire departments can and do have more manpower avaliable than the PD and have the mutual aid resources that the police lack.

SWAT is a necessary evil. Both the County Police and State Police teams are on "call teams". It would take hours for the State Police to be operational if a incident happened in Greenburgh. The County could be here sooner than the State, but would take longer than the Greenburgh Team to begin working the incident. It is not really an option to wait for either the County or the State in a SWAT Type incident.

It is true that to run the SWAT team it costs money. The officers have to train and that does use resources from patrol. The Town has to weigh if the expenditure of these resources is worth it. On that issue I think we differ to the experts.

I agree the SWAT issue has become a distraction. In the scheme of the Town budget it is peanuts. The use of cars by the Chief and Captains is a non issue. What should concern residents is the lack of vision in the police department. The residents and cops are caught in a power struggle between the Chief and the Town. The cops and residents both deserve better. Eliminating SWAT, street crime and cutting the number of officers will have a detrimental effect on public safety. It is time for leaders to lead. The police department needs to be evaluated from the top down. It needs new ideas and it needs to be better managed. What it doesent need is petty bickering and sniping from bloggers who have no idea what it is like to be a cop or be responsible for the protection of someones life or property.

Anonymous said...

To 7:07 finally some constructive comments on the police stuff

hal samis said...

Dear 7:07 and echo,

We have to defer (I presume) to the experts on SWAT but on EMS and tech rescue our opinion is ok?

I may not be a cop but I consider myself a detective. And I think I've found a few perps in Town government. True I didn't undergo training and true I don't wear a uniform and true I don't get paid for my investigations, however I
think I've tried to look out for the welfare of others. And whereas I haven't saved a life or anyone's personal property, I think I've done my fair share in exposing how their taxes are being squandered.

Neither Mr. Bernstein (assuming I can speak for him on this subject) nor myself want to see a reduction in patrol officers or their back-ups. In fact, we want to see that more cops are out performing these assignments. I would even want to see a few officers walking a "beat". If the Town is reducing the Police Department Budget, then to maintain patrol levels, something must be cut or removed from the Department so that its cost(s) can be applied to building up patrols. To me and others, EMS, SWAT and Patriot et al are amenities that simply are not priorities, nice but not necessary.

But bloggers have raised a point. If SWAT is such an important and vital Police function, why is Feiner still defending things that are clearly not in any sense of post 9/11 trauma, needed. Thanks for the reminder re the Council on the Arts and Feiner's personal secretary. How about the stipend to the Town Clerk for doing the part of her job which concerns conducting elections. Now that the County has taken away the responsibility for the ballot machines, why does she still have to be compensated for this function. I don't suggest eliminating the stipend for the Deputy Town Clerk who does what work there is, but really, this extra payday is an insult to taxpayers. There are lots of non-essentials floating around; many of them nice but not necessary. If Feiner is really concerned about terror attacks, then he should be as concerned about getting more officers on the streets doing Police work.

It is a delicate line but what we are concerned about ia a Police Department being understaffed in vital areas by 1) spread thin by competing in too many lines of business and 2)reacting to budget cuts by taking from the necessary to maintain the nice.

If you have complaints with the result and think that the SWAT should remain, then ask your Town Supervisor to give some bucks back to the Department.

And the question I am posing now is that if SWAT is such a necessary function but not needed every day, do our immediate larger neighbors White Plains and Yonkers have SWAT? If they don't, why not. If they do, won't they lend them in an emergency? The reason given for the purchase of Kapica's expensive mobile communications center was so that GPD would be able to speak with all police and defense units in an emergency. If there's no one on the other end of the line, then we didn't need this either.

Feiner may be laughing now but we'll see for how long.

Anonymous said...

"Shame on Feiner" is what it all boils down to.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernstein sometimes makes some good points. He blew it this time. Discontinuing SWAT is harmful to Edgemont and our best interests. Mr. Bernstein: You are entitled to make mistakes. Just admit it.

Anonymous said...

Which other comparable towns in Westchester have SWAT teams? Eastchester? Scarsdale? Mt. Pleasant?

Anonymous said...

I agree: if Paul is so convinced on the necessity of SWAT, why doesn't he cut his private secretary position and the arts coordinator and move the funding to the police department? What is going to be Paul? Your convenience and ego OR the safety of our families?

Anonymous said...

get rid of tech-rescue

Anonymous said...

Question: The India terrorist attack and the threat of the NYC subway attacks illustrate that terrorism is still a threat. Mr. Bernstein: Do you still want the SWAT team to go out of business?

Anonymous said...

Other communities may not have SWAT. That doesn't make them as prepared as we are.

Anonymous said...

The tech rescue team and it equipment have been used dozens of times a year.

hal samis said...

The attack in India and the threat in NYC exist because:
(Choose the answer that doesn't belong)

a) neither India or NYC have SWAT
b) they have SWAT but response, not prevention, is the business of SWAT
c) suicide bombers are not deterred by SWAT
d) SWAT can't be everywhere

Post 9/11 fears give rise to all sorts of emotionalism, most often exploitation. It has to be said by someone; planes flown into buildings would not be stopped by SWAT. And, those who employ these fears to sidetrack residents from examining underlying issues are those who are aiding the spread of fear. Chalk that up as a terrorist victory.

Anonymous said...

Better to be prepared than sorry. YES TO SWAT. No to stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Despite the intended emotional manipulation by Feiner on this subject, the limitations of SWAT, I'll take SWAT over Xposure any day.

Anonymous said...

I guess that Paul prefers discussing this topie to defending his own record of mismanagement. I can't blame him.

Anonymous said...


The planes that flew into the WTC could have been stopped with good old fashioned blocking and tackling. Following up on aliens staying in the country illegally. Better screening at airports. This is why Bernstien wants more police on the stree, and why I support that. Not high tech stuff, but the cop on the beat.

Anonymous said...

he's no turkey said...
"lets see what the court of appeals has to say about bernstein v. feiner

word on the street is bernstein has a pretty powerful constitutional argument that may blow finnneran out of the water (or is it veteran pool park)

all eyes will be on bernstein if he wins
if he loses, edgemont may think about packing its bags and leaving greenburgh.

stay tuned"

11/27/2008 7:01 PM


There is no constitutional argument, you made it up. The only word on the street saying that you have a decent argument is your own. And WHEN you lose and try to incorporate Edgemont, try to tell the truth as to how much more it will really cost to have your own DPW, PD, etc.

ed krauss said...

This may, yet I sincerely hope not, be the kiss of death for Hal, should he choose to run for the Town board.

His long, very long, posting is proof positive he analyzes issues- from both sides- thoroughly, and can articulate them clearly- AND OBJECTIVELY. We desparately need someone with those attributes on the Town Board.

That notwithstanding, the primary issue in this "give and take" of postings following Hal's is the issue.

To me, reading all of those intelligent pros and cons about SWAT, EMS, and the police department, is a halogen 500 watt spotlight on the successful deflection of examining Feiner's budget and in his management style.

When you don't offer QUALITY, bombard them with QUANTITY...bad ideas in stacato form. One every week or so, to create controversy while directing the constituent away from the real issue.

Since the presentation of the 2009 budget, many posters and letter writers have commented about the "fat," the elimination of ESSENTIALS," the addition of "non ESSENTIALS,"the suspicious nature of eliminating items in an election year budget 2009,which could have as readily been eliminated from the 2008 non election year budget,thus saving taxpayers from the- in many homes- devastating 20+% tax increase last year.(By the way, the supervisor has not seen fit to answer that question of mine,submitted-according to the rules he set up-on two separate occasions)

It's refreshing to read intelligent, objective responses. However, the main issue is still the budget, not one line-the police dept. line- but the totality of the budget, AND a thorough examination of the way this town is managed- fiscally and administratively.

Additionally, Bernstein, McNally, ECC, Council of Geenburgh Civic Associations, the 6 villages and anyone and everyone are not the villains. They can only bring up issues, only the supervisor and the board can do something about it.

There's a nuance on an old saying, which is most appropriate in Greenburgh,"you can lead a POLITICIAN to water, but you can't make him/her THINK."

Anonymous said...

There will be two seats up for grabs by the board or any citizen.
I would like to see Bernstein and Hal in that position this time arround.
When the next wave comes arround two new people will gladley be embraced.

It will take strong men or ladies to put this town back to where it should be.

We have suffered much with this present administration.
It will be a tough ride but in the end it will be rewarded for our children who would like to live in Greenburgh.

As for the supervisors seat the republicans had better put their act together .
We have to make a change before we have nothing left no money and no services.

Anonymous said...

There are 3 seats up for grabs, Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner.

Anonymous said...

I would hope whoever runs take a pledge -- no more of these ludicrous walking tours. Have meetings at town hall, for the publci. And no girl scouts, bands or etc. to cut down on public comment time.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein, Samis, Krauss
the 3 musketeers of greenburgh politics

Anonymous said...

The ECC has no business telling the police how they should or should not protect us.

Feiner cutting police more important said...

Chief Kapica says he's going to be short 6 to 9 officers next year. I think ECC has a right to tell the town board to give the police chief what he needs, which is what Bernstein and McNally did. Now to that without raising our taxes even further, something's gotta give. Bernstein suggested cutting a lot of things, like the subsidy the town gives to the Towns of Eastchester and Mt. Pleasant for the meals on wheels program, the $335,000 after school Xposure program which can be obtained tax free from the YMCA, the $61,000 Council on the Arts, which is basically one woman who lives in Ossining, Feiner's $67,000 personal secretary, the $100,000 gift the town is giving to the Fairview Fire District, and the duplicative recreation and transportation services from Parks and Rec and TDYCC which cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bernstein also questioned whether we really need a SWAT team. He said it was nice to have, but questioned whether, in a time of austerity, it was necessary when the police force itself will be short 6 to 9 officers.

Feiner has no answer to any of these suggestions except to mock Bernstein and McNally for including the SWAT team on their list. Why is it that Feiner has ignored all of these suggestions and focused only on the SWAT team? Does Feiner really have that much contempt for the people of this town?

Don't Cut the G'burgh PD! said...

Most municipalities in Westchester do not have SWAT units of their own. Yonkers has an emergency services unit that gets counterterrorism and SWAT techniques training, but that's about it. The cities of White Plains and New Rochelle do not appear to have any SWAT teams.

A SWAT team is certainly nice to have, but with the state and county both offering SWAT teams that can be dispatched to anywhere in the county, I agree with Bernstein that in a time of austerity, it's probably not something that we in Greenburgh need to have -- but if it is, I would except Feiner to first find room in his budget to restore those 6 to 9 officers that the PD will be short next year. To me, that's a bigger priority.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have agreed with Bernstein. In his pre-gadfly days he was focused. Now, he is all over the place. Some of his points deserve consideration. Other points like discontinuing SWAT are ridiculous.
Bob--don't be a gadfly. You are more effective when you are focused.

Anonymous said...

Why is discontinuing SWAT ridiculous? Isn't Feiner allowing the Greenburgh Police Department to be 6 to 9 officers short next year even more ridiculous? Chief Kapica says it is. He says the public's safety and security will be compromised next year. Instead of wasting time debating whether or not the SWAT team should be eliminated, Feiner should be re-working the numbers, eliminating those other programs Bernstein suggested Feiner get rid of, including Feiner's personal secretary which is a luxury he doesn't need anymore to do his job, and restore the PD to the staffing that the chief says is required.

Anonymous said...

Why do people insist that SWAT response by the county and state would take hours? Isn't Greenburgh adjacent to the county seat in White Plains? Maybe these critics are right, but let's see some verifying information about deployment of county/state forces. While we are discussing this issue, let's admit that Hartsdale contains a certain religious school that is probably the most high profile terror target risk in the county. I'm sure that town/county/state/federal officials have contingency plans in place to address an emergency at this site. Perhaps SWAT is crucial and should be retained in Greenburgh at any expense (even, as Feiner proposes if it requires reducing regular police forces) , but to argue that the town is left otherwise defenseless against terrorism is insipid.

samis to the rescue said...

juettner has alot of nerve if she runs again
she is a disaster and a failure

we certainly do not need any more sheehanigans

samis could do the job of both with his pinkie

Anonymous said...

7:34, what a bigoted and anti-semitic remark -- I assume you are referring to Solomon Schecter. fyi there are other jewish schools in Westchester, not to mention nuclear reactors, large dams (think Kensico), and if you are convinced that only jewish facilities should make the target list, plenty of temples.

Anonymous said...

2 of the police being cut from the budget were housing authority cops. The housing authority has still not paid their entire arrears to the town. The town discontinued the contract. These officers are not being replaced.

Anonymous said...

The chief says he's still going to have to send cops to the housing authority regardless of whether there's any contract to reimburse the town. The units there just get a lot of police calls. So, with the Greenburgh PD down 6 to 9 officers next year, and Feiner refusing to do anything about it, all of unincorporated Greenburgh will be at risk -- thanks to Feiner.

So What Another Toy said...

Could someone explain to me why we need a SWAT team? You mean our own Police force cannot handle it. Are telling me they are not properly trained and well equiped ? If not what are they doing with the tax payer money ? The only reason I could see we needed a swat team is if there was a real threat. Where is the threat? maybe the Town Counsel.

ecc and comprehensive plan said...

has ecc called for a halt to the comprehensive plan?
thats $200,000 right there

bob? michelle?

waiting to hear from you on this piece of sheehanignas

Anonymous said...

Zoning and planning is an absolute necessity. Ask the Fulton Park people. Paul lives in a gated community and thinks that is the ONLY answer to preserving neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

"Bernstein, Samis, Krauss
the 3 musketeers of greenburgh politics"

Oh, please. These three ONLY point out negatives and never compliment the positive moves made by the Town and Feiner. Seriously, have you ever heard Bernstein EVER compliment Feiner? Can you imagine what would happen if they would run Greenburgh. it would be run into the ground, except for Edgemont/Hartsdale. They'd eliminate the TDYCC so that they could have a police officer on every block of Edgemont. Remeber how they tried to stifle all develpopment on Central Avenue. How much tax revenue was lost due to their NIMBYism?

Anonymous said...

More like the Milk Duds.

Anonymous said...

10:57, I have never heard any of these 3 say they want to eliminate TDYCC -- and they all speak and write publicly. What they want is preservation of essential services and fairness and balance.

Those who want to see TDYCC survive should focus on elimiantion of those who support no-show jobs, no bid contracts, etc.

ed krauss said...

After reading all the comments about what to cut and what not to cut from the 2009 budget, I find one glaring omission which hpoefully has not been swept under the rug.

Paul Feiner and the members of the board at that time voted to GIVE the Valhalla school district $650,000 that's SIX-HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

An opinion from the state comptroller's office made it crystal clear this was against the state law, or at least, unacceptable.


Paul Feiner's position on this matter, to parphrase, once you make a promise you keep it. And, to my knowledge he has let this slip away with nary a word.

Valhalla has zero rights to that money. And even the fact that they spent the money, frivilously, Paul- THE MENCH OF HIS WORD-does nothing.

That money, which, without question, is rightfully ours, can restore 6 cops; retain twice per week garbage pickup; lower our tax hike by 1-2%our be spent on a worthy cause.

Why doesn't the board even broach this "chump change" amount?

If Valhalla doesn't have the money, let them bond it. We do.

PLEASE HELP ME! HELP US! Please get on the bandwagon and DEMAND restoration of that $650,000.

While I'm at it, as part of that "munificent" gesture (with uderlying political benefits) the Paul also, illegally, set side $100,000 for the Mayfair Knollwood Home Owners Association.


Out of sight, out of mind. The Feiner hand is quicker than the eye.

I really don't know the overt political benefit from the residents of Greenburgh whose chilren attend the Valhalla schools...but a vote is a vote. And, after all, PAUL is a MAN OF HIS WORD. Evidence of this rectitude can be found in his keeping HIS WORD regerding the fund balance policy, or more closer to date, "questions submitted to the Clerk, will be given to the intended person, and answers will be given BEFORE, repeat, BEFORE the Pubic Comments portion of the meeting so the questioner can rebut the answer.

Like Joseph of the Multi Colored jacket, Greenburgh is blessed wih Paul of the multifacited broken promises.

P.S. To 11/28 8:38PM, I dont think 11/28 7:34PM was being anti-Semitic, he was just pointing out that a Jewish day school would be a target of Radical Islamists. Your points regarding other likely targets are on point also.

Anonymous said...


The earlier poster said -- and I quote -

"While we are discussing this issue, let's admit that Hartsdale contains a certain religious school that is probably the most high profile terror target risk in the county."

The poster was saying this school is probably the most -- get that most -- high profile terror target risk in the county. I disagree with that statement.

hal samis said...

Dear 10:57,

During the SWAT lull, please refresh my memory of the positive moves made by Feiner and the Town Council. I'm in a good mood today so perhaps I'll be willing to lay off a few lines of love of Feiner on this blog.

Just give me few starting points for these compliments.

Anonymous said...

Triple A bond rating

80th best place to live

No more double digit tax increases

The sad reality said...

To 11:58 AM.


A -- The Triple A bond rating is due to what used to be a large fund balance and the Comptroller's statement to the rating agencies that the town policy is not to use the fund balance for operating expenses and to keep it large.

Bye bye Triple A bond rating. The fund balance is quickly disappearing because it is being used for operating expenses.

B -- the 80th best place to live is too silly to comment on. Maybe it used to be, but not lately.

C -- Say hello to double digit tax increases. This time around the Board kept it to a single digit by raiding the fast dwindling fund balance and redusing police, sanitation, and leaf collection services. What will they do for an encore? Have residents bring their garbage to a town dump? Suggest that residents pack pistols?

No, my friends, what this Board has done is eliminate services, stiff the public, and run for reelection 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed Krauss: Are you the same Ed who perviously made money off the town selling paper products to the town? How many people bid for the contracts that were awarded to you? Weren't you a Democratic party chair?

Anonymous said...

I am familiar with municipal bonds. The town administration is acting in a prudent and responsible manner by cutting costs. The town need not worry about losing your high credit rating. You are doing what you should be doing in these tight times.

Anonymous said...

8:56 can you please tell me when and where tech rescue was used dozens of times? if the police rescue team did go on a dozen calls, it is a complete waste of money to have police officers train on rescue, when we already have the Equipment in Greenville FD and all of the fire depts are already trained including the volunteers. It is a duplication of service because, the fire depts are most likely on the scene already. Have the police train in SWAT and not tech-rescue.
Move the inside cops to the road.Stop the police officers from
EMS work and make EMS civillians or privatize EMS. Yonkers,White Plains, New Rochelle, Mt.Vernon all have private companies for EMS, WHY NOT GREENBURGH? I'm still waiting for Kevin Morgan to come up with these cuts. He's been there and he knows!

Anonymous said...

The town should be trimming the fund balance, as they propose to do. These are unusual times. Bond rating agencies recognize that municipalities need to use their fund balance when times are difficult.

Anonymous said...

I have reflected on the above and believe that the town is acting wisely.

Anonymous said...

Cut the marine unit, inside cops,tech rescue and make the EMS civillians!!! or privatize EMS like the big cities do.

Anonymous said...

The police can't arrest anyone at TDYCC because, they are too busy training for tech-rescue or bringing patients to the hospital
Cut these programs now, so the police officers can do their jobs

hal samis said...

Dear 11:58 on November 29,
(in response to me @11:52)

20 years of Feiner and this is what he should be complimented on?
These are your "positive moves"?

1) AAA bond rating?
That residents have the wherewithal to pay tax increases is what this rating is all about. That residents paid in overages to create fund balances which lenders view as "comfort zones" or the equivalent of compensating balances is another factor. That residents paid unnecessary higher taxes to build fund balances up to inflated levels is something to thank Feiner for: this is the best you've got?

Then, consider how bond ratings are obtained. The raters, in need of ratings themselves, do this when employed, not as an annual altruistic review of borrowers. They become employed (by Greenburgh, the borrower) when Greenburgh wants to sell new bonds, the rating being the lure to lenders. That Greenburgh has been a steady borrower, become a bigger borrower in recent years means more business for the raters whom are paid by Greenburgh. Think Taxter Ridge, the Library, etc. Each trip to the well, each excessive tax increase assures the raters that Greenburgh has the intention and leadership to bleed its property owners dry in pursuit of prestige. And, if Greenburgh weren't using the fund balances (in contravention of its more recent agreements with lenders not to use the fund balances for operating expenses) to reduce operating expenses, it could have used excess fund balance of past years to pay cash for capital expenses. We pay out more in interest than we take earn on funds.

But doing this would mean less frequent trips to the bond markets and less frequent occasions to get rated and less for Feiner to talk about. However the bottom line is that the bond agencies aren't rating Feiner; they are rating you.

2) The 80th best place to live and you cite this is as a Feiner coup?
That Money Magazine screwed up and thought that Greenburgh was a CITY and thus Greenburgh was not in competition with other TOWNS (some 40,000+ in the country) and you think that this sloppy research is something to be proud of? You think that knowing the error and that Greenburgh is NOT the 80th best CITY in the country would be sufficient grounds for Feiner NOT to add this tagline to the Town's website, letterhead and email correspondence as HE DID; you think this is commendable and a plus for residents? Most people would call it dishonest.

3) No more double digit tax increases? Let me follow this logic. A man commits a murder but he "says" he won't do it again. You see him as a candidate for "man of the year"? Feiner hit the public with a 22% increase, a Greenburgh first, and he is to be honored if he doesn't do it again?
And, if in doing so, he continues to rob from the Fund Balance (your money) and cut essential services while leaving fluff in less necessary areas, this is good because he has "avoided" a double digit increase. And that if this policy were the result of his brilliance as the Town Supervisor, why don't you ask why he didn't do it in 2008 and "avoid" that year's double digit increase (22%)? Everything that is in the cards for 2009 was in the cards for 2008.

Sorry I can't find things to compliment Feiner about -- at least for the things you cite. In any case, my good mood from Saturday has expired and I'll be back to Forrest on Feiner. "stupid is as stupid does".

hal samis said...

Don't have the proper place to make these comments and I don't want to risk a $150 fine by leaving them unbagged on the street.
As of this posting.

Tuesday Town Board Work Session,
no Agenda on website. Not that Agendas in the past have meant anything but still at least make a show of involving the public.

Extra sessions: public discussions or whatever on the budget as per discussed at the Town Board meeting. When are they scheduled; is the public allowed to speak? Nothing on the Town website.

And in case you haven't received this (neither did I) and just think that per no mention on the Library website or Ms. Juettner or even Mr. Feiner, the Library is doing a little more than opening for the public on Monday December 15. They are in fact celebrating themselves on their "achievement".
Some taxpayers and library patrons are more equal than others and are invited to watch.

(per email to a resident)

"On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Administration of the Greenburgh Public Library, I write to request the honor of our presence at the Library’s Grand Opening Ceremony.
We look forward to a wonderful celebration as we embark on a new era in the history of the Greenburgh Public Library. The spacious, new state-of-the-art Library has doubled the size of the former building, tripled the meeting room space and parking, added a computer training room and is an environmentally responsible building. We see the Library as holding a central place in the Greenburgh community, helping to bring together all the residents of Greenburgh.
The ceremony will take place on:
Sunday, December 14, 2008
300 Tarrytown Road
Elmsford, NY 10523.

Thank you for your commitment to the Greenburgh Public Library and I look forward to hearing from you to confirm your participation in this important event. Please call or e-mail Cory Deitchman, Secretary to the Library Director at (914) 993-1632 or by Monday, December 1, to confirm whether or not you are able to attend.

Howard Jacobs
Greenburgh Public Library Board of Trustees

Even though the Library has "more than doubled in size", apparently it is not big enough to welcome all (like all will show) unincorporated residents to its Grand Opening and they need to know, too. How did they decide who is important and who is not? I'm sure that they do have room for the Town Board, Brodsky, Cousins, Bronz and Spano and Al Regula. But not enough room for you or me.

But thanks for your Referendum vote.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

The headline of this section should read something like:
"Town Supervisor Pisses Away Almost $1.5 Million in Revenues - Public Must Decide on Essential Service Cuts!"

IF the Supervisor was doing HIS JOB the $650,000 owed by the Greenburgh Housing Authority would be collected - as would the similar amount improperly (and perhaps illegally) distributed to the Valhalla School District, and the $100,000 misappropriated to the Fairview Fire District.
The total is nearly ONE AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS - an amount that would restore full funding to essential services AND still keep the tax increase to single digits.

So, why is the Supervisor unwilling to embrace this solution?

Feiner won't do it because he would have to admit he made a mistake - and that is something his overdeveloped ego will not permit. Under any and all circumstances his judgement must be infallible. Feiner has been quoted, even in the Journal-News, as saying he never apologizes because his actions are never wrong. While self-confidence is worthy thing, infallibility is reserved for Popes speaking ex cathedra...So, all of us taxpayers must pony up to prevent damage to Feiner's self-image. To defend himself, Mr. Feiner goes on the attack - and we, dummies that we are, allow him to misdirect our attention.

WAKE UP! THERE IS A TON OF MONEY MISSING FROM THE REVENUE SIDE OF THE TOWN BUDGET! Budgets have two sides - Revenues and Expenses - and Feiner has shown us the ultimate feat of political legerdemain - he has turned the discussion from his revenue failings to our desires for certain expenses. No wonder he thinks he's invincible, he's made his mistakes completely invisible.

Don't let him do it - keep asking him "Where's the money from Valhalla, Greenburgh Housing and Fairview Fire?"

Edgar Samuels said...

Someone asked whether the Town carries an Errors and Omissions insurance policy.

Mr. Feiner, could you answer that question please with a simple "Yes" or "No"?

22% not a record said...

Can Greenburgh Avoid Its 31% to Tax Hike?
December 17, 1978, Sunday
Section: Westchester Weekly, Page WC20, 907 words
THE Greenburgh town administration, under the leadership of Supervisor Anthony Veteran, has consistently juggled to cause debt and rising costs, and these officials have now evoked a fierce outcry of protest against a projected 31 percent tax increase that appears contrived to compensate for waste and excesses in the proposed 1979 budget. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

Edgar Samuels said...

Mr. Feiner,
I've politely asked you a direct question. Please have the courtesy to respond rather than quote (or have one of your minions quote) a 30 year old newspaper article.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner's posting of this topic is childish, at best. No one, including Bernstein, wants to discontinue the SWAT team. Feiner chose to twist words and meanings for the purpose of creating drama and distracting us from essential matters.

juettner 's merits? said...

can anyone name a single accomplishment of diana juettner?

in nearly 20 years?

klondike bar is wondering said...

still waiting.... any accomplishment of merit by juettner in 20 years?

ed krauss said...

Sorry I'm a couple of days late, 11/29 10:57AM, but have you ever thought Bernstein doesn't see fit to ever compliment him-as do I- because Paul Feiner is undeserving of a compliment?

Do you realize he's received-not "earned"-over $2,000,000 plus lifetime healthcare and a fulltime pension for fulltime campaigning?

I'm not going to rehash what 11/30 12:43 PM stated so eloquently regarding the "three" things Paul should be proud of- that's about, if you accept all three, about one every seven years..if you accept all of them.

However I would like to offer three- mind you there are 8 million stories in this town-uncomplimentary things which cost this town- the villages are included in some.

(A) The $6,000,000 shortfall because we were "anally" underinsured when that tree on Central Avenue killed that poor man, and left his wife a quadra-plegic.
(B) The $20,000,000 and climbing, library (yes, I know he was against it, BUT after the referendum passed, a "modicum" of oversight was mandated, yet none was forthcomig from the CEO of this town.If you want to spread the blame to the members of the board, I have no problem with that. However,Feiner is still the only
"full-time"employee amon them.)
(C) The cavalier attitude he displayed voting to give the Valhalla School District $650,000; the Mayfair Knollwood Home Owners Association $100,000 (hidden in some bank accout known to him and the then comptroller; $100,000 to the Fairview Fire Departmet, NOT AS ONE SHOTS, but EVERY YEAR OF THE COUNTY AWARD.

Eventhough, the NYS Comptroller's office said it was illegal, he still tried to find ways AROUND THE LAW. Why? Because "he made a promise."

This from a guy for whom "PROMISE," is an underarn deodorant or an oleo clone for butter.

If Feiner wants compliments let him earn them.

Nice job, 11/30 12:43 PM. May the FORCE be with you, against the DARK SIDE.On second thought that could be misconstrude as compliment. I know Darth Vader and Paul Feiner is no Darth Vader.

danger will robinson said...

and feiner =sheehan =juettner

all three must be sent packing in 2009 0r you, the taxpayer, will have nothing left to sell when you want or need to leave greenburgh

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Mr. Samuels:

The Supervisor asked me to respond to your question about an "Errors and Omissions" policy. I am not 100% certain as to the definition that you or others may have for the above, but the following is the most recent disclosure that the Town made in connection with the bond refinancing that we did in April 2008.

"The crime blanket policy for Town employees provides $500,000 of coverage for all employees and provides additional coverage of $500,000 for the Comptroller, Deputy Comptroller, Receiver of Taxes and Deputy Receiver of Taxes. The insurance policy for public officials has a $1,000,000 limit and a $25,000 deductible for each insurable claim."

I hope that this is responsive to your question, but if not, please feel free to contact me either through email ( or phone (914) 993 1534.

Michael J. Kolesar
Comptroller, Town of Greenburgh