Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The election of President-elect Obama is exciting and very historic. Our children should be inspired by the life of our next President. I was speaking to Commissioner-designee Bill Carter of the Theodore Young Community Center today about the inauguration. It would be nice if the town could organize a bus trip for students who live in different sections of the town so they can watch the inauguration in Washington DC. The big date: January 20th. A bus trip will cost some money. We’re looking for donors who can underwrite the costs of the trip.
We are also going to invite adults to join us on our trip to DC (they will be asked to pay for the costs associated with renting the bus). If you are interested in attending the historic inauguration please advise. If you have the time and want to be part of the committee that will be planning the event, please contact me at



Anonymous said...

Dont you need tickets for the inauguaration?

Anonymous said...

The parade is free.

P. Leavy said...

Lovely idea. I would like to know more about this as I feel confidant that I could fill a bus from the Hartsdale area with school children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to attend such an event.

Understand that a trip of this magnitude would require great expense along with insurance, chaperones and excused school absences. This would be a difficult undertaking.

While I cannot dedicate time in the overall organization, I can recruit and help organize a bus from my end of town, should there be substantial interest.

Please keep me informed with developing information.

p. leavy said...

PS. In no uncertain terms do I expect or condone the town spending any money on this trip.
The cost of the trip should be investigated and the cost per individual should be determined.

Everyone who would like to go MUST pay. Anyone who who would like to go and can not pay should noted handled on a case by case basis and funding for that individual should be explored.

f there are enough people interested and willing to pay, we should be able to secure a discounted group rate.

Let me be clear! We, the tax payers, should NOT fund this trip. Period!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again those that can't pay --should be explored.

So in a nut shell you are saying that we the taxpayers will cover their expense .


Anonymous said...

While the event is political it is also historical.
Mr Feiner, I call upon you to underwrite the entire cost by using a tiny portion of the money still(!!!) in your 1998 Congressional Campaign Fund.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this an issue for westchester's democratic party to organize? Maybe Andrea Stewart Cousins or Brodsky should be the points of contact.

Anonymous said...

Get real!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure everyone has a T.V. Let them watch it on that. If they don't, bring them to your house.

p. leavy said...

Dear 8:45,
Let me explain what I mean by this statement. For example; last year, in my daughters 7th grade class, there was one child whose parents said they could not afford the $20 required for a class trip. I was happy pay for that child and did.

We all know who the really needy are and when we come in contact with them, most of us are willing in assist. I would have no problem "sponsoring" a child who would like to make the trip but truly cannot afford it.

I'm not suggesting enabling
freeloaders. The town does enough of that already.

Again, I don't think a trip of this magnitude can be pulled of.

Anonymous said...

I am also against spending any taxpayer's money on this trip for anyone attending. If you CANNOT pay, stay home! Exploring these on a case-by-case basis will find a way to get at taxpayer's money! This is a 5 hr. bus ride, and 5 hrs. back. Will the schools support this day off for those students? When is the bus leaving, and returning? Meals? This is an historic event, and I suspect the crowd for the inauguration to be unimaginably large. Will these students really enjoy being packed in a large crowd?


Taxpayer dollars will not be used. We are looking at holding a fundraiser and have already received some pledges from residents.

Anonymous said...

Why was there not buses going to the inaugrations of other president.

Were they not part of history?

p. leavy said...

Well then. I'll start spreading the word! As I said, I'm sure I could fill a bus and with many that wouldn't have be able afford to go too!
Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

P. leavy -- that is great of you.

bus our of blueburgh said...

i cannot afford greenburgh anymore - is there a bus i can get on to get out of this town?

Anonymous said...

Why not ask Pat Lanza (or her son-in-law) to pay for the trip? If they were foolish enough to give hundreds of thousands to Xposure, and then hundreds of thousands more to the Town for Xposure, they'd be foolish enough to underwrite this expense too. Of course, it would be much cheaper and better for the kids, if Lanza simply donated a large screen TV to Greenburgh Central (if GC doesn't already have one) where the kids can watch it there, which is what most other school districts in the area are doing for their kids.

At least that way the kids will able to see and hear what's being said. That's not likely to be the case in DC, where there will be hundreds of thousands gathered on what could be a very cold, stormy day in January -- not the time to be sending kids on a ten-hour round trip from New York to DC and back. Can you imagine the liability costs if God-forbid something were to happen? Why then is the Town doing this at all?

hal samis said...

Dear 2:58,
The "Town" is not doing this.
The Town Supervisor is doing this because he has nothing better to do having "solved" the budget crisis, printed the get-out-of-jail-free card for person(s) known at the Commmunity Center, raped the fund balance, screwed the CSEA employees and come up with this week's two new press releases.

It doesn't matter how many realistic or logical objections that residents raise regarding this being suitable, practical or capturing the Supervisor's 10 minute attention span -- frankly it is something which, if not already, should be done by churches, schools, neighborhoods --anyone but the Town government.

And imagine if you will, buses pulling out of the Town Hall parking lot bearing a banner, "We're from Greenburgh, one of the best places in America to live".

Although I voted for Obama, as a pollwatcher in my district, I noted at night's end that there were votes, from Greenburgh residents, for the other guy. Greenburgh may be a one-party town but that is no reason for the Democratic Town Board to take official action and dispatch buses to celebrate the Party's candidate.

Personally, the sooner Americans can get past the rallying cry that the black candidate won instead of the best man won, the faster this country will get out its national malaise.

The same goes for that day when and if a woman, a Jew, an Italian, a gay...whatever.

Imagine if there were a black, Jewish, lesbian, living in Puerto Rico who became President.

Ok, just kidding, I set that notion up only to remind readers that unless someone comes forward, Feiner will still be Town Supervisor on that far-off day inventing problems, with or without solutions, and organizing day trips rather than dealing with the very real day-to-day problems that concern residents.

In the meanwhile, what would it take to get the Supervisor to grow up and get beyond worshipping at the shrine of "firsts".

obama is the prez elect of the usa said...

obama was decisively elected president by america - so he is now the president elect of the usa - not of the democratic party.

his election is of great signficance in the nation's history but sending kids in buses to washington from greenburgh in late january is pretty dumb - one could see sending a small delegation from no. 80 of representatives from the town but what is being talked about here is ill conceived.

by the way - wouldnt going by train be more green?

hal samis said...

But you can be sure that buses wouldn't be leaving from Town Hall if a Republican won.

Anonymous said...

The town couldn't have filled a mini cooper to go to the last two inaugurations.

the pandering is nonstop said...

a black republican? now that would be interesting.

is feiner pandering again - of course - thats how he stays in office. 20 years later its still working.

where is your candidate to oppose him?

be honest - the candidate does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:06 is obviously a village resident. His village government is not proposing to cut essential services, like police and sanitation. If it were, our village resident would be up in arms. Instead, village resident mocks unincorporated Greenburgh by asking "where is your candidate" and then answers the question by saying the "candidate does not exist."

News to village resident: There are plenty of potential candidates in unincorporated Greenburgh. It's not easy to find someone willing to take on a thankless job that pays very little, but some think public service requires it. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Where are these needy children.

There are no needy children here in Greenburgh.

Yes if the the other guy won would the buses leave in the same manner.

Come on let these kids watch the whole thing on TV.

Anonymous said...

Take Hal the racist with you. Washington deserves him. He obvious is a sick and unhappy person who cannot be pleased except by himself

Anonymous said...

Sorry 11:32,
Hal is not a racist and makes a valid point.
Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

11:32 YOU and the supervisor make many of us into being racists.

Hal is not a racist.

He is a person that fights for equality not the way the supervisor has been conducting himself for the past twenty years that everything that is done is for the welfare of a chosen few.

Who is the racist ----Feiner.

Thanks concerned citizen of Greenburgh said...


While your down in Washington can you let Obama know that GC7 needs to be closed. The children need to be sent to other districts so they can get a quality education.

ill pay said...

i support a one way bus trip for the entire town board.

term limits said...

term limits. thats how you stop mistakes like feiner and juettner.

the last candidate was suzanne berger a/k/a suzanne who.

Anonymous said...

Paul really needs to set up two blogs. One for seriuos discussion of town issues and a second for his jazz-riff improvisations and musings on the meaning of life.

ed krauss said...

It's difficult to make up my mind.

Is Paul Feiner the alter ego of P.T.Barnum, Elmer Gantry or Jim jones?

You have to admit, " a gimmick a minute" Feiner never stops generating il thoughtout ideas.

On the mind, out of the mouth, onto a press release.

Gary Kriss doesn't churn out more press releases than P.F. and it's Gary's fulltime job. At last up until a few months ago.

I wasinvited by Eliot Spitzer himself to attend his inauguation. I paid my own way, froze my tuchus off, felt like I was in a blimp 5,000 feet above a stadium and never got close enough to shoutingly wish him well.

Now to the brave young souls of Greenburg.

No matter how tall they may be, they won't get a glimpse of Obama. The experience of riding in a bus for hours will dull what memory they may retain.If they brown bag it, they'll haveto bring two mealsworth. And where will they store it?

Whose liability insuranc will cover their trip? Whose money will pay for their trip?

These are but a few questions PF most likely never bothered to think through.

Sui generis!!!

He is truly one of a kind. But all things unique are not good. And PF is the poster child for that genre.

Maybe now he could anser my question from Monday night.
(1) Why didn't you do last year to reduce the 20+% tax hike, what you didthis year? Is it possibly because this year is an "ELECTION YEAR" budget, and if you used uo all the "fat" last year, this year's budget would have resembled last year's budget.
(2) Please explain how you arried at $750,000 net for selling three properties, in a down market, when you haven't even put them on the market? Is this an Edie McCarthy special?

Paul, you answered everyone elses's questions..I should say you didn't answer, it was more like you responded ad nauseum. Should Ifeel slighted, or feel like I GOTCHA?

Your idea is ONE-QUARTER BAKED, can it and was our time with another brain storm.

Anonymous said...

Ed-- are you the same ed who predicted in these blogs for months that the tax hike would be in the high double digits? You didn't know what you were talking about then, you don't know what you're talking about now.

ed krauss said...

10:19 AKA Paul or lockstep sycophant. I know enough to know the "budget" is a rigged document intended to get PF through the primary process and the 2009 election. If he wins, he'll have 20 or so months to try to come up with another "rigged budget," to fool suckers like you who can't see that which is in front of them.

Oh yes, one shots like he's using are self consuming never to be used again. And those one shots are not like the Chinese population growth.

As far as his "ace-in-the-hole," the ever present Fund Balance, it too will dry up because of the willful disregard for the fund balance policy he and his colleagues approved less than one year ago and paid no attentio to 9 months later.

Forget me, I have no interest in "hucking" up your life. BUT, the guy you and brainwashed people like you should focus on the disease and not on the people who are trying to help cure this problem.

Don't you think a 20 year record of failure is cause for concern?

You can spend your time more productively keeping your eye on the donut and not the A-Hole.

Anonymous said...

We really don't know what the final hike will be.

But listening to what is being said all arround the world Feiner cannot say that the following year the hike will be a small hike.

If he dosen't close and sell what we have acquired thru the years there is no way that he can base his reelection platform on presenting the residents with a low tax hike.
It will be impossible.
If he says so he is lying.
He will have to change his platform because the fund balance will be depleated.
You cannot keep robbing from Peter to give to Paul.
How can one replace the fund balance without raising taxes?????
How can one keep the centers open with all their free programs without raising taxes.
How can one keep the library going without raising taxes.
Forget about all the parklands.
Well Paul if you think that this tax hike will get you reelected again you're wrong.

Let's see how high the following rate goes to because it will make up for what was done away with this hike.
You can fool some of the people some of the time BUT you can't fool them all the time.

The ones that play along with you thinking that you did a good job this year are fools.

Anonymous said...

Paul promised in writing on this blog that there will not be a double digit in taxes for the "next few years."

Anonymous said...

Tell me Paul had the new President been democratic and white would you be so happy to allow children go to Washington.

Anonymous said...

Paul has committed to no double digit tax hikes. Cuts yes, double digit tax hikes no.
Sorry to disappoint Paul dislikers.

feiner promises mean zilch said...

Irresponsible cuts to essential services, like police and sanitation, yes, but no to cuts in non-essential services like the hundreds of thousands being paid for the after school program for Greenburgh Central kids (in violation of state law) and the $100,000 a year free grant to the Fairview Fire District (also in violation of state law). Feiner's promise of no double digit hikes is about as trustworthy as his promise last December to abide by the town's new fund balance policy which prohibits use of fund balance to fund current expenses. I got news for those who think Feiner's putting his promises in writing mean anything, the fund balance policy is in writing too.

Oh, and one other thing. The reason Feiner told we needed a fund balance policy in the first place (and this is in writing too) was that Feiner's reckless use of the fund balance in the past is what led to the town's budget problems in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The town's tax increases (when averaged out) is no greater than the percentage of tax hikes elsewhere. We had a zero percent tax hike in 2006, a zero percent tax hike in 2007, a 21 percent tax hike in 2008 and now a 7% hike in 2009. My guess is that most neigboring communities and school districts have experienced similar increases.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:39 pm (aka Paul) is wrong. There's no data to back up what he's saying. No other municipality in all of Westchester will have experienced a 30% increase in town taxes this year and next. No other municipality in Westchester will have passed a fund balance policy in December to prevent the mess that we're in, only to violate it nine months later as if the policy didn't exist. The reason the town had a zero percent tax hike was that Feiner drew down on the town's fund balance so that, for political reasons, he wasn't letting taxpayers know that his spending was out of control. Now we're paying the piper.

It's too bad we have a town supervisor who can't ever take responsibility for his mistakes, especially when they're so costly and will take the town years to recover from. You know it's Feiner talking when he compares the town tax hikes to what it costs in the villages (he'll say it costs more in the villages, but he doesn't have the data to back it up). You also know it's Feiner talking when he compares the town tax hikes to hikes in neighboring municipalities, but he doesn't have the data to back that up either. You also know its Feiner talking when he blames the high cost of municipal taxes not on Greenburgh, but on the school districts and the fire districts. But unlike the town budget, we get to approve the budgets for the school and fire districts. You know it's Feiner talking when he changes the subject and blames the problem on waste in county government and calls for its abolition. That is, until he needs county funding to support one or more of his wasteful boondoggles.

The problem is never with Feiner, according to Feiner. But that, unfortunately, really is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you compare Greenburgh municipal taxes with taxes in the villages and in surrounding localities? You will find that the cost of municipal services in Greenburgh is LESS than the cost of municipal services in neighboring communities. Sorry, to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

12:08: Give us some data - take some comparable houses from the GIS site. I'm willing to be convinced by anyone who does the homework. (remember to break down the entire tax package: fire, sewer, schools, muni - so we know we're comparing apples to apples).

Anonymous said...

The town had two consecutive zero percent tax hikes, then a big tax hike and now a tax increase that is in line with other communities. I suggest that we compare the town tax hikes over a four year period with school budget tax increases during the same four years.

feiner is wrong wrong wrong said...

Anon at 8:30 am (aka Paul) continues not to get it. The town had no zero percent increases for two years because Feiner used the fund balance (reserves) to mask the extent of his out-of-control spending during those two years. Then, when there was no fund balance left to raid, unincorporated Greenburgh had a 21% tax hike -- not because the town didn't increase for two years, but because the town concealed for political reasons the extent of its out-of-control spending for two years.

Then, Feiner supported a fund balance policy last December which was supposed to instill financial discipline in Feiner and the town board by preventing the town from ever again using the fund balance to cover current operating expenses. But Feiner didn't have the discipline to live by that policy and violated it nine months later, and so the taxpayers lose once again.

Feiner says now we have a tax hike for 2009 that's in line with our communities. That's not true either. Other communities are either cutting taxes or asking for much smaller increases. Where's your data Paul? It doesn't support what you're saying. And even if there were a few towns and villages coming in with 7.7% hikes, they are not raiding their municipal fund balances to get there. Only Greenburgh has had to resort to that.

Other municipalities are cutting non-essential services to cut taxes. Greenburgh, however, under Feiner's direction, can't tell the difference between essential and non-essential services. And as a result, only is Greenburgh experiencing serious cuts to police and sanitation.

And only Feiner is out there saying don't blame the municipalties, blame the school districts. Sorry Paul, but the voters get to vote on school district budgets and can, through the ballot box, demand value for our school tax dollars. In town government, we don't have that right, and in Greenburgh, where village taxpayers who pay next to nothing in town taxes get to vote for town government, unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers really don't have that right at all.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to spend 30-40 million on a court house? The budget, as presented, won't allow that kind of wasteful expenditure to happen. The town should give the taxpayers back the money that was previously allocated for a new court house.

Anonymous said...

If we arent getting the courthouse, we should give all the money back, or reallocate reservest to what is needed. Buying trailers, etc.

feiner still doesn't get it said...

Feiner's budget for 2006 said the total amount needed for the courthouse renovation was $10 million. (It's in writing Paul, you can look it up). Now he says the real cost is $30-35 million. Was he telling the truth back in 2006 or is he telling the truth now? The reality is that if a town has to rent "trailers" to provide additional space for its courthouse, it needs additional space and the more Feiner delays (just as he delayed with the library), the more it's going to cost.

Draining the money set aside in reserves for the courthouse renovation in order to avoid a double digit tax hike -- instead of cutting non-essential services like any responsible elected official would do -- is wrong, wrong and wrong.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Our taxpayer money better not be used to fund this. If people are crazy enough to pay for it and they have the money, let them pay for it. With the way the economy is going, we have other worries in the world like just getting by and paying our bills so that we can keep our houses. Our taxes keep going up and the services are being taken away and I'm going to worry about our first black president. Sorry - he wanted the he has it. Let's see the CHANGE that he is going to do.

Anonymous said...

Construction costs have increased big time since 2005 (when the 2006 budget was first proposed). The original plan was to build a court house elsewhere and to sell the current police and courthouse buildings.

Anonymous said...

The courthouse plan, according to Feiner's October 2005 budget letter, was a $10 million "renovation." That was why he was recommending setting aside money from our taxes, so that we'd have the money when it was needed. Now he pretends the project was something much grander than that -- a brand new courthouse, etc. Well, was he telling the truth back in 2006 or is he telling the truth now? Both statements are in writing, so his putting his statements in writing don't seem to guarantee much.

Anonymous said...

There were a few plans back in 2006. One of the plans was to improve the courthouse and police station. However, an expansion/improvement would only be a temporary fix. The current courthouse lacks parking. Spending 10 million dollars would ease the problem but would not address long term court/police problems. The consensus of opinion was that the town should purchase land and build a courthouse/police station from scratch. This would be much more expensive but would last much longer.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second --police headquarters was recently renovated.

I know that this means nothing to you but for us that paid money for this to demolish and rebuilding is out of the question.

The expansion of the library was never thought out and you can see what kind of a fix we are in.

If anything the town should sell some parkland and with the revenue purchase some property along side of police headquarters or the courthouse for parking.

Frank Musantry said...

This is a FABULOUS idea, Paul! Bob Dylan once wrote a song titled "Times, They Are A'Changin" and they most certainly are today. Giving kids an opportunity to be apart of this historical inauguration would leave a lasting impression on them. One they can cherish forever. Imagine how we would feel today had we taken the opportunity to be part of Woodstock, or the first Earth Day in Central Park!

Count me in to help in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

Why cant we sell the property on 119 and move the police and ct hourse to taxter ridge? Or Glenwoods, or Harts?

Frank Musantry said...

And I thought this particular "Comment" was to discuss financing a bus for Greenburgh kids to "our" presidential inauguration!

I think other comments, ie selling the property on 119 and moving the police and ct hourse to taxter ridge... SHOULD BE in another area.

We should stay focused and make comments in the proper area to minimize confusion.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Musantry (Frank),

"This is a FABULOUS idea, Paul".
First, thanks for using your name.
Second, maybe you should also explain to those unfamiliar that your enthusiasm for Mr. Feiner's regimen is based upon your fast track to becoming the newest member of the Feiner team.
This would include your being appointed by Feiner to the Citizens Budget Committee and the Library Board of Trustees.
Your Budget cohort there has already found his way to the Xpress "faculty". But before you get transported to another Feiner afternoon delight, remember that Dylan also wrote "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall", "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" and Feiner's theme song, "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright". Also: before you continue along the road to being Feiner's lackey ("I'll Be Your Baby Tonight"), you might want to listen again to Dylan's lyrics and see whether "The Times They Are A Changin'" have any resonance for those left behind, even by choice, in Greenburgh and not just for those Washington bound.

So you come to this blog for the purpose of burying all the reasonable objections; you don't want to get on Ms. Leavy's bus (leaving from Hartsdale) and instead want to join Feiner's magic bus mystery tour.
Well, you've got the time, now find the dimes.

hal samis said...

As for the Courthouse, what Feiner and the Town Board don't say is that the trailer scheme in lieu of a Court expansion is $500,000 that need not be spent in the first place. There is an alternative.

Nor are the trailers the choice of the Judges who work at the Courts.

Now I'm not saying that the delay in the Court's brick and mortar expansion is unreasonable or unwarranted under the current economic circumstances. But, note that it will rain tomorrow, on weekends and that postponing this costly but overdue need is not good management without putting away money for it either. Stealing the money put away for this purpose is fleeing the eventual reckoning of biting the bullet. The choice here is one of putting money away before construction starts or swallowing the whole pie in one bite when the time comes. Whereas I opine that fewer persons will use the physical Library plant in the future, I have no similar reservations in allowing that the need for Courts will decline because of the success of after school programs.
In either case, having money on hand to purchase a site should one become available might be a reasonable plan; construction financing raised as required, if and when.

Instead what I am writing about is the fraud in wastefully spending $500,000 to provide REQUIRED additional space to the Courts when the same result can be obtained for a pittance. And herein is another example of typical Feiner gamesmanship allowed to run unchecked by a compliant Town Council.

The Library is leaving Town Hall. This frees up (among others) the second floor space overlooking the lower level lobby. Across from this space is the Credit Union rented for around $25,000 per year which includes all the indecorous signage at Town Hall this rent can muster (actually the original lease "sold" to a hostile public forbid outside signage -- the Credit Union said they didn't need it -- and lo and behold the Town Board granted them relief lat year). The lease provides, on six months notice, for the Town to take back the space. Between this space and the space across the "atrium" is the equivalent space that the trailers will provide.

If the space is needed for additional Hearing quarters, 'murder' (just kidding) trials or those with "criminals" being tried, these events need not be conducted at Town Hall but instead back at the existing Courtrooms at their location behind the Police Station.

Figuring the uncollected value of $25,000 Credit Union rent, the Town would need approximately 20 years of this rent to cover the upfront $500,000 cost to purchase and connect the trailers.
While, the polled Judges would not object to Town Hall space either.

On the other hand, parking is scarce at the Courts/Police site and dropping down some trailers will not be adding to the supply but likely losing some of the existing parking.

The point is that Feiner has shown you that he is watching out for your tax dollars by not spending the Court dollars on the Courts. By the way, how is the $500,000 trailer expense being funded? Oh yes, your tax dollars are borrowing $350,000 as a 2009 capital budget expense. And you thought that having a fund for the Court was really intended for the Courts?

What Feiner does not want residents to consider is that there is also a little to no cost alternative to the trailers. And to understand that, you would have to go back and try to unlock the mystery surrounding why this Credit Union waited almost three years to get into Town Hall's undesirable for retail SECOND floor space: Town Hall, itself, not being located on a busy. foot trafficked commercial strip. However the Supervisor promised, like he promised Westhab and before that, WestHelp, and the Supervisor is an honorable are the four Town Councilmen.

Sorry Frank, I highjacked this space. But like Dylan is telling it, "Everything is Broken".

Frank Musantry said...

Mr. Samis (Hal)

Here are the lyrics to Times They Are A Changing:

The times they are a-chanin'
Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'
Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he who gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside and it's ragin'.
An'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.
The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.
Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'
Oh, the times they are a-changin'.
Yeah the times they are a-changin'.
Oh, the times they are a-changin'.

To me it is very obvious that these words live for today. You should pay heed to Gov. Paterson when he speaks of the heavy cuts that are required. And they will hit all of us. No one is exempt from the drastic measures that must be taken at the state level to cope with the over spending from the past years. We no longer live in a time where the Wall Street boys will contribute 18% of NYS income. This will flow downhill and affect the counties and towns/villages/cities.

If imitation is the purest form of flattery, then it’s glaringly apparent, you must think I walk on water. I mention one Dylan song, you respond with a rebuttal citing many songs. Having said that, in the midst of the aspersions you were so eager to cast, please make sure you have your facts right. The Town Council VOTED me in, not Paul Feiner – he recommended me but the final decision as you well know was not up to him. As for being named to the Citizen Management & Budget Review Committee – I volunteered my time to Greenburgh several months ago, with the aim of giving my time to give something back to a community that has done well by me and my wife. Where Paul Fiener chooses to name people is his business. In that your response had the definite scent of sour grapes, it makes me wonder if you have ever been named to a committee – or have offered your time to help the community instead of making it a point to be disruptive and negative at every opportunity. So let’s move off Dylan, look for something positive to say and contribute….so let’s try quoting BJ Thomas “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head”…… "RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD

Anonymous said...


Say it isn't so! Somebody pinch me!! The same Whitehead who is under police investigation, for hiring 5 people including her felon nephew to work no show jobs? These five people claimed to work 50 hours a week as part timers when the building was closed for evening programs. Huh? The same Whitehead who cried like a baby to the TDY Advisory Board? The same Whitehead who fired the Pool Director? The same Whitehead who never finished college? The same Whitehead who never supervised ANY f/t staff before being given a DOUBLE SALARY raise when appointed Interim Commissioner? The same Whitehead who gave away a $10,000 free day to Playland for the TDY Summer Camp, yep you read it right, that one day trip cost taxpayers $10,000. The same Whitehead who failed to inform the public about the Exposure Program? The same Whitehead whom staff protested her appointment in the Journal News? The same Whitehead who didn't start ONE new program since her appointment? The same Whitehead who has bought staff morale to its lowest levels? The same Whitehead who hasn't brought in one extra dime in grants? The same Whitehead who got the job without anyone else being considered? The same Whitehead who needs Councilwoman Brown to hold her hand to do her job? The same Whitehead who disappeared for 5 days when the Greenburgh Police entered the building?

Nooooo it can't be! I want to wake up from this bad dream!
Now before any of the folks she has taken care of respond, tell me one item here that isn't true. JUST ONE! This will be a long wait.

Greenburgh ranked number one for the poorest promotion standards in the USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Sonya is pushing for these children to attend the inauguration in Washington.
The children are just looking for time off from school they care didleysquatt about the happenings that will take place in January.
If I were in school I would be thinking the same way especially if there are fools to pay for the trip,food and whatever.
I would say thank you and take whatever I can that's free.


hal samis said...

Dear Frank,

I'll make allowances because you and Mrs. Malaprop still are driving with learner's permits.

But surely you don't feel that you have made the big time because the Town Council voted you in. What everyone else but you recognizes is that the Town Council is the Feiner team which means all five vote the same way. Their vote is a distinction as prestigious and useful as receiving a letter in the mail from the Publishers Clearing House.

Since I added "The Times They Are..." to my list even though you cited it first in your original post and I suggested that you give another listen, do you think that I was unfamiliar with the lyrics or that I was playing blind man and the elephant with you? Perhaps I need spell it out...Feiner's reign of error is ending. If you think you are hitching your wagon to a star, you're too late. His time is so over but you're just in time to join him for the tumbrel ride.

You, especially, Mrs. Malaprop are so impressed by being on committees that you forget that Groucho was there ahead of you with words to this effect: Any club that would take me as a member is a club I wouldn't want to belong to. I refused being on the Library Board of Trustees, perhaps leaving an opening for you, and I wouldn't be part of your impotent Budget Committee as I can get the same information first hand and not have to sit in the same room waiting to hear pearls of financial wisdom from an art teacher.

Since you are aware that your club met only for a few months and that its opinion was signed by only four members, please be herewith advised that you were used by Feiner as the straw man. Double digit budget increase say the experts; here's mighty mouse to save the day.

Want to show your true "giving something back" stripes?
Let's hear you come out and denounce the 7.7% budget because it violates the Town Board's 11 month old Fund Balance Policy which was created specifically to prevent invasions of fund balances.
Stumble too across the section that says that the proceeds from sales of Town property are to be used only toward the purchase of open space -- not to reduce taxes. Let's hear you say loud and clear that you object to cuts in essential services instead of taking a red pencil to frills. Let's hear you say, Mr. Feiner I object to your claiming credit for eliminating budget lines that were never intended for spending but only to collect taxes as though they were bonafide expense items. Let's hear you say, Mr. Feiner, why didn't you makes these cuts last year instead of presenting a 21+% increase? You aren't doing it in 2009 just because it is an election year, are you?

People like yourself who are looking for resume enhancements tend to curry favor with the man who can bestow these titles. Others who don't need these medals from Fenwick prefer to operate from outside of the system.

Keep thinking you're part of a dream team; others accomplish more when they're awake.

Frank Musantry said...


In my opinion, you live in a very shallow world, one which I want no part of. You fail to recognize when people are trying to help this town out through volunteering their time, without political motives.

Your malcontent attitude is a disease. But, in a similar way, with enough positive people, your voice will be a mere whisp of wind and be consumed in the air.

And don't think that your voice for one moment can influence intelligent people. It does not. Especially with that slanderous tongue (or in this case keyboard), you are not the voice of Greenburgh. What I feel is a shame, is that when you DO bring up a valid point, you are not taken seriously. Imagine what good you would be able to do if you ever changed your approach (and attitude).

But being this is the United States of America, everyone has the right to voice their opinion. I am proud that I put 8 years in US Navy to ensure we have that right. Even if it means listening to opinions I disagree with. DO you think you can ever have a discussion without being disruptive? I hope so. Everyone's opinion is worthwhile.

In my work experience, I have learned that there are three types of people in this world - ones who make things happen, ones who watch things happen and ones who wonder what happened. I know where I stand and where my values are. You on the other hand, make assumptions of me. Good thing this is the USA.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Leavy is yanking Paul's leg. Let's see if there will ever be a bus leaving with kids to go anywhere from Hartsdale, paid for by the town or with money solicited by Paul.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank I have to say that Samis has taught us what town government should be and how it should be run.

So you're on some committee come back in a few years and show us what changes you have made without the input of any blogger especially Samis or Krauss.

hal samis said...

Gee Frank,

Thanks for your eight years in the Navy. The world has slept better een without knowing and democracy has thrived no doubt due to your effort. However, I don't read your posts and get the sense that you are really happy with democracy in practice. You seem to begrudge those that participate in it and actually exercise their rights.

Those that have opinions and express them should really go about in a manner that meets your standards. And speaking out is ok but being appointed to a committee is better. However, I'm not really sure what you feel your participation on this trumped up budget committee has accomplished.

You and Mrs. Malaprop seem more concerned with building up your credentials and much more concerned with ANNOUNCING them to the world. When I tell my background, it is because it is relevant to the topic, be it real estate, financing or being a renter and not taking a position because of tax consequences.

On the other hand, you and Mrs. Malaprop like to work in your backgrounds, not because they have anything to do with the topic, but because both of you want to get it out there.

What does your Navy experience have to do with being on the side of democracy, although not wholeheartedly? You really think you have to qualify your background to support it this view. I recognize that what you are doing here is wrapping yourself in the flag to make yourself more marketable. Likewise, when Mrs. Malaprop stands up at Town Hall and herself being the most inconsequential member of the committee announces that this committee is a "dream team", does that strike you as self-serving?

Show your colors, Frank; we already know about the red, white and blue. Do you think her infomercial was appropriate?

Do either of you think that sucking up is going to get you into public office?

Oh, and just to remind you, this whole democracy in the United States of America (see, learning from you) got done not by calmly chatting around the streetside soap box, but by a a pretty rigorous campaign against the lawful government.

Stick to your knitting and I'll handle my concerns as I see fit.

But tell me when and where your bus to Washington leaves and I'll come down and wave goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Meds for Samis....will save the
town of Greenburgh a lot of money...
I'm not the only taxpaying senior
sick of him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meds for Samis....will save the
town of Greenburgh a lot of money...
I'm not the only taxpaying senior
sick of him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Samis, Who is Ms. Malaprop? Sonya
Brown????I'm trying to figure out
who you're ranting about again!!!
I am reading into a pattern of
disgruntled behavior between you
and Ed know birds
of a feather complain together.
What's with that!!!When are you
going to stop your ranting????Why rant about a budget committee you didn't serve on????
S.Palmeri-Greenburgh taxpayer.

Adolf Oliver Nippel said...

Pardon me if I am missing something, but doesnt this blog have to do with setting up a bus trip so that young Americans can view live a piece of political history?

Why are other subjects coming up? If you would like to discuss other issues, feel free to post your own blog.