Tuesday, March 03, 2009


You are invited to attend a program at the Westchester County Center this Saturday, March 7th from 10 to 3 PM. Assistance will be provided for first time homebuyers and also for homeowners who are experiencing problems paying their mortgages. The event is free PAUL FEINER

Here’s your chance to find out!

􀂐 Lenders to describe the types of loans available

􀂐 REALTORS® with their most affordable listings

􀂐 Not-for-profit counselors to guide you to home

ownership and preservation

􀂐 Seminars to explain the home buying process

􀂐 Options to foreclosure

Seminars for the Homebuyer

10:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

How much do I need for a down payment?

How much can I spend on a house?

Importance of credit and the credit score

Role of the not-for-profit counselor, realtor, inspector,

attorney, lender

Downpayment and closing costs assistance

Is this a good time to buy a home?

Seminars for the

Financially Stressed Homeowner

1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

How to evaluate your housing situation

Steps and pathways to a resolution

Understanding the foreclosure process - from mortgage

delinquency to sale of a home

Options - Loan modifications, forebearance agreements,

sales, short sales

Rescue Loan Products... when do they work?

Role of the not-for-profit counselor

Expo attendees can attend a seminar as well as meet

with counselors, realtors, lenders and other professionals

throughout the day.

Westchester County

Board of REALTORS®, Inc.

For more information contact:

Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc.

(914) 428-4507 x303 OR expo@wroinc.org

Housing Action Council, Inc.

(914) 332-4144 OR expo@affordablehomes.org


Anonymous said...

is this how we eliminate westchester county by giving away things for free. Free to who. Our taxes are paying for this program

Anonymous said...

Why are people having trouble paying their Mortgage ? Their TAXES are too HIGH.

Randy NBB Mgt. said...

Anon 4:02 pm

Can you elaborate in your commment.
What facts do you have to extrapolate your statement.

This is an effort by private companies, like mine.

Anon 5:43 am

Taxes are high, we also have the highest standard of living.

Can you let us which town or county, you consider, we should emulate?

hal samis said...

Dear Randy,

"this is an effort by private companies, like (yours)"

Foolish me, I sense that this effort is profit related. Could you elaborate and extrapolate on whether this is an effort to profit from the misfortune of others. Like a bunch of private companies signed up to rent a booth from a promoter who packages these "expos" for a living and rented the County Center.
My suspicion is that other than renting the building, Westchester County has nothing to do with this "program"; just as much as it has to do with the Reptile Show.

And perhaps, within the universe you chose, town or county, you could again elaborate, extrapolate
and perhaps even enumerate the criteria for us to emulate.

And I thought that the mutual admiration society was just a figment of Xposure's imagination...

RK said...

Dear Mr. hal samis,

No intent to fool you.
You almost fooled me.

You do not like for profit endeavors. You do not like the government developing programs.

What do you propose?

Criticism is good, specially from the people who can provide alternatives.
The County is waiting for worthwile ideas. Can you share yours?


hal samis said...

Now you speak for the County?
Now you tell us that yours is a good idea?
Now you tell us that making a buck off the troubled is ok because it is in fashion?
Now you tell us that criticism is good but only if an alternative is proposed.
Now you say that the government is developing programs and that I am wrong to criticize.
Now you say that I am also wrong to critcize your for profit "program".

Pick any from the above and feel free to throw a few facts back at me.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh......... catfight!

hal samis said...

No catfight, "just the facts, m'am" said Joe Friday.

Just another example of the Supervisor's rush to appear to be doing good when he has not taken the trouble to "check it our" first. But since he IS the Supervisor, maybe a little caution is warranted. Maybe even a disclaimer when he writes here (not as Paul Feiner but as Supervisor Paul Feiner) and sends it out over the Town's email system.

Of course everything may on the up and up but in case no one has noticed there is a lot of promotion and advertising now appearing from people who want to lower your credit card interest, reduce your mortgage payments and cook your dinner and none of them are affiliated with the debt issuers. These are the times that try men souls and the times that one should exercise extreme caution.

This is the time that "as advertised on tv" or its equivalent really should be understood as meaning nothing about value, quality or the provider. Thus caution should be the password, not "come on down".

See the first blog comment. Here is someone who thinks that this is a free program being run by the County. It is being held at the County Center by a private company which has rented the facility. Those who are displaying their wares at this "expo" are private sector firms which are profit oriented (nothing wrong about this) and in these harsh times the target market is those that can't afford to be taken advantage of -- again. Nevertheless, the old saw is still true: there is no free lunch and an expo like this is a license to pillage and plunder those already beaten up.

Here we have Feiner's headline of "having trouble paying your mortgage" and we see the Westchester County Board of Realtors trying to hook you up to buy or sell. Westchester County in this instance has no official ties to the County; they are merely doing business in the County. And all what it is is a trade association of brokers who sell homes. Hey want to meet a broker? Attend the expo.

"Having trouble paying your mortgage?". I'm sure that there will be someone to take your home off your hands for either a fee or take over the mortgage or buy it well-below market or offer a new loan at a lower rate for an upfront fee (buying down the interest rate) or extend it for the rest of your life so that you will be paying back five times the value in additional interest. There are any number of costly gimmicks out there to take advantage of those who got "taken" the first time around.

As for Randy and NBB Management, I don't know anything about him. But since he knows how to use this blog, what a great opportunity for him to tell "all of us" about what he's doing there and let "all of us" in on the great deal he is offering.

I'm thinking he prefers the one on one without witnesses.

Come on Randy, what's your line?

Anonymous said...

A google search of "NBB Management" doesn't turn up anything in the United States. Randy, could you give some information about your not very established company before we entrust you with personal financial details?

Anonymous said...

Paul - I strongly suggest you read the following article from salon.com about the predatory nature of such conferences and reconsider posting (and implicitly endorsing) this program.

RK said...

Try this



hal samis said...

Come on Randy,

Tell us in your own words.
I'm not the one who did the google search and posted so you're not answering my skepticism.

Why would someone want to talk to you about troubles paying their mortgage? What can you do for them?

Pretend they're busy Saturday. Think of the Supervisor's blog as your blog.

Anonymous said...

Randy's proposed google search of the terms "north bergen mortgage". does not turn up any companies with that name. Again, Paul, I strongly urge you to investigate the nature of conference and its participants before you recommend that Greenburgh residents attend.

Anonymous said...

Let's abolish the Town of Greeburgh. Just look at those Town board meeting - they're god awful. I rather pay county taxes then to Greenburgh