Thursday, March 05, 2009


Current Examinations for Jobs in the NYS DMV
The Department of Civil Service currently offers the following examinations to fill positions in the Department of Motor Vehicles:

Automotive Facilities Inspector
Automotive Facilities Inspector (Spanish Language)
Automotive Facilities Inspector Trainee 1
Automotive Facilities Inspector Trainee 1 (Spanish Language)

Body Repair Inspector
Body Repair Inspector (Spanish Language)
Body Repair Inspector Trainee 1
Body Repair Inspector Trainee 1 (Spanish Language)

These positions exist throughout New York State in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Applications for this examination must be submitted or postmarked by April 6, 2009.


No Job said...

Mr Feiner,
I hope that you verify all job postings. The one you posted last week about Con Edison CFR was not true. There is no test scheduled or will there ever be. Paul you should verify all job postings. You soon will be needing one.

hal samis said...

This appears to the announcement of a civil service test being given.

It offers no promise of when a successful candidate will be offered a job and WHERE.

Many people know that civil service exams are given periodically. What the Supervisor should be doing is alerting those in need of a job when there is a job opening NEARBY.

How many people will be rushing off to take a vacant slot in, say, Buffalo? And what are the pay ranges for these jobs. Civil service pay scales are not secrets.

Sorry, Paul if you want to claim credit for being useful, how about taking the extra step beyond forwarding an email? Otherwise, instead of acting like you are the guru of hiring, maybe you could spend some of your day, actually Supervising?

And maybe just a portion of that day spent appeasing the civil servants already on the Town's payroll.

Anonymous said...

When you are out of work, it's nice to know that someone is trying to help. It is called community.

hal samis said...

Even if your new community is in Buffalo?

It would really be nice if the someone trying to help were to check it out first -- on behalf of all those who would need to ask the same questions.

Among the employed there is something called "lost opportunity time". That is the portion of the workday that is spent doing non-productive things. If this time were rededicated to productive endeavors, the employee would do a better job and be more successful.
Maybe even earning more and become promoted.

Everyone following Mr. Feiner's dead ends is accumulating lost opportunity time. Taking the time away from the job hunt to find that the job you are testing for won't be available for six months or is located in "Buffalo" is the time that could be better spent following a "live" job lead. While you're chasing a non-job someone else is being hired at a job which is really available.

What the Supevisor should do is not just cut and paste his daily inbox but first call the sender and make the determination if there is a real job at the end of the tunnel.

As you go from post to post on this blog there is one common criticism of Feiner, not that he doesn't have a heart or that it is in the wrong place...but that he doesn't use his brain and take the time to look before he sends others off to leap.

Anonymous said...

Because the Supervisor has NEVER been anything but an elected public official, its easy to understand his confusion and misconceptions about job-hunting.

Perhaps its time for the voters to offer him a lesson in the real world.


I read some of the criticisms about my initiative to help people find work. It seems to me that some of you like to complain about everything. I am just trying to help people who are out of work find work.
Will all my posts lead to employment? No. Will some help? Yes.
In the past month or so about 5 people have called me advising me that my posts were helpful. I received the following e mail from one constituent last week.
If No Job, Hal or anonymous want to be helpful you should spend some time reaching out to your contacts and see if there are any openings out there that could benefit Greenburgh residents who are out of work. PAUL FEINER

From: Pam [mailto:ms]
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:27 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: RE: another job opportunity
Hey Paul, thanks for sending these job listings. I interviewed with Dr. M St at S on Friday and I think the interview went quite well, but we'll see if I get called back for a second round. I hope so because I think I really have the skills, knowledge and business experience to do the job of Business Manager. Keep your fingers crossed for me please and thanks again because I would have never even known about it had it not been for you.



PAUL FEINER SAID.. I deleted the name and e mail address of the constituent who sent me the above.

Anonymous said...

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