Sunday, March 22, 2009



The Town of Pound Ridge Recreation Department is looking for a full time Pool Director for the Town Pool. Season starts Memorial Day and ends Labor Day. Required credentials: Water Safety Instructor Lifeguard Training, CPR/FPR and at least 2 years experience. Scheduling and supervision of pool staff, orgainization of day camp swim time, group and private swimming lessons, plan and implement pool side programs and events, keep facility neat and clean. Please forward resumes to:

David Goldberg, 179 Westchester Ave., Pound Ridge, N.Y. 10576 or e-mail: (914) 764-3987.


Anonymous said...

Here's a Feiner posting for a single job -
He can't manage to post a "Week of March 15th" or a "Week of March 22nd" to keep the blog up to date, but by golly he can manage to post a solitary, seasonal job opening in a place not reachable by public transportation.
Imagine trying to manage a Town with more than 87,000 with an attention span that short.

Anonymous said...

It's his blog. He can post what he wants.Why do you care?

Anonymous said...

Yea, what happened to the weekly miscellaneous section?

hal samis said...

Dear 10:39,

"Another Paul Feiner initiative to make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States! Be part of the Dialogue...participate...tell us what's on your mind...!

The views expressed in this blog are the personal views of the participants who post comments on the blog and are not those of the town, town employees or town government. The Supervisors views are his alone."

Above from the home page of HIS blog.


Anonymous said...

Another Job Opening - Town Comptroller.

hal samis said...

I could comment on the firing but I won't...for awhile.

Let me just say that the immediate effect of this will be to cost taxpayers big dollars from a lowered bond rating. Even though the rating was increased a little over a year ago and the rating agencies would be loathe to reverse themselves for fear of looking like idiots, another Greenburgh Comptroller biting the dust is just too unlikely an event to sluff off. Mr. Feiner and Company have really stuck it to taxpayers just to muzzle an honest man.

Anonymous said...

MISSING Hal's Mind.

Last seen at a Town Board Meeting about 2 years ago. Since then, anything and everything Paul does comes under attack by Hal. Your credibility is loss when your attacks are without substance.
If Paul gave out 1,000,00 to each family in Greenburgh, you would find a way to criticize him.
Defending Koloesar?? You must be kidding!

Anonymous said...

MISSING -- Paul Feiner's law degree

Does he ever care about the law?

Anonymous said...

After looking at yesterdays work session neither Paul or our illustrious lawyer Lewis know nothing about town laws.

They want to change laws to their way of thinking ,which is completely wrong.

Yesterday they tried to change what was stated in a letter sent out to the residents by Susan Tolchin concerning the sewers well both plus Belville agreed that the letter was not legal.
The letter set the rules for a payment agreement for the sewers.

Well lets remember the next time some letters go out from the town they may be illegal.
Neither of them can polish Tolchin shoes.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:35,

Got a better, more realistic idea.

Paul gives out $1,000 from his campaign funds to each family in Greenburgh.

Not only will I not criticize him, I'll even thank him.

Anonymous said...

He can post about a pool opening in Pound Ridge but ignores the pool in his own backyard: the one at TDYCC where Gay Silverman gets preference. What about those of us who want to swim laps in the evening or take water aerobics, or learn to swim? Why does Gay Silverman get such love from you while we, who want to swim and have to pay up front, get put on the back burner?