Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The town is trying to save money by asking residents/businesses for furniture donations. A number of depts in the town need furniture. If your business or household is looking to replace furniture - this is what we need:
**Library--conference table and chairs for local history room ; office furniture and outdoor furniture;
**Public works--10 to 12 conference room chairs
**Conference rooms-- 12 conference room chairs
** Planning--office chairs
** Parks--desks
**Greenburgh Nature Center desks (one big wooden desk)
The town will provide donors with a letter indicating the donee's name, the date and location of the donation and a detailed description of the item, but not the value of the donated items. If the donor is taking a donation of $5000 or more it is up to the donor to get an appraisal for tax purposes.
A few years ago a similar e mail I sent out resulted in the library receiving beautiful outdoor furniture which was enjoyed by library patrons during the construction of the new library. The outdoor furniture was placed at Town Hall, overlooking the pond.
If you are interested in making a donation please e mail
Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

Wait one second the library budget contained a line covering furniture .
What are you trying to do????
It will cost us more money if they don't get the furniture well that's the library's problem and the one that you hand picked to oversee the construction.

Al will you give us an update sure Paul every thing is on target. not to worry everything is going on scheduale with the money.

Well now what is happening you have gone over budget and you expect the residentsw to come up with more money for furniture.

Sorry Paul find some other suckers that will listen to the library woes.
They lied from the beginning and now everything is coming to hit them in the face,
Lies do catch up with you sooner or later.

Paul how can you update the budget once it was voted on before the construction started.
You gave the library the olod town hall for nothing .
Could they have built that white elephant if they had to pay the going rate for the property.

Yes Paul you stole from Peter to give to Paul

The residents are not sleeping any more.

Anonymous said...

Paul did not give the old town hall to the library. My recollection: Paul opposed the expansion and wanted to sell the old town hall to an assisted living facility. The voters thought otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The voters thought they were paying for a library that included furniture to sit on not some bed bug infested crap that gets donated.

villagers ripped off said...

the villagers got the short end when the town board gave the old town hall away for nothing to unincorporated greenburgh

Found in Yonkers said...

For free furniture visit Freecycle Network Westchester County and the FREE section on craigslist Westchester

Anonymous said...

Yes PAUL wanted to sell town hall but the board decided against it with the help of some residents.
Did that make it right.

They got the town hall for free so how much in total did the library cost.

The budget was for almost twenty million the land could have been sold for how much money and now the library has no funds for furniture.

What are they hiding?WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE TO.
Changes were made without the lnowledge o and ok from the town board.
Did Regula have been given so much power to do what he wanted ,when he wanted without a vote from the board.
The library construction was in plain english a free for all.
Everyone got a share of the pie.

hal samis said...

As much as I would like to dwell over the Library mismanagement AND be aware that the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation is already committed to buying furniture for the Library, the notion that furniture is needed at other Town departments is ridiculous.

A couple of used tables and some used chairs and the Supervisor feels that this is the antidote to the economic ailment that his years of financial mismanagement has produced? Let's put the total cost of the furniture for the Planning Department, the Parks Department, DPW, the Nature Center and conference rooms at even a very high $50,000 and were these items really needed, (for some time? just discovered the need? all the furniture wore out at the same time?) and all those budget meetings with Departments heads couldn't unearth this problem, then eliminating one frill, the $65,000 "Arts Council" would solve all these problems which must be the cause of the inefficiences of how these Departments run.

It is also interesting to note that the one Department that doesn't need anything is the TDYCC.

Please Mr. Feiner, does the 80th best place to live in America really need to seek handouts for a few tables and chairs.

On the other hand, recent headlines suggest that this is the 80th best place to die.

Hey, maybe the Town should tax suicides.

Anonymous said...

Can someone donate some desks and space for quiet study at the library too? Or how about a larger check out/in desk that can give us a receipt confirming that returns are on-time and fine-free? How about replacing the cheap carpeting that is alreay wearing and fraying? The new library looks nice at first glance and has lots of room for kids to run and empty shelving, but, honestly, the old library was more functional and user-friendly.

Anonymous said...

80th best place to live. Where the highest spending per student in the US school district has high school students that commit assault with knives and the state issues warnings on substandard test scores.

And don't forget said...

And where the Town spends more than $3000 per kid on a no bid after school program for the "economically disadvantaged" which is run by someone who has no resume, no college degree, and no experience working with children, with no requirement that the parents of kids enrolled in the program demonstrate any financial hardship whatsoever, and where the town supervisor boasts to those who don't know better than the program is open to all children of the Town's unincorporated area, whose taxpayers must foot the bill for this nonsense.

klondike bar said...

dear dont forget -
francis sheehanigans called the xposure program one of the finest ever offered by the town.

stop the madness! said...

One would think Feiner would stop the blood letting of TOV, particularly Hartsdale, where tax payers are getting hammered by the school district and by the town by spending millions and millions on the same small group of children over & over & over.......

Anonymous said...

Stop the madness is right! Valhalla. They are going to get that money while we suffer town and school tax increases. This is egregious.

Anonymous said...

bed bug infested crap that gets donated.

ITA! This is a huge concern. Paul, haven't you seen the news? There is a bed bug epidemic and they aren't just in beds! Anyone who accepts or buys any used furniture is susceptible. EWWWWW yuck!

80th greatest place in the whole wide world to live in. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Brings new meaning to the phrase "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" doesn't it?
Another Feiner idea for misdirecting attention!

Anonymous said...

The million dollars you lost from Elmsford again would have bought you a lot of furniture. You may be losing their votes also.

Anonymous said...

Elmsford will vote for him. He's been giving away free camp, meals transportation, programs to them for years.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: This is one of your most embarrassing posts.

Also, I thought the Arts Council budget was completely eliminated, no?!

Anonymous said...

These comments are so ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

ORLY? These blog topics are Mickey Mouse nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the ever-grateful Hal enjoys using his ugly pen. I do feel sorry for him as he seems always angry and has obviously not learned any manners.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at used furniture? The town could run a bake sale and a car wash.

hal samis said...

"Anonymous said..
Once again, the ever-grateful Hal enjoys using his ugly pen. I do feel sorry for him as he seems always angry and has obviously not learned any manners.

3/20/2009 7:26 AM"

Does this make sense to anyone?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By picking up second hand furniture you will be having a roach and bedbug infestation whereever this furniture goes.

The places mentioned in this blog have enough money to buy new stuff.

Could it be that everyone of these mentioned have needs.


Anonymous said...

The donated outdoor funiture that was used by the library during construction was terrific. good quality. enjoyed by many employees and lirary patrons

Anonymous said...

That was outdoor,this is needed indoors.

The library had better think about what they are doing before Greenburgh is infested with roaches and bedbugs.

To those that were to oversee the construction of the library WHERE the hell did the money go that was to be for furniture.

Someone had their hands in the cookie jar.
MMMMMMMMM I wonder who that was.
So many change orders were made along the way without permission were they really made.
So many unanswered questions concerning this fiasco will they ever answered .
Don't want to get anyone in trouble but Juettner where did the money go.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

This posting illustrates one of the most difficult problems in Greenburgh.
The absence of professional management hamstrings every attempt to permanently address issues.
Once again, our Supervisor has refused to exercise his responsibility as the Town's Chief Fiscal Officer.
Either furniture is important and should be included in the budget, or it isn't necessary and discussions of it are deliberate distractions of public attention.
If furniture is necessary, appropriate the funds, levy the taxes and say to the voters, "This is how we maintain Greenburgh among the best places to live."
OR - if the furniture is something we can live without, say to the voters, "This is how we maintain Greenburgh among the best places to live."
Lacking the political courage to make a choice merely insures Greenburgh will continue to decline.
Failing to tax to provide necessities is a failure to govern - in short, to do the job you were elected to do, not the job you prefer to fill, which is that of public panderer.
Failing to distinguish between the necessary and the amenities is a failure to act responsibly - even when acting responsibly will result in loss of support from some sectors of the public. Continuing to run parallel programs at TDYCC and the Department of Parks and Recreation is wasteful and unnecessary. A Chief Fiscal Officer worthy of the name would put an immediate end to this disgraceful, wasteful situation.
If furniture would be a nice thing to have, why not donate a portion of the funds sitting in your campaign accounts to provide it? It would even be appropriate for little brass placques to be attached noting the items were provided through the generosity and public-spiritedness of Feiner 1998, Feiner for Congress and/or Friends of Paul Feiner - rather than embarrassing the Town of Greenburgh by soliciting used furniture.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the whole library scene is that money was included in the budget for furniture.


Anonymous said...

21 million and there is no furniture????
Come on.

Anonymous said...

Paul give us the answer as to who ripped off the library budjet since the furniture was included as expenditures?????????

Anonymous said...

What did Kolesar find out about the ones mentioned in your title above.

Kind of funny just when the knowledge of where is the money was coming to light you fire the investgative comptroller.
Did you think he was just going to change figures from one column in the budget to another without checking .
Bad move in the way you let him go when he had a whole box of proof to back up his findings.

Goes to show all of us that this town does not work for the resident but to fill someone pockets along the way.
You are nothing but a bunch of crooks.


Anonymous said...

Herman doesn't do the deletions you numbskull. Paul obviously makes those decisions. Leave Marc alone.

Anonymous said...

Paul because you keep deleting
comments prove to the residents that you are loosing ground in your present poswition.

What are you afraid of?
You already made the biggest mistake in your life by letting Kolesar go.

Boy this is a great sign of showing us how guilt you together with a few members on the board are guilty of coverups.

You can delete all you want but you cannot take away what Kolesar had unearthed in his short stay as comptroller.

Boy it must have gotten so hot for your group that the only solution was to fire the messenger.

bad bad .wHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE BOX OF PAPERS THAT kOLESAR WAS READY TO PRESENT TO THE BOARD WHICH SHOW there are no records as to where the money is.
Money was collected but never recorded.
Answer please.Were the papers shredded?