Friday, March 27, 2009


Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday – March 31, 2009 – 2:00PM

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 35 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:05p.m. Second Dwelling Units – Special Permits (Building Inspector)
2:30p.m. Energy Conservation –Proposed Legislation for Energy Conservation of New Commercial Buildings (Energy Conservation Coordinator)
2:45p.m. On-going Data Collection Project of the Engineering Documents
(Town Assessor, DPW Commissioner/Consultant, Town Engineer)
3:00p.m. Employees Working with Children: Policy/Procedures (i.e. finger
Printing – Town Attorney, Chief of Police, Commissioner Parks & Recreation, Commissioner Community Services, Assistant Comptroller/Personnel)
3:30p.m. WestHab
3:55p.m. Letter from town supervisor to NYS Comptroller requesting
the comptroller to participate in a seminar for department heads to
discuss/review internal controls/procedures
4:00p.m. Executive Session: Legal, Boards/Commissions – Interviews, previous interviews for Boards, Evaluations
5:30p.m. Adjourn

A public forum to discuss the increased Sharing of Services between the Village of Dobbs Ferry and Town of Greenburgh Police Departments will be held on Monday, April 6, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Embassy Community Center, 60 Palisade Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York. The forum is being hosted by the Center for Governmental Research, which is the consulting firm hired by the Village and Town to examine the feasibility of expanding shared services between the departments. Dobbs Ferry and unincorporated Greenburgh residents are invited to attend and make their opinions known.


report from upstairs said...

hi everyone
its pretty boring up here
where the dead live

make the most of your life on earth

Anonymous said...

"Letter from town supervisor to NYS Comptroller requesting
the comptroller to participate in a seminar for department heads to
discuss/review internal controls/procedures"

This is not the job of the NYS Comproller. It is the job of the town comptroller. We had a town comptroller who could do this. You guys fired him.

Anonymous said...

The comptroller gave you suggestions how to change the way you and the board together with your lawyer operate,but one of you need I say his name refuses to adhear to his recomendations.
Why waste the states time if you're going to do what you want.

You had someone who could have helped you make the right decisions but you decided to fire him,why, he caught onto the fact that you all were doing what you wanted without giving a correct account to the taxpayers.

How long do you think that the new comptroller will take, since he knows what was going on to tell the taxpayers,and to approach you with Kolesar's findings.
If he dosen't come foward then he was bought by you.
No one who watches the backs of the taxpayers after knowing his predicessor's findings should remain in office if he keeps silent.

Bart do not put your reputation on the line just to make your boss ,lawyer.and the board happy.
What The finding were, will be told to the public at the proper time
You worked with Kolesar for almost one year,you cannot say that you did not know what he was doing.
The public is tired of being screwed.
The truth will be told.

Anonymous said...

This time the public will be fighting with Kolesar to get the town back on tract.

Was a stupid mistake to fire him just when he was going to tell you and the town board as to what was wrong with the way this illustrious town was being run.

I guess you did not want to hear the truth or has there been a magnitude of coverups .

He was the best thing to happen here in Greenburgh.
Yes his mannerism of speaking was a little bit rough but he was and is as honest as one can be under the the circumstances of trying to make this town an up front way of doing business.
Too much has been pushed aside to make certain individuals look good.

Take the work session that guy brought out points concerning the sewer districts that will impact almost all the residents of Greenburgh and what happened there=== the town attorney tried to say that laws that were established before the sewers were put in place may be illegal.
Does he know more than what the men in charge knew at that time.
Paul are the methods that you and the board implimented legal.
One can say by looking back at the way you handled business that your decisions were illegal too.According to your legal advisor you cannot trust anyone .

The letter that was written by Tolchin did lay out a plan concerning the sewers. What was so illegal about that.
Did she not receive the detailed notes from the DPW commish at that time together with the supervisor and above all the town board.

These are things that would have been presented by the fired comptroller because there is no internal control here in Greenburgh .
Everyone did what they wanted and let the next guy worry about it.

The sewer guy stood his ground and by all means did show the town attorney that his method of doing things did not satisfy his long investigation into the sewer problems that is facing almost all the residents od Greenburgh.

You can take the information back to whomever but this problem has to be investigated to the fullest by the state.
You are including illegal fees on our taxes again again .
Maybe we as residents can initiate a legal suit agains the town for charging us monies when we should indeed get back monies.
Thge cats out of the bag so think about it.
Kolesar did a great job you and the board made a great blunder in letting him go, that acording to the Inquirer, will cost the taxpayer, multi bucks in an upcoming lawsuit.You did receive some bad legal advice,,,,What ese is new,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

The sewer guy's website is

Anonymous said...

Not a chance.

Fairview will go for the villages.

Edgemont will stay home.

Anonymous said...

What does a second dwelling permit mean.

Does it mean that my home can be made into a two or three family home.

I live in The edgemont section of Greenburgh and I do have a home that can accomodate two and even three families.

Please explain this part of the meeting on the blog this way I will make it my business to attend the work session.

This will help me with an extra income to offset my layoff.

Anonymous said...

Is the person whom you are designating as Commissioner of the DPW live in westchester???????

Was this person hand picked by the previous genius?

What are his or her qualifications.

Dear Paul said...


Please don't delete this. It is a serious question that needs to be answered. It is not a personal attack.

The following is an e-mail taken from the sewer guy's website. You and the town board knew that the monies collected had to be returned to the public. Why didn't you do this??

From: AL Regula
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 5:23 PM
To: Judith A. Beville
Cc: Town Board; Michael Kolesar; Edye McCarthy; John Lucido;
Timothy Lewis; Kenneth Cioce; Bart J. Talamini
Subject: RE: Question for Department Heads

The connection fee set in the resolution extending the sewer district to
include the Scarsdale Pump Station was set based on Section 160-4
(Reduction in Fees) of the Town Code which allows a reduction of a
connection Fee for an applicant that bears the expense of extending the
Town's sewer main as part of their project. The fee in this case was
reduced to $1500.00 in recognition of the fact that the Town received
from the applicant 540 linear feet of 8" sewer main and 4 manholes, the
value of which exceeds $150,000.00. The $1500.00 fee is to be credited to FA #4 and will result in a reduction in the amount to be collected
from the other members of the district in future tax levys.

Albert S. Regula

Commissioner of Public Works
Town of Greenburgh
177 Hillside Ave.
Greenburgh, NY 10607

Anonymous said...

HI I think that Susan Tolchin should take a look at the last work session and try to vindicate herself as to what Our town attorney said about her writing a letter to the residents concerning the sewer problem that we are facing today.
He stated that since the letter came from a town clerk it is illegal and the plans and methods described in the letter are null and void.
Yet if this current town clerk chimes in at meetings where she gives her views of different problems is never silenced,for voicing her opinion.
Good for Belville but bad from a previous clerk.
If you haven't seen the work session for the past Tuesday don't miss it.
It is very interesting as to how the town tries to undermind the work done by previous administrations,to satisfy their failure to do the right things for the residents.

The State Comptroller gave good procedures to be followed but the town attorney sees that their recommendations are not up to par with his thinking as to which way to solve the sewer problem.

Anonymous said...

I like the sewer guy. I watched the meeting on TV. I think the council is trying to come up with a solution. I am glad they are going to contact the AG and Comptrollers office seeking advice. The Board members are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The Board has stonewalled the sewer guy for years. Boo on them.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that Kolesar was fired was because he was to investigate all the detailed findings from the sewer guy.
This would have proven that the guy is totally right whereas the town attorney is completly off base..

Anonymous said...

Paul if Kolesar had not brought up the fact that there were no internal controls concerning all your departments would you have taken the steps to fire him.

Goes to show each one of us that if something is said to the town board concerning the taxpayers money which is not accounted for,that person will be punished.

you seem to forget to forget that we the taxpayers pay your department heads salaries and for this above all we should receive an honest days work plus the best detailed accounting to show us how money is spent.
The only time we hear about money to be spent when budget time v=comes arround and each dept. head puts his bid in for money.

If we did have a good internal control system most probabley our taxes would be much lower.
You had a person in place that showed you all the mistakes made in this town for many years with plenty of proof but you sent him on his way.

Were you afraid of the truth.
What you did is an injustice to all the taxpayers in this town.
We have the right to know what Kolesars conclusions were and what should be done to correct them.
your coverups will come to light and above all your legal advisor will not have a leg to stand on.

You have fooled the people for too long but now with so many things that are taken place here in town your fooling arround is over.

You all went to bat for coverups and you all struck out with the exception of one.

To you we say thank you..

Dear Paul said...

The only reason Attorney Lewis is saying that former Clerk Sue Tolchin's letter was illegal is because he DOES NOT want the Town to have to properly assess new homes constructed on FA sewer districts. This would require the Town to make adjustments to the taxes within those districts which would LOWER those homeowner's taxes. Of course, this would require our esteemed assessor to have to do more work. Could that be the real reason behind Lewis's ridiculous statements at the work session? Could it be as simple as Edie McCarthy not wanting to do extra work? Who ever heard that numerous letters sent to hundreds of taxpayers based on a policy CREATED by the Town Board is null and void?

ed krauss said...

It's nothing short of an epiphany. Writer after writer, justifyingly complimenting Mike Kolesar for the unique job he has done, in such a short time on the job, and on various levels villifying the Town Board. And all of these comments are permitted to be exposed and not deleted.

After 18+ years in office, and never once addressing "internal controls,"the supervisor must have had a nocturnal vision. "Paul." said the voice in his vision," ask someone what are these management tools called, 'internal controls.'"

And so, the Supervisor acted upon this vision and contacted a "title," NYS Comptroller. But alas, "internal controls." are not part of his or his depts "job description."

Now the supervisor has to reach out to someone who can really help establish these "internal controls."

How about the guy who preceded the nocturnal vision by introducing the concept to the elder leaders of the town who in their infinite cluelessness "missed that memo."

But drats, that wiseman was oft for introducing the system which would reveal to the tax paying world. Another aspect of their(the board's) management inadequacies.

So, another smokescreen will have to be created before the prolitariot get wind.

It's really sad. Mike Kolesar was the best comptroller this town ever had, and for no given reason he was summarily fired. Now the expertise he has, is needed. It's a terrible irony

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

All may not be lost - Just as Al and Butch were "too big to be allowed to fail" perhaps the Supervisor will just hire Mike back as an independent consultant.
It'll probably be MUCH more expensive than it would have been if Mike hadn't been fired, but it may still be less than settling a lawsuit for wrongful termination.
The Town's propensity for killing messengers and ignoring the message continues unabated. But, after winning 9 consecutive elections, Mr. Feiner clearly subscribes to the theory of his own invincibility/infallibility.
Mr. Feiner, you already have an opionion from the State Comptroller's office - you just don't like being told you're wrong. Stop shopping for an opinion that soothes your ego and make the corrections you were directed to make -You will then look less like a shyster lawyer shopping his guilty client and more like a normal, slimey politician.

Anonymous said...

In watching the work session today I noticed how the town attorney ,Kevin and the supervisor are trying to throw a money wrench into what has to be made right by following the laws that were set in the books some time ago concerning the sewers.

The sewer guy I thnk his name is Domenic stood by what the comptroller of the state suggested to this entire town but was poopooed by the attorney and then again put on the spot by Kevin.
Juettner was silent throughout the whole meeting.
Sonya was in the forefront and it was great to see Francis congratulating Dmenic for a job well done in his investigation.
This guy should be hired just to investigate and how to impliment internal controls. concerning every house in Greenburgh.

He knows his apples and I bet he has the knowledge how to weed out the rotten one.

Yes this assessor has to abide by the laws that were on the books some time ago.
It seems tht the assessor job is just the title without doing any work.
According to what was said the previous assessor did none of the work necessary that comes with the title.

The state said that she has to do her job and we the residents want this.
If she cannot fullfill this position to the fullest You Paul have to let her go.

As was said at that session if this was done from the beginning of the creation of sewers throught this town we would not be in this boat.

We are all affected with high taxes the least you can do is hire Domenic to research all the sewers that were put into the system to bring each household on an even sewer tax level.

We need answers.
If this assessor is not qualified or does not have the time to do this job the door goes two ways and she should not be hit in the rear.

To the attorney and Kevin look into all the findings that were mentioned.You seem to forget that they came out of the town archives.
They were not fabricated.
Foiling all these pages must have cost a good penny so I have to say if Domenic thought that there was a possibility that his findings were untrue he would have saved money and the towns time to grant him what was foiled.

Anonymous said...

Members of the Town Board have never objected to implementing internal controls that were suggested to board members.

Anonymous said...

OK then why is there so many problems creeping up every.

I don't remember any meeting where the board requested some improvement of the exisisting method of doing business.
In fact they all did the opposite.

Things have been out of hand for some time and we needed Kolesar to try to point this town in the right direction.
But the board with the exception of one decided to silence the messenger.
Have you really silenced the messenger or have you all unearthed a tremendous can of worms.

The sewer guy did the right thing in coming foward with the problems that we all have concerning what has been done in the past and what has to be done to straighten out his household taxes as well as the other resident in this town.

He presented all his findings the rest is up to all of you.You must recognize the fact that this assessor has to start to do the job that she was hired for.

This is a full time job five days a week.
Your attorney should not be looking to change the rulings on the books which will cause more problems than we have now.

I have to ask one question who writes the resolutions presented to the public at the meetings.
wHY IS IT THAT EACH HAS DIFFERENT WORDING.This was a good point also mentioned at the meeting.
There is no consistency in what the writer present to the public.
Well the town will face more problems with the release of Kolesar.
He would have given each and everyone of you the methods of how to run an honest town.

town board is honest said...

the town board is honest
the town board is for fairview - so fairview gets it all

Mr. Supervisor said...

Mr. Feiner,

I have reviewed the sewer guy's website and especially the documents from May 2006 that were handed over to the Town Board. He read exerpts from some of them at your work session. I believe that you are headed toward serious political trouble if you follow Tim Lewis and Edie McCarty's advice to treat these documents as if they were illegal. As the sewer guy stated; there are over 800 households on FA sewer districts. That translates to close to 2000 voters. You might be screwing these people now and getting away with it but by election time, this issue will come back and haunt you. Think of it: Over 800 households are paying too high taxes because of Tim Lewis and Edie McCarthy and untold thousands more are paying too high taxes because the Town illegally kept sewer hook in fees which by law should have gone back to the citizens of the sewer districts from which they came. Paul, you knew about this since Al Reula sent you an e-mail about it in 2008 and YOU DID NOTHING about it! Stop listening to Lewis and McCarthy. They are only getting you in more trouble. By the way, how much money did Edie McCarty's 2.4 million dollar mistake cost the citizens of Greenburgh in new mailing costs?

Also, since Tim Lewis says that the Town Clerk does not have the legal authority to send out documents will you put an end to Judith Beville speaking at meetings and sending out any letters to Greenburgh?

Oops! said...

I forgot to add this to my 7:31 comments. The State Comptroller's report is on The State Comptroller tracked one of these sewer hook in fees in 2003 and determined that instead of being credited to the sewer district from which it came, the money was spent in a manner that was untraceable. Mr. Supervisor, did you ever read that State Comptroller report? How is it possible for a government to spend money legally that leaves no trace? Something is obviously wrong here. Kolesar was the man who could have determined what went on here but you fired him.

Paul, Read This! said...

This editorial is copied directly from

June 20, 2008 Scarsdale Inquirer Editorial

A few years back, the State of New York had to take over Greenburgh's dysfunctional courts. More recently, the state was asked to investigate the town's gifts to the Valhalla School District and found them to be illegal. Questions about Greenburgh's A and B budget allocations have been appealed to Albany. And now the State Comptroler's audit finds the town has been charging some residents around $500 for sewer improvements that other residents are getting free.

Will Greenburgh ever learn to take care of its own affairs without help from Albany?

The sewer case is especially egregious, because the town could have - and should have - responded to resident Dom Caratozzolo's questions about his escalating sewer bills without forcing him to appeal to the state. Given Caratozzolo's solid evidence of haphazard accounting, the town should have rectified the situation rather than allowing the inequalities to continue.

The town's failings were many. It did not accurately estimate the cost of the sewer construction, necessitating two increases. For the last increase of $220,000, the town neither applied to the state comptroller's office to approve the surcharge nor notified the public. The excuse that information about the $220,000 surcharge "spilled over" into public meetings, though it was never on the agenda, is one of the lamest we've ever heard.

The town did not assess new homes or bill homeowners who had paid their assessment in full for their share of the surcharge. It did not keep accurate records.

The state comptroller's recommendations are almost laughably obvious: obtain proper approvals, develop internal controls to ensure that sewer assessments adequately cover capital costs, explain to the public the need for sewer assessments and hook-in-fee charges and then accurately assess residents.

The state has advised the town to annually update benefit units to reflect subdivisions and improvements that occurred during the year. It says that the town attorney should review the legality of the town's hook-in-fee and that the town should investigate whether the other 18 sewer districts in the town are being properly assessed, or whether residents there are also being overcharged.

In other words, guys, do your jobs!

Anonymous said...

State Comptroller DiNapoli is working to find and fight fraud at every level of State and local government. The public’s help is needed in this fight. New Yorkers can report allegations of fraud, corruption or abuse of taxpayer money by calling a toll-free hotline at 1-888-OSC-4555 (1-888-672-4555).

The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by experienced investigators from the Investigations Unit of the Legal Services Division of the Office of the State Comptroller. New Yorkers may also file an online complaint, print a complaint form or send an e-mail to

Once a complaint is received, the Investigations Unit may:

Conduct a preliminary investigation;
Open a full investigation;
Refer the complaint to the proper agency or authority; or
Close the case.
Individuals who make an allegation may remain anonymous. Individuals should view the Comptroller’s privacy policy before submitting a complaint

Anonymous said...

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Is responsible for the administration of Town business
under the general supervision of the Town Board; does related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: The incumbent in this class is responsible for
administrative work covering the many business transactions required by town law and by
action of the Town Board. General overall supervision of Town functions is exercised under the
Town Board to whom the Town Clerk is directly responsible. Considerable judgment and
discretion is permitted employees of this class.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Attend all meetings of the Town Board to present Town business;
Records actions of the Board;
Issues licenses and permits;
Keeps all records and the seal of the town;
Answers all correspondence;
Posts all legal notices;
Files records and papers;
Assists in the preparation of budget estimates;
Purchases supplies and equipment for the Town.
Town Law and procedures; ability to organize and administer a variety of activities; accuracy;
dependability; honesty; ability to get along well with others; sound judgment; tact.
school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and four (4) years of responsible or
supervisory experience in a business concern.
J. C.: Unclassified Job Class Code: O003

Anonymous said...

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Places a valuation on each parcel of real property in a
municipality for tax purposes and prepares an annual assessment roll; does related work as
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Performs professional valuation for
assessment of real property in a city or town. Work is performed under the general direction of
the municipal legislature or the appointing authority. Supervision is exercised over the work of
appraisal and clerical staff. Advisory service is available from the County Director of Real
Property Tax Services and the New York State Office of Real Property Services.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Annually values and revalues each parcel of real property;
Utilizes and maintains current tax maps and appraisal cards;
May seek county advisory services in determining values of certain parcels;
Attends all hearings of the Board of Assessment Review;
Makes changes in assessments in accordance with Law as directed by the Board of
Assessment Review;
Attends the public examination of the tentative assessment roll at times prescribed by law;
Receives complaints filed and transmits them to the Board of Assessment Review;
Prepares reports of assessment activities as required by the appointing authority or the New
York State Office of Real Property Services;
Provides school districts within the assessing unit a copy of the current pertinent portion of the
assessment roll;
Supervises and trains appraisal staff members in the technique of appraisal and assessment;
Reviews and makes determinations with respect to applications for tax exemptions; Appoints
and trains an Acting Assessor to perform as needed;
May use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and
database software.

Anonymous said...

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Renders legal counsel to the Supervisor, the Town
Board, and other officials of the Town; represents the Town in the courts in civil litigation; does
related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is a highly responsible professional
position, requiring thorough knowledge of the laws pertaining to municipal agencies in the State
of New York. The incumbent oversees the management and operation of the Office of the
Town Attorney and serves as legal advisor and counsel to the Supervisor, Town Board and
town departments.. The Town Attorney is responsible for answering many questions in the civil
law affecting the operation of Town business and organization. Supervision may be exercised
over professional and/or clerical support positions.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Investigates and researches the law and renders opinions to the Town Board, Town Supervisor
and other departmental authorities;
Prepares pleadings, appeals, resolutions, notices, contracts and other legal papers and
Examines legal papers on or filed with Town departments and officials;
Attends Town Board meetings and advises the Board on legal problems;
Appears in court to represent the Town whenever it is necessary to do so;
Answers correspondence and prepares necessary reports.
the law as it pertains to Towns in the State of New York; good knowledge of the techniques of
preparing legal memoranda, conducting legal research and analyzing legal problems/issues;
ability to prepare for court proceedings; ability to express oneself clearly, both orally and in
writing; ability to clearly express arguments of the law; ability to organize material; ability to get
along well with others; honesty; good elocution; courtesy; tact; ethical conduct in the practice of
the law; sound professional judgment; physical condition commensurate with the demands of
the position.
recognized law school and three (3) years of experience in the practice of the law, preferably
civil law.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a license to practice law in the State of New York at
time of appointment
J. C.: Exempt Job Class Code: 0030

Anonymous said...

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Under the general supervision of the Town Board and
the Town Supervisor, is responsible for the fiscal management of Town finances; does related
work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: The person in this position is responsible for
the fiscal management of a Town's finances. This responsibility includes the prescription and
application of procedures in the auditing of financial accounts, examination of claims and
receipts, and the authorization of payment of claims. The Town Comptroller is under the general
supervision of the Town Board and the Town Supervisor, and is subject to direct audit by the
State Comptroller.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Prepares and executes the Town budget;
Maintains accounting of all Town receipts and disbursements, and audits claims and may sign
checks thereof;
Plans short and long-term financing of capital projects and consults with bank officials and
bonding attorneys;
Confers and consults with Town officials on formulation of Town fiscal policies;
Undertakes special financial studies for the Town Board;
Makes short and long-term financial projections based on studies undertaken;
Interprets statistical and financial statements and renders reports and opinions of same to the
Town Board;
Advises other departments on proper accounting procedures.
law as it pertains to towns in the State of New York; good knowledge of financial and accounting
practices and methods involved in the receipt, investment, and disbursement of municipal funds;
ability to present ideas effectively, either orally or in writing; ability to supervise a staff of
administrative, accounting and clerical employees; a high degree of integrity; good judgment;
physical condition commensurate with duties of the position.
school course or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and either (a) graduation
from a recognized college with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Business or Public
Administration, or allied field and four years of accounting experience, one of which must have
been in a supervisory or administrative capacity; or (b) graduation from a Master's program in
any of the field listed in (a) and three years of experience as stated in (a) including the two years
of specialized experience; or (c) a satisfactory equivalent combination of the foregoing training
and experience.
J.C.: Exempt Job Class Code: O060
(Competitive - if Director of Finance is Exempt)
(Unclassified - Town of Greenburgh)

Anonymous said...

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Places a valuation on each parcel of real property in a
municipality for tax purposes and prepares an annual assessment roll; does related work as
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Performs professional valuation for
assessment of real property in a city or town. Work is performed under the general direction of
the municipal legislature or the appointing authority. Supervision is exercised over the work of
appraisal and clerical staff. Advisory service is available from the County Director of Real
Property Tax Services and the New York State Office of Real Property Services.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Annually values and revalues each parcel of real property;
Utilizes and maintains current tax maps and appraisal cards;
May seek county advisory services in determining values of certain parcels;
Attends all hearings of the Board of Assessment Review;
Makes changes in assessments in accordance with Law as directed by the Board of
Assessment Review;
Attends the public examination of the tentative assessment roll at times prescribed by law;
Receives complaints filed and transmits them to the Board of Assessment Review;
Prepares reports of assessment activities as required by the appointing authority or the New
York State Office of Real Property Services;
Provides school districts within the assessing unit a copy of the current pertinent portion of the
assessment roll;
Supervises and trains appraisal staff members in the technique of appraisal and assessment;
Reviews and makes determinations with respect to applications for tax exemptions; Appoints
and trains an Acting Assessor to perform as needed;
May use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and
database software.
ASSESSOR page - 2 –
making an appraisal of types of real property which are regularly sold; good knowledge of the
theory, principles and practices of real property valuation and assessment; good knowledge of
residential and commercial building construction methods, materials and their costs; good
knowledge of laws governing the valuation and assessment of real property; good knowledge of
deeds and related property records; ability to make and review arithmetic computations with
speed and accuracy; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the
public, municipal officials and the Assessment Review Board; ability to plan and supervise the
work of others; ability to effectively use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word
processing, calendar, e-mail and database software; integrity; tact; courtesy; good judgment;
physical condition commensurate with the duties of the position.
State Office of Real Property Services) Either: (a) graduation from high school, or possession of
an accredited high school equivalency diploma and two years of satisfactory full-time paid
experience in an occupation involving the valuation of real property, such as assessor,
appraiser, valuation data manager, real property appraisal aide or the like. Such experience
shall be deemed satisfactory if it is demonstrated that the experience primarily was gained in the
performance of one or more of the following tasks: collection and recording of property
inventory data, preparation of comparable sales analysis reports, preparation or signed
valuation or appraisal estimates or reports using cost, income or market data approaches to
value. Mere listing of real property for potential sale, or preparation of asking prices for real
estate for potential sale, using multiple listing reports or other published asking prices is not
qualifying experience; or (b) graduation from an accredited two year college and one year of the
experience described in (a) above; or (c) graduation from an accredited four year college and
six months of experience as specified in (a) above or a graduation from an accredited four year
college and a written commitment from the county director that the county will provide training in
assessment administration, approved by the State Board, within a six month period; or (d)
certification by the State Board as a candidate for assessor.
In evaluating the experience described in (a) above, the following conditions shall apply:
1. If the assessor has been previously certified by the State Board as a State certified assessor
pursuant to section 188-2.1 of the Rules for Real Property Tax Administration while serving as
an elected assessor, such certification is equivalent to one year of the experience described in
(a) above if it has not expired;
2. For the purpose of crediting full-time paid experience, a minimum of 30-hour week shall be
deemed as full-time employment;
ASSESSOR page - 3 -
SPECIAL NOTIES: (continued)
3. Three years of part-time paid experience as sole assessor or as chairman of the board of
assessors shall be credited as one year of full-time paid experience, and five years of part-time
paid experience as a member of a board of assessors shall be credited as one year of full-time
paid experience. Additional paid part-time experience in excess of these amounts shall be
4. Volunteer experience in an assessor's office may be credited as paid experience to the
extent that it includes tasks such as data collection; calculation of value estimates; preparation
of preliminary valuation reports; providing routine assessment information to a computer center;
public relations; and review of value estimates, computer output and exemption applications.
5. In no case shall less than six months of the experience specified in (a) above be acceptable
with the exception of county training as provided for in option (c) above.
1. Each assessor must attain certification as a State certified assessor within three years of
beginning his or her initial term of office. An assessor who begins a new term of office without
having attained certification during a prior term of office must attain certification within 12
months of beginning this new term, but in no event shall any assessor be required to attain
certification in less than 36 months of time in office, subject to the interim certification
requirements of section 188-2.7 of the Rules for Real Property Tax Administration.
2. A State certified assessor must be recertified upon a reappointment or reelection by
successfully completing the ethics component within on year.
3. Additional requirements for certified, uncertified and interim certifications of assessors is
defined in section 188-2.1 of Rules for Real Property Tax Administration.

Anonymous said...

Local job descriptions are currently available in "Portable Document Format" (.pdf). To view and print these documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems. This software is free and you may download it here. Do not attempt to print using the print command on your browser. Use the “Print” button in the adobe acrobat reader™ menu bar to print.

This page allows you to access job descriptions for positions in the local government agencies under the jurisdiction of the Westchester County Department of Human Resources. This includes all Westchester County towns, villages, special districts, school districts and the cities of Peekskill and Rye. (Note: This does not include the cities of White Plains, Yonkers, Mount Vernon and New Rochelle which have their own civil service commissions, and as such are responsible for preparation of their respective job descriptions).

hal samis said...

Per the home page of the Supevisor's blog: "initiative to make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States!
Be part of the dialogue...participate...tell us what's on your mind...!"

As posted on

halmarc wrote:

Rumors have been circulating for months that Mike Kolesar was considering running for Town Supervisor against incumbent Paul Feiner. And that he would be joined by two candidates for Town Council.

There never was and there is no basis to demonstrate "cause" as a reason for firing Mike Kolesar. The supposed charges about criticizing other Departments publicly without basis are trumped up allegations that the facts and history refute. And, of course, there is also the "famous" Kolesar memo which was ignored by the Town Board.

Instead of working out a severance package to avoid litigation, the Town Board acted as it did (having Kolesar escorted out of the building by two armed police officers and Kevin Morgan) solely because it wanted to force Kolesar to seek relief by litigation, an event which would likely frustrate, if not curtail, any campaign plans by Kolesar. In effect, aborting the campaign. Feiner and his wholly-owned Town Board (Sheehan and Juettner as team members joining him for re-election) don't care about the eventual economic cost of such litigation -- it doesn't come out of their pockets but from those of taxpayers. Thus, what we have is the taxpayers' pocketbook paying for the costs of cold-cocking Democracy.

The new Comptroller, Bart Talamani, was the lynchpin of this operation. As Deputy Comptroller, he was included in Feiner's threat that both Kolesar and him should start looking for new jobs. Apparently, Talamani took this seriously and started looking to become Town Comptroller. Without his acceptance of the position, the Town Board would not have been so rash as to terminate Kolesar (a plot borne out of their desperation to remove Kolesar as a threat to themselves) by getting him off the "campus" asap. So desperate and cowardly that they couldn't even wait for Talamani to return from his previously announced vacation (he is now away on same) before acting. For such a vital function, why did the Town Board appoint Talamani (when over a year ago, the Town Board chose Kolesar over Talamani, then too Deputy Comptroller) without seeking to interview other applicants? Recent searches for head of the TDYCC and DPW have fielded hires from outside the Town although the new Police Chief came from within over two other Police department candidates. However, the choice was made after a lengthy interview process which was not the case for this open slot. My opinion (unsubstantiated opinion as I am a mere outsider) is that Mr. Talamani was a contributor, aiding and abetting the result which was also worth an additional $25,000 to the Talamani family.

There can be no denying that the substantial turnover in Town Comptrollers does give rise to such speculation.

And, now that the "massacre" has aged for a few days, readers are invited to witness the flurry of activity that will emerge from a Town Board seeking to effect damage control. Such steps include re-inventing the wheel and again an appeal to Albany to assure voters that the ship can still float despite the cracks. Hopefully, there may yet be another ship of state launched from another "peer".

Hal Samis
3/29/2009 12:13:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Further evidence that Hal continues to not know what he talks about.

Anonymous said...


Why can't you answer what happened to the sewer hook in fees? You are the Chief Financial Officer of the Town. How is it possible for you to spend taxpayer money and leave no trace.

Also, why did you vote in favor of an investigation at the Center, which turned out to be nothing but turned down the sewer gut when he asked you to contact the Public Integrity Unit of the Attorney General Office. It sounds like a double standard is going on here.

Michael Kolesar said...

I do not agree with Mr. Samis' comments about Bart Talamini.

hal samis said...

2:34 and 3:33,
You make no sense.

Bart, loose cannon?
Under Heslop? When then?
Forgetting are you that Kolesar was first hired as a consultant.
Now your telling readers that the Town Board has hired a loose cannon without interviewing others?
Take a job in the private sector? Someday?
Having already worked for Feiner, will Bart pull a Heslop and quit during budget season?
And with all of this...
This means he didn't seek the Comptroller job?

"Anonymous said...
Further evidence that Hal continues to not know what he talks about.

3/29/2009 3:33 PM"

And there's no evidence like anonymous evidence.

Anonymous said...

The swat team was busy training for tech rescue

hal samis said...

I'm not saying that Bart has done a bad job either.

Anonymous said...

3:33 here.
I make no sense? Other than throwing crap against the wall, what is the basis for your "opinion" that Mr. Talamini was complicit in Mr. Kolesar's firing? Mr. Kolesar, to his credit. disagrees with your tar and feathering based upon your opinion which you admit is unsubstantiated. Yet you felt like throwing this BS out there. Why?

And you Mr. Krauss, you persist in referring to "Hal's opinion about Bart Talimini's complicity" despite Mr.Kolesar's own disavowel of the same. Have you no decency? Obviously not.

Now what about saying that Mr. Kolesar'sfiring is "tasteless" "wrongful" and "illegal."
Nothing illegal about the firing I can see. Tasteless? Why? Wrongful, let's let a jury decide?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that the Sprain Valley sewer district situaton could be resolved by a sixth grade math student.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of the Xposure kids could help.

We're Number 1! said...

From Lohud:
"The six villages within the town of Greenburgh are proposing 2009-10 budgets with tax rates that vary from a 6.7 percent increase in Hastings-on-Hudson to a 1.3 percent decrease in Irvington.

Some are maintaining their operating costs with higher tax increases, while others are sacrificing services to achieve lower tax bills for property owners."

Yeah Unincorporated! Let's keep beating those other guys! Go team! Can we top 7.7% next year to keep our place on the charts? I'm so glad I chose to live in Hartsdale - you know, with the great schools and modest taxes?

Anonymous said...

if there was ever a loose cannon it is salmis and koelsear. Taminini has been doing all the work while model and project Kolesear looked to further his political career. Turn out the light sweet chariot Hal and Mike lost their steam. Your quest has ended your lies and smoke screens uncovered. How was your meeting with bob in mikes office on saturday with hal, ?? Mike you could have been good for the town but just like with us in ardsley you bet on the wrong horse. See YA !!! the town is better off.

Imagine . . . said...

The Attorney General takes up the sewer guy's case and Kolesar gives crucial testimony explaining once and for all how the Town's lacking of internal controls could easily lead to $70,000 in hook in fees being collected but then spent illegally in ways that leave no trace.

Kolesar gets to see some Town Officials led out of Town Hall in handcuffs.

"You might say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

John Lennom - Imagine

Anonymous said...

Another letter to the state comptroller to discuss the methods and procedures of how to impliment a good format for internal control//////What is wron with this picture/////It shows me that none of you including the department heads have the capabilities to initiate the correct and honest way of running a town but above all watching how our tax dollars are spent.

If I were the state comptroller or the attorney general I would send in an army of clerks to take over each and every job.
All of you have done what you wanted for so long that now you now do not know right from wrong.

What a sad state of affairs when one must constantley ask for others opinions when onehas to follow rules and regulations.

Paul the laws are easy to read and above all to understand.
If you all have reach the point where reading and understanding the law has come to a stand still it's time for some others to take your place.
This town cannot function in the manner that you see fit.
We pay taxes ,we pay your salaries so we do expect to have intellectual people representing each and every one of us.
You seem like little children running home to your mothers or father because some bully at school is teasing you.
We want action to come from those whom we voted into office here in this town.
To say the least you all look like dummies when it comes to everyday
problems that come up that none of you can correct immedialely.
You have to ask this one and that one.
UFFA enough is enough...Do the job that you all are getting paid for .

ed krauss said...

Since my posting you referred to was deleted, I don't know what I said that you question my decency.

I said nothing bad about Bart, so please, instead of implying I lack decency, tell my what you read that lead you to that conclusion.

BTW, if you don't think Mike Kolesar was wrongfully, barbarically, appallingly or several thousand other adverbs, terminated, YOU are grossly lacking in decency.

Anonymous said...

personal attacks and electioneering should be deleted from the blog.

Anonymous said...


I did not see the police escorting Kolesar out of the building, so I take others words for that.

I did read in the Journal News where Paul was quoted as saying the termination was for performance, but then the lawyers would not allow him to elaborate. The JN has not printed any retraction so I assume that is in fact what Paul said.

Paul's giving this quote shows the maturity level of a 5 year old, not a Town Supervisor. Perhaps Paul and the Paulettes were frustated with Kolesar stating the sad state of affairs to the public. Could they legally muzzel him? Probably? Could they malicously attribute the firing to performance and not have that result in a lawsuit with hefty damages to the town? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Me: I’m looking to refinance my mortgage. I’ve fallen on hard times and need to use what’s left of the equity in my home to stay afloat. Need to pay for health insurance that I can’t afford.
Mortgage Broker: OK. What’s your zip?
Me: 10530
MB: What’s the current value of your home?
Me: Hell if I know it gets worse every day but I’d say around XXXX.
MB: ok. Given your current mortgage balance and your estimated value there may be some room to cash out a bit. What are your current taxes?
Me: $14,400 in total.
MB: Are you sure that’s correct? That doesn’t sound right.
Me: Sadly this is correct.
MB: Double check. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s unusual to hear of taxes this high. Do you live in a large home with a lot of property?
Me: Nope. House is 1800 sq. feet on ¼ of an acre.
MB: Wow. That’s very high. You must have great schools.
Me: Nope. I also pay tuition to send my kids to private schools because our school district is the pits.
MB: Will your taxes be going up again this year?
Me: Yep.
MB: Have you considered moving? I mean, that’s a big tax nut to handle. Your family makes too much to qualify for any recent tax advantages coming out of Washington. Nothing to help you there.
Me: I’m aware. Please. I am considering moving as well but it truly stinks that my family can’t afford to live in my town any longer. The town is sucking the life out of us money wise and we’re not getting anything back on our investment. The town thinks families like mine can support one section of the town that gets everything for free or cut rate. They get to do that and mismanage finances while I have to choose between paying my mortgage on a home that has little value, my health insurance or my kids’ tuitions. It’s a sad situation.
MB: ok. I’ll run some numbers for you.
Me: Can you call me back? I think I’m going to be sick…….

hal samis said...

Gee, so far the reaction over my comments over Bart seem to be because I speculated that without a Comptroller ready, willing and able in the wings, the Town Board would not have been so quick to terminate Mike.

I don't question Bart's ability to do the work of a Comptroller. He has, in fact, discovered several embarrassments for the Town. Now, the new question is whether he will be forthcoming about what he has uncovered or whether he will keep them under the Feiner veils.

However, regarding my supposition that Bart was part of the decision?
Is that such a terrible supposition? Is that such an illogical supposition? Is that a politicial supposition?

Is that tar and feathering?

One thing is certain: Talamini is in and Kolesar is out.

But then, how about a Wednesday meeting a month ago between Feiner and Talamini at which Feiner purportedly asked the Deputy Controller to keep an eye on Kolesar?

Let's call that a prelude to heating up the tar.

Anonymous said...

Geez, where to start. Possbily the bizarre behaviour and comments by Mr. Samis at the last town meeting? Leaving a bottle of honey on the dais? Please. Your attempt to visually make a point - and by the way, the phrase is you catch more flies with honey, not liars - quite childish.

And just how in the heck do you know whether or not the town worked out a severance package with Mr. Kolesar? Inside info? Or typical rantings to support your ever widening conspiracy theories?

And then there is your 7:39 post...."has not done a bad job" - this after you basically state the guy was in cahoots to force out Kolsar to get his I guess your point is that if he did, as you imply, conspire to relieve Mr. Kolesar of his responsibilities - he's still ok on the job? Past performance is oftentimes a good indicator of future results.

And finally, your bizarre comments to the Board about "doing this slowly" - "flaying" one week at a time - all I can is that if someone said that to you, you'd be under your desk crying.

hal samis said...

Geez 10:46,

Why not ask Kolesar, as I did, about his severance? It is not a closely guarded secret. Maybe how in heck is not such a steep summit to climb?

Flies, fleas or liars, do you belong to a town committee of volunteers which guard the integrity of hackneyed phrases?

How about this one: "the flies guarding the flypaper" from John Steinbeck's, The Moon is Down.

Maybe if the Town Board, cowering in fear, wants to allow me more time, I'll discuss those troublesome Town Departments together -- otherwise it need stretch out over time. The point of this "bizarre" approach is that the Town Board only found fault with the "performance" of the Town Comptroller, not with the heads of other Departments. That Mr. Sheehan defended Mr. Madden by ignoring the charge I made and instead substituted his affection for a powerpoint presentation does not address that applicants before the Planning and Zoning Boards must suffer needless delays when Mr. Madden's department makes mistakes in Noticing. Mr. Madden also brought you the business permit show, introduced and withdrawn the same night at a previous Town Board meeting. And the Town Board was expecting to harvest $200,000 from this source, per Mr. Madden, to pay for the Comprehensive Plan part 2. Instead the Town will have to dip further into the declining Fund Balance. Now that's the kind of thing I call bizarre. But if my behaviors trouble you, maybe your fear that there really is a boogeyman has come true.

Anonymous said...

What Hal Samis said about Talamini stinks. Kolesar himself rebuffed what Hal Samis said. From what I hear, Talamini was also threatened with a firing.

The real problem is that Hal Samis only knows how to attack people. He is nuts and instead of stopping when he is caught he keeps on and on. Ignore him.

Anonymous said...

Geez here. Actually, my only real (and it is truly nightmarish) fear is that these conspiracy theories will continue to be brought forth unchecked. Terrifying!

At some one can only hope you'll point out (eek, did I just say that?) what the town board actually stands to gain by "conspiring" to commit all of these dastardly deeds. If all you are truly trying to do is point out what you perceive to be ineptitude, then couch it as such and lose the "them against us", "they're out to get us all" paranoid ravings.

And after reading your posting, I get why we never see you involved in any town project or citizen truly put the I into TEAM. "I did this", "I raised this", "I asked".....whew! If it wasn't for you, who knows what would become of us? Thanks Batman for staying on the job.

hal samis said...

"I" is to ensure that if an anonymous source takes exception, it will come down solely on me.

"I" is also the doctrine of Ayn Rand.

"I" is the safeguard against those who are afraid to be publicly identified with their beliefs and/or lies.

Anonymous said...

no severance package was worked out.

Anonymous said...

Geez here again one more time. Forgot one really important point. Yes, Mr. Samis, I am currently on a town committee to protect the integrity of hackneyed phrases. Actually, I chair it. We are expanding our scope to include various and sundry malapropisms, mixed metaphors and the every popular dangling participle to ensure protection for all. We are meeting somewhat clandestinely; however, when the day comes that we produce FOILable documentation we oh so look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Referencing Ayn Rand tells me all I need to know about Mr. Samis.

hal samis said...

Dear 1:33 and his "oh my gosh I forgot" addition at 1:37,

Your "committee" (a device for you to get around using "I") should not overlook gerunds -- often the last line of defense for over shadowed geriatric gnomes.

Anonymous said...

In todays Daily News you sent in an article titled----
Vote 'em in vote 'em out.
Why should members of the mta board be appointed?
They should be elected and accountable for their actions.Let the people choose who will make policy decisions.

Boy you are swo ready to critize the MTA but you too arem guilty of not making the proper desicions.
You sre giving all the residents the ok to vote you out.

How about you cleaning up your dirt before you go to other groups and jusistictions.

Appointed people one can get rid of them as you did Kolesar but elected officials we have to wait either two years or four years to weed out the bad seeds by the election process.

Are you and the town board accountable for your desicions? hell no because you forgot what the word accountability means.
How long have we asked questions and not receiving any answers?
How long have you been covering up for disfunctional department heads?
Before you critisize some other people please look in the mirror because you are the biggest offender.

Anonymous said...

Paul Feiner had TDYCC investigated by the fox who was guarding the hen house, to quiet the chickens. It smells of a cover-up. Well, it seems to have worked out in favor of the fox. Right Chief. Paul bailed you out. All's well up South"!

Anonymous said...

I do think that you owe the taxpayers who have been taxed so much money to keep the center in action.

You had the Attorney Generl of ny investigate the goings on why have we not been told of the turnout.

Why do you keep this away from the ones that have to support the center and believe me it is not by choice.

You have kept the problems of the court under wraps ,next the center what is next.

Why can't you be honest with us.
The more you hide from all of us the more problems you are creating .
When this hits the papers in mfull detail you will of course say that it was a crock of bull.
But at the wok sesswion Francis did ask about the monies spent for the investigation so we do know that it was done and completed.
I guess you are waiting for another scandle.
Maybe the next one will have all your seats and the county takes over.

Anonymous said...

The DA investigated the TDYCC. No prosecutions will be made.

Haiku Paul said...

The Board is honest,
Don't blame me for high taxes,
Problems will be solved.

Anonymous said...

After viewing last weeks work session I have to ask who is the author of resolutions.
That person does not know the correct fomat to be writing any type of town laws.

Why is it that your town attorney refuses to abide by rulings made concerning the sewers?

Why is it that the exisisting laws
must be changed to meet his interpitation?

May I ask is he above the law?
Many people have worked many years to set a good example of honest government here in Greenburgh so why should laws be not studied and followed.

This session was an eye opener in many ways not only because of the illegal manner that the taxpayers are being treated but I did see Kolesar the town comptroller with a box of evidence that was going to be presented to the board concerning the lack of internal controls====but we all know that an executive session was called to have a vote which by the way was 4 to 1,to fire the comptroller.

What happened to the evidence????

Why is it that the assessor is not doing the job that was written many years ago concerning the sewers.She has not complied with law even up to date.
Is this not her job.
If the work is too much or she does not have the know how there are plenty of people arround that can take her place.
She already made a blunder concerning our taxes but this lack of non performance concerning new projects or vacant land should not be tolerated by the supervisor but above all the taxpayers.
She has willfully denied us the taxpayers by her non performance.

Many documents were presented by Domenic that are of great concern as to who works by the books and who dosen't.

I give him credit for his knowledge and above all his insistance to help not only himself but to help all the residents of this town.
To you Domenic I take my hat off and say thank you.
The town should hire you as a specialist in researching what has gone wrong within this town..

In the long run the town would be saving money .

Anonymous said...


The Assessor is KNOWINGLY violating the following New York State Laws by continuing to have THREE DIEFFERENT tax rates for the same sewer:

Town Law Article 3A Title 5 Section 54 Special Districts

Town Law 202 Expenses of Improvement - How Raised

Town Law 236 Completion of Improvements

Town Law 244 - A - Apportionment of Completed Local Assessment Upon Subdivision or Sale of Land Affected

Most importantly, she is costing well over 800 households money because their sewer taxes are too high.

Second she is placing YOU as the Chief Financial Officer of the Town in great legal jeopardy. The Town sends its sewer assessments to the County. The Assessor and Town Attorney KNOW these assessments are incorrect. The State Comptroller has told you so. By YOU sending them over to the County, YOU can be found GUILTY of submitting a false certificate.

Paul, your department heads are giving you very bad advice. I strongly suggest you consult with people outside of government to get a fresh opinion.

Anonymous said...

The only ugly is those who write crap like this. How BADDDDDD it is to let the public know about an open seat which many are attempting to keep quiet to get their people in. If you were not notified you would complain about the secrecy. And yes there are good people who might want to run and could win. I heard the board members mention it IN PUBLIC not behind closed doors so stop trying to make an issue where there is not one. Support your local candidate and stop bitching

Anonymous said...

The old fashioned way of getting votes on election day is to bus them in from the senior centers, community centers and nursing homes.

Feiner blocks Kolesar report! said...

Feiner not only fired Kolesar for trying to tell the truth about the lack of internal financial controls in the town's departments -- thanks to Feiner's 18 years of mismanagement -- but he this week stiffed the Scarsdale Inquirer when it tried to get a copy of the report that Kolesar prepared at Feiner's request and delivered to the town board the day he was fired.

The Inquirer received a copy of the report, but all but 11 lines of the six page report, plus more than 50 pages of attachments, were blacked out. The result looked like an FBI file from J. Edgar Hoover's days.

You want to see what's become of open government in Greenburgh. Everyone should get a photocopy of the blacked out report. You'd think Kolesar was working for an underground terrorist network instead of documenting for the taxpayers exactly why the Town's finances are in such disarray.

And the shock of it all is that there is no one on the town board willing to stand up to Feiner and these shenanigans. Circling the wagons indeed. This is an outrage.

Paul Feiner said...

Parts of the info in the report included social security numbers --which should be kept confidential.

Anonymous said...

The social security numbers could have been whited out -- NOT EXTRA STUFF.

But this begs the question -- what would have been included as part of a report that had social numbers -- the only thing I can think is tax reporting issues.

Anonymous said...

dosnt it suck for the cry babies. Their snitch and leaker of info is now gone so the fab 5 are without a cancer. Id all Kolerears friend and supports are so concerned then show what he has really done besides allineate all employees and worry how to screw the town rather than help make it a better place. Greenburgh followed our lead and dumped the rat.

Feiner buying county leg seat said...

Once again Feiner has censored the comments revealing his attempt to buy the open county legislature seat being vacated by Lois Bronz. This is the eighth time within the past 24 hours that Feiner has deleted these comments. The question the public needs to ask is why doesn't Feiner want any of this information known?

Once again, for all those who missed it, here's what Feiner is censoring:

It didn't take Feiner more than an hour before deleting the comments posted again about his being so desperate to stop the Fulton Park neighborhood from protesting his deceitful behavior concerning Westhab that he's now trolling Fulton Park looking for someone to challenge Alfreda Williams to replace Lois Bronz as county representative. He's so desperate to stop the protests that he's even promising to bankroll the candidate with his own campaign warchest. Some people see this as a $50,000 bribe to get Fulton Park to shut up. Feiner's also giving assurances that, once elected, the new county rep can get the county to kill the Westhab project. What Feiner doesn't realize is that his ugly comments (and those of Kevin Morgan) were overheard yesterday by quite a number of people who are all too willing to let everyone in Greenburgh know just how deceiptful Feiner is. What's truly despicable is that yesterday's meeting shows that Feiner and his colleagues on the Town Board, including Sheehan, are aware that Westhab has filed a fraudulent application with the state funding agencies, but none of them have the nerve to let anyone at these agencies know about it.

Feiner will probably delete these comments, just has he's deleted them EIGHT TIMES already in the past 24 hours. But they will continue to be made and yes, the people who overheard the comments are more than willing to be quoted in the local press. The public has a right to know how Feiner is trying to manipulate local elections.

4/01/2009 9:21 AM

Anonymous said...

I do hope Kolesar made copies of his report that was supposed to be presented to the board at the work session.

So Paul the social securitiy numbers could have been whited out instead you chose to poopoo the whole report with the remedies.
Good job Paul You are running a very crooked form of government which kolesar given the oportunity would have disclosed your method of giving false information but above all screwing the taxpayers.

You have taken the box of papers that Kolesar was carring into the meeting but I do not think that you could close his mouth.
The truth of his findings should be and must be told to the residents.
You and the board have committed the worse criminal act aside from murder by not producing the report.

You may think that is if funny but remember you have left this town wide open for many lawsuits in all the criminal actions that have been going on since you took office..

With the firing of Kolesar you left yourselves wide open for us the public to believe that our elected officials in the 80th best town in Westchester are as crooked as they come.

Erase this if you want but we are now starting to see things that we would not believe before but do believe them now.

Dept. Heads that do not do their jobs. We all received our taxes do we have to question every line since the assessor does not work,your legal head does not know town laws and of course the board that allows these people to collect paychecks .

In plain english you are robbing the public big time.

What happens if all the allegations are investigated and you all come out like stinking pigs would you all blame one another.You cannot receive legal advice from your town lawyer cause he don't know the town laws