Friday, March 06, 2009


My company educates families on money and personal finance. We assist people in making informed decisions for their personal finances. We are presently expanding and are looking for qualified candidates to license train and develop for sales and sales management positions. Attributes that we are most interested in are enthusiasm, positive attitude, willingness to learn, interest in helping people. I can be contacted at my office phone 914-328-5570, by fax 914-328-2478. My web site is
Thanks for your assistance.
Roy Lipson


hal samis said...

Not as bad as some of the posts, just understand what you are getting into.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that Mr. Lipson is a life insurance agent and sells life insurance policies and annuities.

But 2009 is not "the same as it ever was".

Unless you're John Wayne, when the going gets tough, do the tough get tougher?

Beware the "we are presently expanding" line; it usually means that everyone else quit or was fired for non-production and they have a lot of empty desks producing no income.

A tricky business to be in these days as the potential insured needs to know a lot more about the financial health of his insurer than about his own health. And, as you've been reading, who is giving clean bills of health to "financial" service companies?

Annuities are even harder product to sell because not only do you have to deal with the financial well-being of the provider but also the suggested rates of return into the future (hint, they ain't what they used to be) won't generate much of what used to be sold as a guaranteed income stream.

So, yes, these jobs are available and they will even advance you enough to stay alive while you undergo an intensive training program that will result in a license.

That said, this "job opening" has what used to be viewed as an air of legitimacy about it insofar as anyone can vouchsafe for the financial well-being of the parent company and the subsidiaries that are actually writing the product.

Still, "enthusiasm and a positive attitude" are indeed the qualities they are looking for because it is going to be a hard, hard sell for novices without connections and a lot of relatives willing and able to help kinfolk out.

The key here is to ask for a contract and know exactly how much they are advancing as salary/draw and for how long. Beware of a declining amount which they will say you won't be needing anyway because you'll be earning the really big bucks before then. You also need to know who is covering your expenses: gas, parking, etc.

And, with many people out of work today, whom are you going to sell the future to? Where are the leads coming from? Do you have to pay for leads; are they leads with numbers where the prospect USED to work?

I'm surprised that the Supervisor hasn't turned people on to WFAS radio which advertises everyday for people to sell radio time to local businesses. Here's still another dead end.

Anonymous said...

All job postings could be helpful to people out of work.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Primerica is a real company, although being owned by citibank..who knows?