Friday, March 06, 2009


Town of Greenburgh

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board

Tuesday – March 10, 2009 – 2:00PM

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 35 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m. The Auditorium

2:15p.m. Library Construction Update

2:45p.m. Greenhouse Gas Emission Target--report from our energy conservation coordinator

3:15pm Leaf Blower Law--should the town have a leaf blower anti noise law similar to laws that exist in other municipalities?

3:30pm Greenburgh Housing Authority

4:00pm Executive Session – Legal, Personnel, Boards and Commissions

Interviews---the Town Board is now meeting with all candidates for boards/commissions prior to appointment or reappointment. The goal: to exchange ideas, comments about the boards they sit on or hope to be appointed to.

COMING SOON--JOB CLUB FOR THE UNEMPLOYED. If you would like to serve on a job club committee to help your neighbors find work or if you would like to be added to an e list of people seeking work, please e mail

COMING SOON--BUSINESS ADVISORY COMMITTEE--committee will work with the town, implementing a voluntary registration of businesses & will work with the town helping our businesses survive in this difficult economy.


Anonymous said...

When will Regula start rotating garbage truck drivers.

I too would like to have my garbage picked up four times a week as was mentioned in a comment on a previous blog.

Why the preferential treatment?

Anonymous said...

That's the way to go CHANGE DRIVERS ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Has the housing authority paid back the monies due the taxpayers for private police protection or was this shoved under the rug .

We want this money returned to us plus interest.

Anonymous said...

same with valhalla school district - pay it back

Anonymous said...

Dear Town Board Members, When discussing in this Work Session, do the right thing and vote yes for the CSEA contract. Just remember that over 40% of the membership voted no for this package, so if you decide to adjust it any lower then collective bargaining will go on forever. As you are well aware of, everyone received a raise except us in 2008 including management. Not very fair. Again do the right thing.

Anonymous said...


TY 1 – 3/11/09 Resolution authorizing Senior Citizens Program personnel to travel on Carnival Triumph Cruise from New York to Canada, September 7-12, 2009, at no additional cost to the Town

Anonymous said...

What does this mean "no additional cost"? Does this mean NO COST to the town? Can anyone explain?


I have asked that TY1 be taken off the agenda. PAUL FEINER

Anonymous said...

ok. What does that mean? Taken off the agenda? Does this mean they are not taking the trip?

Anonymous said...

PH 1 – 3/11/09 Resolution accepting a grant in the amount of $5,000 from the Lanza Family Foundation for the Young Achiever’s Program at the Theodore D. Young Community Center


In response to your question- I do not believe that town personnel should be sent on a cruise on town employment time. PAUL FEINER

Anonymous said...

Paul why do town vehicles still go home in such a budget crisis. Why not do an in house study of your own to see how much money can be saved on gas and ware and tare on the trucks in a one year period.

Anonymous said...

How much is this Young Achiever’s Program going to cost us?

Anonymous said...

A leaf blower law really isn't necessary. More importantly, I can't think of a lower priority for the town to be adderssing at this time.

JN said...

A March 4 letter "Greenburgh memo flap not surprising" questioned the Town of Greenburgh's commitment to providing residents with access to important documents.

Please be advised that all the members of the Greenburgh Town Board and Town Clerk Judith Beville are committed to open government.

Last year the Town Board voted to post all resolutions to be voted on by the Town Board on our Web site: The resolutions are posted in the forms and documents section of the Web site before each board meeting to provide residents with the ability to review the proposals before each vote. We are one of the handful of communities that provides this service before every Town Board vote.

All our Town Board work sessions are televised and streamed live on the Internet. Residents who are unable to attend our meetings or watch the meetings live can watch archives of Town Board meetings and the work sessions on our Internet site.

Many important documents are also scanned and posted on the Web site such as those regarding affordable housing drawings, new laws, licenses, scoping documents, court decisions, some legal appellate briefs regarding controversial matters, ethics board opinions, annual financial reports, our budget in its entirety, etc. This enables taxpayers to avoid having to file Freedom of Information requests for many documents.

The town clerk has invited Robert Freeman, executive director of the New York State Committee on Open Government, to attend our Town Board meeting on April 22 at 6:30 p.m. to answer questions about freedom of information compliance.

Paul Feiner


The writer is town supervisor.

boycott the blog said...

feiner is censoring the blog
boycott the blog

Anonymous said...

Paul you had Freeman here sometime ago and believe me the meeting was as boring as hell.

You and the board made a mistake which has been happening very often lately so admit it.

You only release what you want and the rest of the stuff is handled behind closed doors.

You were asked in another blog to have sanitation drivers of the large dump trucks changed. have you made a decision on this.
This is very improtant.
since some people get their garbage picked up everytime the dump truck passes through the road.
There is also a contractor that deposits all his debris from his job at the curb which is picked up.
This too is picked up with his garbage.
I do think that this is something that is very important since we all pay taxes for this service that we are monitored but this guy has carte blanche to put out what he wants and when he wants.
If the changes are made there is no way that anyone will get preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

Boy this town is so hot up for money that we will not be able to keep our property clean.

I do not have one tree on my property in my front yard but I always pick up twenty bags of leaves coming from my neighbors.
Why not pass a law that all leaves should be bagged this way the blower will be used less.

Sorry if my blower annoys my neighbors but I'm cleaning up what comes on to my property from theirs.

You should be checking the garbage pickups. Truck deivers are not treating all the residents equally.
How much extra do these drivers get paid by the home owners? since they are picking up four times a week.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:19,
Stop begging and be glad you have a job! I to work for the Town and find it a disgrace that you are trying to get people to push for "sorry" contract!
Be glad you have a job and benefits, and hold out longer, things will get better!

time for tdycc to be dissolved said...
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Anonymous said...

8:36 - It's not begging. It's just asking the Town to do the right thing. When you say I to work for the Town, it's spelled too. You must be one of those employees who have a high wage job, like the Building Department people if you don't care about getting a raise. You're dreaming if you think things will get better. You will never get a raise until you start paying for medical, so wise up and stop being a idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dump truck drivers should be changed asap.

One in particular is not abidding by the rules set out by the town ====so why should we follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

Sonya was one hundred and one percent correct when she asked why changes were made with the library construction with Regulas' ok.
The board should have been the ones to ok the change.