Sunday, October 08, 2006


I was chatting with some employees at Barnes & Noble on Central Ave and got some bad news. The store has decided not to renew their lease and will be closing their store sometime early in 2007. Recently, the Fine Arts Theater also closed. Town officials should focus some attention on making sure that Central Ave stays vibrant.


TS said...

Paul , maybe B&N competition might consider to add a store to the area.
If you need a corporate contact let me know. Tomas

Anonymous said...

Just think what the mega mall/retail center Ridge Hill development project in Yonkers will due to Central Avenue if the project continues. Central Avenue businesses will sure to be cannibalized. More stores will likely close.

Hal Samis said...

And if stores on Central Avenue continue to close and are not re-rented, then the price of asking rents will decline and that will allow new prospective tenants who cannot afford the approaching $50 per foot cost to benefit from the eventual lowered asking prices. This is often what happens in free-market pricing.

Meanwhile the newfound concern by residents for Central Avenue landlords is really touching. That concern is most often expressed by those residents who lose sleep over their own exaggerated fears over the coming Ridge Hill development. Oddly enough, it is these same residents who shop at Costco, Stew Leonard's and Home Depot. And it is these same residents who used to bemoan all the traffic on Central Avenue.

Let's play the word game "hangman".
I'm thinking of a word to describe these residents with traffic concerns regarding Ridge Hill and vacant stores on Central Avenue.

The word is ten letters long and I'll give away a few letters to make it easy for them.

H Y P O C R I T _ S