Saturday, October 07, 2006

sorry about the repaving problems...

Yesterday my car broke down. I drove my wife to the Hartsdale train station (using her car). We got stuck in traffic and couldn't access the Pipeline Road since the road near Edgemont High School was being repaved. I received some other complaints from residents who also were inconvenienced. Students were late to class...commuters missed the train. People were annoyed because of the lack of advance notice.
First-- to those of you who were inconvenienced please accept my apologies....
I will ask the commissioner of public works and town officials to consider two actions that could help avoid this kind of traffic mess in the future: when roads are being repaved we should post advisory signs in advance of the road closure so people can make adequate plans --and use alternate streets.
If streets are near schools/train stations we should consider the possibility of having the road work start later in the day -after rush hour.
Your thoughts would be welcome.