Thursday, October 12, 2006

MSG withdraws HELIPAD proposal

MSG withdrew plans to place a HELIPAD at the training facility used by the NY Knicks, Rangers and Liberty teams. Some residents were concerned about quality of life issues. Others expressed concern about the precedent that would be set. I think MSG made the right decision.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad the town listened to the little guy not the big corporate interest. that's why i love greenburgh

104 said...

Safe helicopter landing zones are of value especially for medivac and emergency operations. That MSG withdrew their application is great, as far as I am concerned since I live near by and every fifteen minutes during the day S-76 helicopters fly across Tarrytwon towards WC Airport. However, I am a strong advocate for helipads or helidrops for sick or injured people to be picked up directly at the hospitals in WC. Currently only 3 out of 11 hospitals in WC have helipads; WMC, HVHC and St. John's. This despite SSMC having a level II trauma designation, they dont have one. While this issue doesn't directly impact Greenburgh, it is an huge concern when large scale mass casualty incedents events occur. Even NYC hospitals are not allowed to have roof top helipads, which is a terrible shame and diservice to the public. Patients from WC sometimes need NYC hospital services and patients in NYC hospitals need to be moved emergently to other medical centers.

Paul Feiner said...

Thank you for writing. I will contact the county and local hospitals. If you e mail me at I will provide you with copies of responses. THanks again. PAUL FEINER