Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Next Monday I will be releasing my proposed 2007 budget. The Town Board will be reviewing the budget during the months of November and will be approving a budget document in December. During the next few weeks I will be sharing with readers of this site some interesting info about each department. It’s important to know where your money goes….


PS: Don’t worry. Any 2007 tax increase proposed will be BELOW the cost of living..

The facts are listed in the comments section.


Marc Herman said...


3,700 ANNUALS WERE PLANTED THROUGHOUT THE PARKS IN 2006. These include bananas trees, elephant ears and caladiums.

Over 170 shrubs and trees were planted in town parks.

322,156,800 gallons of pool water filtered during the pool season at Massaro and AFV Parks. This figure is based upon a filter rate of 1,880 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day time X 119 days.

35,000 hot lunch meals are prepared and delivered 5 days a week to homebound seniors by the Town Nutrition Program each year.

90,000 meals are prepared in our central kitchen for seniors who gather at senior centers.

4,000 rides given to seniors attending our recreation programs plus grocery shopping and medical appointments.

One of our nutrition drivers is 78 years old. He climbs over 78,000 steps a year to deliver meals to home bound seniors.

185 participants registered in various special recreation programs.

561 children attend Greenburgh Parks and Recreation Day Camps in 2006.

173 dogs participated in the 2006 dog swim.

760 children participated in winter basketball league.

120 participants: Massaro park summer league

Baseball camp and clinic had 193 participants.

46 Adult softball leagues last summer. 46 games rained out, 6565 runs were scored and over 1987 innings were played in 290 games.

76,792 people went to the Town Pool.

2,908 people went to Massaro Park.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be living in a town that has so many excellent services. My friends who reside elsewhere marvel at our parks.

Anonymous said...

Yes marvelous parks if you can find them. Where is Taxter Ridge?
Where are the parks in Edgemont?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am certain all the Greenburgh rec teams that play at Greenburgh fields enjoy. Especially the ones from Ardsley that dont have to pay for them

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon at 10:03.

It wouldnt matter if you knew where Taxter Ridge was, there is no parking there. So unless you own one of the Irvington homes that adjoins it, your question is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: Ardsley residents may not have to pay for parks in Edgemont or unincorporated Greenburgh. Unincorporated Greenburgh or Edgemont residents don't have to pay to use our parks in Ardsley. We don't require passports to use the park on Ashford Ave. I've seen lots of Edgemont parents bring their children to our playground.

Anonymous said...

How much do our parks cost annually to run?