Tuesday, October 10, 2006

road repaving...changes to be made

Last week some residents complained to me about our repaving policy. A road, leading to Edgemont High School and the Hartsdale train station, was closed during early morning rush hour. Some commuters missed the train...students were late to school. They were not aware of fact that repaving was going to take place on that street.
I met with Commissioner of Public Works Al Regula. We agreed to change our bid documents. In the future our contractors will be required to place a variable message board on the streets that are scheduled for repaving. This will be done days in advance of the road work - providing motorists with more information so they can better plan their drive to school/work.


Anonymous said...

It would also have been helpful if a sign had been posted at the entrance to the Pipeline Road stating that the roads around the duck pond would be closed and the hours.

Paul Feiner said...

I agree. Next year we will improve our repaving notification system. PAUL FEINER

Anonymous said...

the problem is the start time. they needed to start the paving at 9.00 when school begins! the police were really rude and it created a very dangerous sitution!

Anonymous said...

the same courtesy of notice should be extended to motorists when trees are down - place notice of no road access well in advance of the point where the repair work is taking place.