Friday, October 13, 2006

con ed meeting today

Had a meeting with the Vice President of Con Ed and some county leaders today. Learned, to my surprise, that Con Ed currently does not have the ability to determine (via technology) where power outages are located. They rely on people phoning in. In the 21st century this doesn't make sense. There must be technology available so the company can learn of power outages in a more efficient manner. Why should the company have to depend on phone calls from local governments, the police or customers?


Anonymous said...

And how many people who lost power also lost phone service?? and couldn be on hold for long periods on cell phones.

It is obvious that coned does not have the capacity to serve us

Anonymous said...

On a slightly different topic,

do we have any schedule when verizon will start laying fios lines and what neighborhoods they will start with>>

Paul Feiner said...

Re: verizon--we can expect the Public Service Commission to grant Verizon approval in November. Service should be offered soon after that.

Anonymous said...

Con Ed failed miserably in the past disasters affecting our area and should be brought to task. By installing monitoring devices to each hub supplying electricity, they can determine areas impacted. The company needs to be reminded that they serve consumers and are beholding to them, not vis versa!