Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween police patrol-should there be organized halloween block parties and teen activities?

Tonight, for the 15th consecutive year, the Police Chief, John Kapica, and I patrolled the streets of Greenburgh on Halloween night. When I first assumed my job as Town Supervisor halloween was one of the most feared evenings of the year. Lots of mischief, vandalism, problems. People were concerned . Chief Kapica responded to the concerns by devoting substantial police resources to Halloween. Police are asked to work overtime. Prior to Halloween we reach out to the schools advising them that we will not tolerate illegal activity.
For 15 years the chief and I have toured the streets of Greenburgh --we stop by at homes that had experienced vandalism in years past. We check up on these homes --hoping to leave residents with the impression that the town wants to make sure that the problems they experienced in years past will not happen again.
Tonight - we conducted our tour and "housecall visits". The biggest problem we had was in Edgemont. Some kids placed fire crackers around a house under construction. There were large groups of kids off of Longview in Edgemont. A suggestion was made that I think deserves some consideration: Since hundreds of kids walk the streets of Longview each halloween - maybe the town should close the street on Halloween night and have an organized block party on Longview. Maybe, there should be some organized halloween parties on halloween. What do you think?


dano said...

Unfortunately that could have occurred in any neighborhood, not just the Longview area.

But yes, I think that the various neighborhood associations might want to consider placing this idea on their agendas.

Anonymous said...

I felt safe yesterday seeing all the police on my street. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Bravo. The police did a great job last night. Lots of kids. Not alot of problems.

Anonymous said...

The police presence was felt. Our neighborhood received the attention we wanted. A block party with teen activities could result in more outsiders on our streets--which we do not want.