Monday, January 15, 2007


It seems like the police chief makes the same announcement every year --or almost every year. Serious crime keeps going down in Greenburgh. Today the chief issued another announcement: serious crime in 2006 is the lowest in recorded history. We haven't hit bottom yet!
Calls to the police department were up, serious crime is down. We should all be thankful that our police dept does such a great job protecting us.


Dont be fooled said...

But municipal fraud is way up ala valhalla and the 2007 library budget. Feiner, you can't fool all the people all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled is right. See today's Journal News - Feiner's WestHelp deal held ILLEGAL!

Govt crime alive and well in G'burgh said...

Library Fraud highlighted by Hal Samis:

"what is happening to the 2007 budgeted $308,000 for building repairs and maintenance because there is no building to actually spend this money on. Just another slush fund hiding in broad daylight. Ask your Town Council who now thoroughly understand accounting and the importance of accountability, where is this money actually going?"

Anonymous said...

Paul Feiner's detractors - the bloggers who blame him for everything - claim he's doing a poor job. The facts show that we have an outstanding administration. Crime is the lowest ever. Town taxes haven't gone up this year or last. And Edgemont Road was repaved! Even the red brick sidewalks in Old Edgemont have been restored to its original beauty and charm.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and about the cost of restoring those red brick sidewalks in old Edgemont, Feiner charged the cost to all unincorporated area taxpayers.

Feiner did so even though a state comptroller opinion issued last year said that in the absence of a sidewalk district limited to the people who directly benefit from such sidewalks, those costs should be paid for by the entire town. The comptroller made clear that the town had no legal authority to charge the costs to the unincorporated area.

Those beautiful red brick sidewalks enhance the value of the homes in old Edgemont. They do not enhance the value of any other homes in the unincorporated area. That is why the cost of restoring and maintaining these sidewalks is not a cost that should be paid by the unincorporated area taxpayers who do not live in old Edgemont, and the state comptroller agrees.

But Feiner refuses to accept that such costs should be paid for exclusively by the Edgemont homeowners whose homes abut these sidewalks. To do so would require that he recommend the creation of a sidewalk "district."

The state comptroller says that if a town does not create a sidewalk district, it is legally required to charge the cost of maintaining and restoring such sidewalks to the entire town.

Feiner fears the wrath of village voters who understandably don't want to pay for sidewalks in the unincorporated area no matter what the state law requires. He has therefore chosen to charge the unincorporated area in violation of state law.

So, what we have in Greenburgh is a supervisor who repeatedly violates state law, even after getting a comptroller opinion telling him what the law requires.

Anonymous said...

I read the previous blog. If the supervisor is violating the law (I'm not sure he is) then Francis Sheehan, Steve Bass, Diana Juettner and Eddie Mae Barnes are also violating the law. They approved the budget along with Supervisor Feiner.
Francis, Steve, Diana & Eddie Mae smile at Edgemont but have been voting the same way as Paul when it comes to the A & B controversies. It's not how they smile, it's how they vote that counts.