Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The satellite library at Greenburgh Town Hall is open to the public. The cafeteria on the ground floor of Town Hall has been converted into a library. On the 2nd floor there is a children's library. Part of the lobby is also being used.
I continue to hope that an additional satellite library location will be found for East Hartsdale Ave and/or the Greenburgh Nature Center.
Please visit our new satellite library (other satellite locations are at the Theodore Young Community Center and at the Multipurpose Center, AF Veteran Town Park.

On another matter...the town received the $450,000 check from Yonkers to reimburse the town for our legal costs re: Ridge Hill lawsuit. We settled the case earlier this month (along with Ardsley and Hastings). In addition, the town, Ardsley & Hastings will receive $5 million to enhance road/intersections within the town.


Anonymous said...

Please split this into two separate blog topic entries.

hal samis said...

Everyone note that there are books, lots of dvds to comfort patrons who use the Library instead of Blockbuster. But think, what don't you see that you usually see at the Library?

Ok time's up. Chairs and tables to sit at and read these books and few periodicals. Chairs and tables at which you usually see students working on school projects.

What is left is a vertical Library, for patrons whose needs can fulfilled while standing.

And, this spills out to the Town Hall reception area which has surrendered its seating to the Library circulation desk.

But hey, when bad things happen, it is not because it was out of anybody's control. It is because the Library Board of Trustees failed to arrange suitable space.
Thank them for a job undone. However, don't be upset with the Library staff, they have to cope with the problem that patrons are inheriting. And, if their past performance is any measure, they will make the maximun effort. Unfortunately, you can't get satisfaction from Library Board inaction.

Anonymous said...

The library at town hall definitely needs chairs, a place to sit and relax.

Paul Feiner said...

how about using a room near the library as a reading room