Thursday, January 25, 2007

new citizen web site created to promote residential parking on e hartsdale ave

A group of citizens have started a new web site: The goal: Address a growing problem for residents of East Hartsdale Ave---the lack of parking on the avenue. East Hartdale Ave is attracting many younger families -- who have two cars. The problem will get worst, unless we come up with some creative suggestions. A committee is being formed to develop short term and long term suggestions. Your thoughts are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Does the cybermobile have three spaces reserved 24 hours a day?

If so, how much does it cost to park for a 24 hour period? Multiply that by three (spaces), and multiply that by seven (days a week).

That is the amount, I feel, that the library board needs to pay to the parking department per week. We just can't enter into special deals. The intention may be nice and neighborly, but it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Glad that the problem-lack of residential parking spots-is being addressed.

Anonymous said...

Enabling people to have more cars is irresponsible. Why not encourage a zip-car service.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the web site. The first article was a reprint of a blog here complaining about Town parking requirements, particularly on Central Avenue. May I gently suggest to the East Hartsdale people that if they want the support of others, that issue is not one to lead off with. The blog complains about the parking requirements for restaurants. The only persons who have been raising that complaint are the fast food restaruants and landlords who wish to rent to them. We do not need more fast food restuarnts. Please think about this. Yes, you want Paul (the freind of developers) Feiner to help you. But that comes at a price.

doc stockmann said...

Dear Bob,

Welcome to this blog topic.
Thank you for explaining your fee schedule right up front. Saying I love you Edgemont seems a small price to pay against your normal hourly rate.

Thanks for your pointing out that we do not need more fast food restaurants. I'm just not sure what the baseline number re "more" is? Would you care to tell the readers of this blog what is threatening about the Edgemont presence of a Burger King and a Boston Market off Old Army Road, a Pizza Hut which is to be a Bank.
And in Hartsdale, a Subway, a Dunkin' Doughnuts and a Quiznos. Come on, be honest, you don't consider Carvel fast food do you? Because if you do, maybe together we can get them to fold up the tent and erect some residential on the site.

However, if people want to eat at fast food restaurants, the restaurants will survive. If they don't want to eat at them, they will go under. And even though the important Edgemont people you hang with would never be seen in these establishments, somehow they survive so I guess it the lower classes who wait on you or park your car when you dine at tablecloth restaurants who do.

What I don't get, though, is that wasn't Edgemont, and you are the voice of everyone there, saying that we don't need more residential, we need more retail.
If you had taken my real estate course, you would know that fast food restaurants are with the retail category. That the traffic on Central Avenue would go away if only we had more retail?

Now that your Greenburgh 101 is over and you have more free time, drop in some time if even just to audit (professional courtesy from one professor to another) the blog courses I teach. This semester, in addition to economics, marketing and real estate, I am also adding a make-up course in capitalism for those who failed it last semester. In case you lost your syllabus, the course teaches how private property is respected in democratic societies and that a free market determines what succeeds and what fails. Gordon Gecko, a former student, will be guest lecturing at a few classes later this month. His first class will be addressing the topics:
"How Greed Benefits Everyone" and "What Money Can Buy or, How to Make Money For Yourself By Providing Goods And Services To Those With Money".

Those who were with me last year remember Mr. Gecko's sold-out lecture on "When Money Is Lost, It Doesn't Disappear; It Just Goes Somewhere Else". I recommend signing up early, because both our School's enrollment is at capacity and off-street parking is limited.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Stockman

You sound an awful lot like Hal Samis. However, anon. at 6:53 is most definitely not who you think it is.

hal samis said...

Dear Most Definitely Anonymous,

"Most definitely" is an odd pairing of words from someone named "anonymous". Let me perform some clock cleaning with more finely tuned bon mots.

Everyone knows that Doc Stockmann (DOUBLE nn) is Hal Samis. And Doc Stockmann, in turn, is the main character in Ibsen's play, "An Enemy of the People". The person who was not afraid to expose what the town's other residents wanted to cover up.

The question dear Brutus, is not "if we could pray to move" but why
residents hide behind anonymous and why anonymous says anonymous is not the one.

Borrowing from real celebrity resident John Hall, if you want to "Dance With Me", "You're Still the One". And while Johanna has her Orleans, you have your Waterloo.

Or a more fractious mash for those who complete Sunday word puzzles.

Listen People, everybodys got to tell somebody something:
Ragers are Short and punners are Randy, but I'll make a New Man out of you.

Does all this DOUBLE entendre go "over your head"?

Reader's Guide available upon request c/o this blog.

If you think this is fun and want still more doublespeak, then don't miss the Library's Ground-Braking this afternoon, 1:30 at the pre Library of the future.