Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I just took a walk around Town Hall -looking at the two satellite library locations at our Town Hall building. On the 2nd floor we will have a children's library. On the bottom floor there is a general purpose satellite library. I'm impressed at the good job the library staff is doing with the space they have been given. Although the space is small the books seem to be placed at the satellite locations in a well organized manner. The staff is utilizing the space in a professional manner. If we find more locations/space for satellite libraries that would be fantastic!


hal samis said...

I too looked at the Town Hall satellite library, just the adult library in the cafeteria section and what I saw did not yield the same positive response.

Yes there are a lot of book shelves and a lot of books. However these shelves are close together and will work fine if there is only one patron in the aisle and he is happy to find books from the upper rows of the shelf. It will be intersting to see patrons trying to find items on the lower shelves if there are other patrons in the vicinity. A new form for social networking may be born. Whether the spacing between is the bookcases is ADA compliant is another matter to check on.

But the overall impression is that what is presented is that we are getting is a vertical Library. Where is the space to sit down and read? Where is the space to sit and do work?

However, the Town Board also deserves recognition for also giving the Lobby area over to the Library. This was a previously unannounced and unexpected bonus.
Mr. Jacobs has sent flowers, Yes?

Anonymous said...

The parking lot at Town Hall is going to be very crowded. It is unfair that the Town Council members have reserved parking spaces. Why should the elderly have to walk from the back of the parking area to Town Hall when we go to the library when spaces for Town Council members are not being used?

hal samis said...

Dear 9:10,
"Do what I say, not what I do" department continued.

You are troubled perhaps that the Town Council sat back in their dais seats while a discussion was underway requesting town employees to park at the far end of the parking lot and...the Town Council said nothing about surrendering their own spaces.

Don't worry though, the way the Library spends taxpayer money, they'll soon be providing valet parking.

Anonymous said...

Q: How much did Town Council spend town taxpayer money beside the reserved park space ?

Anonymous said...

The Town Council members have reserved parking spaces?!?! Immediate elimination of those would be a wise PR move by the Town Council.

Anonymous said...

The Town Supervisor parks his car in spots that are not reserved. Why can't the council do the same?