Monday, January 29, 2007


Hastings on Hudson has replaced pay stations at Boulanger Plaza parking lot. The old, mechanical meters have been placed with more pleasing pay stations. Pay stations are replacing meters at locations in White Plains, New York City and other locations around the region. Some initial problems are being worked out in Hastings.
I mention this because last week we started having a dialogue about E Hartsdale Ave parking meters. Should Hartsdale follow Hastings lead?


Anonymous said...

How about first focusing on the following:

1. Maintenace of parking facilities. In the recently renovated garage next to the train station, there were already large fields of ice this morning. Which means inadequate drainage. Water damage is very expensive. Lets see appropriate maintenance.

2. The permit system, with no license plate numbers on the permit, invites fraud.

Anonymous said...

I suggested this in the last post about change machines on E. Hartsdale Ave. I think this a great idea, it will allow for those who park to pay with bills or credit card and it would allow for easier parking enforcement. Its a win win.

Anonymous said...

looks like they bought ne parking meters already. Good idea though.

Anonymous said...

"Modernized parking meters and downtown redevelopment helped bring double-digit revenue growth to the Yonkers Parking Authority in 2006."