Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hartsdale resident David Sloane has the citizen suggestion of the day: He proposes 10 minutes of free parking on East Hartsdale Ave. Mr. Sloane reports that Yonkers offers shoppers this convenience in their downtown business area. 10 minutes of free parking would offer people a chance to stop quickly at a store on E Hartsdale Ave. Merchants would benefit. The street would benefit. And, people would be more inclined to consider our E Hartsdale Ave businesses as places to shop at. Meters can be programmed to provide cars with 10 minutes of free parking. I like this idea!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Sloane and Mr. Feiner:

Don't get it, how do you program the meters to allow ten minutes free? How do you know if the car is parked for longer than 10 minutes? What do you do if you want to stay 30 minutes, do you have to come back after the first 10 minutes?

If there was such a means, wouldn't it be costly and can the Hartsdale Parking Authority afford to give up this revenue?

In any case the proper person to discuss this with is Stephanie Kavourias, Executive Director of the Parking whatever.

Something for nothing sounds like but like "free shipping" and "free lunch", the costs of providing this are paid for by someone.

And since the Parking Authority has bonds outstanding, bonds which are maintained by parking revenues, if the first 10 minutes are free, this would represent a sizeable amount of lost revenue. Taken together with the free time being given to the Cybermobile's three parking spaces, I suspect another round of parking fee increases would be necessary to make up for this proposed revenue loss.

And the idea will, rightfully, not be embraced by Hartsdale Parking.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that people are thinking. David Sloane should be on the parking authority.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many residents of Greenburgh know that revenue from the meters in Hartsdale village goes to every area of the town, including the villages. However the villages do not share revenue from their meters with the rest of Greenburgh. Does this have an effect on those outstanding Hartsdale bonds?

If the meters cost less, it would help the merchants. The merchants deserve help, especially now. How about lowering the meters and raising the cost of communter parking? And it would be good to add 15 minutes grace THE THE END of the meter time.

I'd sign my name, but I don't want Mr. Samis on my case.