Thursday, January 18, 2007

county holding project briefing on reconstruction/replacement of crane road viaduct

In over a year the county will be reconstructing/replacing the Crane Road viaduct --(Bronx River Parkway over the Bronx River and Metro North Railroad at Crane Road) in the village of Scarsdale and Greenburgh. The county is holding a briefing for public officials and their representatives on Tuesday, January 23rd from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave, White Plains, NY Meeting Room A. This meeting is being held before public outreach and involvement will take place.
I feel strongly that the community should be kept informed of developments regarding this project. If civic leaders from Edgemont are interested in attending as my representative, please advise.
The project will impact residents who live on Lynwood and Sherwood in Edgemont because much of the work will take place in the evening. Concerns: Noise, lighting, traffic issues during construction.


Anonymous said...

This is an important quality of life issue for Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

The town's allowing that 24 hour 7/ll to open on Central Avenue in Edgemont is an important quality of life issue for Edgemont too. How come you never said a peep about that?

The new Edgemont 7/11 has now become a late-night hangout, there's now a problem of noise and litter, and the added traffic makes the already difficult problem navigating around the crowded Hess station on that same corner even more difficult.

I didn't see any press release coming from you warning the neighbors about that. I bet you didn't contact any Edgemont civic leaders either.

Anonymous said...

Am pleased that Supervisor Feiner has alerted us. Am concerned that traffic will be a disaster when the county starts this work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1/20 complains about 7/11. I was concerned when I learned that 7/11 was going to open. I contacted the Building Dept and learned that the use is "as of right". This application did not require Town Board approval. Thankfully, the store seems to be generating very little traffic so far. It always looks empty.

Anonymous said...

Try telling that to the unhappy folks who live nearby just off Central Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said anonymously that he "contacted the building department" is no friend of Edgemont.

That 7-11 application was "as of right" only because the building inspector (also no friend of Edgemont) told the franchisee that even though his "use" was "as of right," his plans would still be subject to town approval if he went ahead and redesigned the front of the building, which would have required site plan approval.

The building inspector knew or should have known that the 7-11 application would be controversial and would probably be unwelcome to the neighborhood.

He thus told the franchisee that to avoid town approvals, which could be controversial, he should make no changes to the outside of the building, and none were made.

Sounds to me that instead of blogging anonymously to defend what occurred here, the town supervisor ought to work with Edgemont leaders to develop legislation that would prevent these kind of unwanted uses from being allowed to occur on his watch "as of right."

Anonymous said...

The building and planning departments have never and will never, at least as long as Feiner is Supervisor, support Edgemont. Those thank think a Village for Edgemont is too expensive; I say it is too expensive not to have planning and building departments that will be fair, and not bend over backwards to help developers, which, in the long run, will cost us more --

More traffic, more students, more $$$.