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Paul Feiner

Last night, Code Enforcement Officers from the Building Department and officers from the Police Department went out on an inspection for overcrowding and illegal boarders at 206 Warren Avenue. They found evidence that although the owner does not live in the house, a one-family residence, approximately 15 to 16 people do reside there. We are processing approximately 30 to 40 summonses for various violations that were discovered. Recently, I forwarded a report to the Town Board revealing that in the 15 months since the Town Board approved the hiring of the Code Enforcement Officer, $134,000 was collected in fines for a range of quality of life violations, including harboring illegal boarders. The summonses were issued by all of the staff members but I used the window of the time since the new member of the department came on board. Last night’s accomplishment indicates to me that the public is not aware of the harsh fines now being meted out by Justice Friedman in these illegal and unsafe living circumstances. John Lucido, Building Inspector


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It's about time!

Anonymous said...

Curious ... Where is Warren Avenue?

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Only $134,000? With all the violations being neglected around the town, the Code Enforcement Officer should be bringing in that amount monthly.

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I believe it's the Warren Ave off of Manhattan Ave.

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It says 134,000 was COLLECTED -- my guess, lots of others in collection

Anonymous said...

Why is it that many of these people cannot be offered housing in the housing complexs in Greenburgh..

Is it because the housing board run this as a closed shop?

They give the apartments to whom they want and to those that pay under the table.

These immigrants should be treated the same and maybe some since they all work their butts off.

They do not live off the fat of the land like so many do.

You cannot put these people onto the streets.
They are hard workers and bother no one.

Anonymous said...

Tell me how many people live in the Manhattan Ave. buildings that really don't belong???

The town has no juristiction to oversee the goings on but they [the housing board ] always has their hands out for more and more tax money from the town.

They owe the town almost one half a million dollars and they continually say that they owe nothing.

Not only is the housing authority screwing the tax payers in Greenburgh,but the federal ,state and county governments.

Abbinanti instead of fighting developers why not check out this housing authority in Greenburgh.
You are a county legislature why not do the job that you were voted in to do.
Greenburgh needs development but we do not need housing that is robbing everyone deaf dumb and blind.
The present town board is either stupid or playing stupid since they let the representatives of housing dictate as to what they want,need and should get BECAUSE????


Who's a better cheater said...

Dear 12:57,

If these immigrants are illegal, they are out of luck. If they are why would you think that they should be allowed into low income housing that the tax payers support? Are you trying to say that since you believe the current tenants in HUD housing are cheating the system, it's OK for the immigrants to cheat as well?

Is there cheater envy going on here?

Anonymous said...

Issuing fines and putting hard working people to the streets is not the right thing to do.

If the housing buildings have vacant apartments allow these people to rent.

Why is it that they cannot get a roof over there heads that would cost more or less the amount they pay to live like sardines confined to a small place.
Yes they may be here illegally but that is the reason that they should be helped.

Is where they live a high crime area like the housing authority states is what is happening in their buildings. NO

Maybe if the apartment were rented to people that really need housing and do fall within the monies earned schedule there would not be that much crime.

I have not read of Fairview housing having so much troubles as stated by a reverend and of course Cora.
Boy do they know how to play the system.

Hey Greenburgh town board wake up.
You're falling for a lot of bad calls made by the Housing Authority and The whole Fairview areas.
You seem to forget that there is more to Greenburgh than the Fairview areas.
If you want I will send you all a map to show you where Greenburgh starts and finishes.

Anonymous said...

Good work, Mr. Building Inspector.Your department is doing the job we expect of you.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate my town government.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the Fairview Fire District is 5 Square miles.It's not just around Manhattan Ave. Like alot of think it is.

Anonymous said...

Five miles in total for the Fairview fire dept, does not cut the mustard for asking and getting the Westhelp money.

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day!

How many of the 'hard working people" even know the significance of today?

When the "hard working people" fight & die for this country, they will be able to get affordable housing as they would be legal citizens.

Anonymous said...

John Lucido is a waste! there are still numerous illegal houses in town.

Anonymous said...

If there are more illegal homes in Greenburgh please notify John Lucido. He does not have a crystal ball.

When you come up with the information you could rest assured that he will act promptly.

You can call town hall or send John Lucido a letter. If you don't want to give a name that's alright too,they act on every complaint.

Anonymous said...

I must say that Lucido is not like another department head.
If a complaint comes through to his office or on this blog he acts asap,while the other head I even hate to mention his name does nothing .
I guaranty you that as soon as a complaint comes into lucido's office it will be taken care of within a few days.

Anonymous said...

John Lucido and his crew are the best we have had or will ever have.

Too bad we can't say that about another department.

If there are some dwellings that you know are illegal notify the building department and you will see good results within a couple of days.

This building department is on top of everything but if they are not told of wrong doings with homes they cannot do their job .

If you know something give them heads up and with the proper investigation the condition will be remmedied.

Anonymous said...

tell J.Lucido to check out Prospect ave by Fair St. numerous overcrowded houses that are there. Also tell Gabe the inspector about these same houses, are storing the garbage at the curb 24/7 and that is against the town code.

Anonymous said...

i agee, there are many roomers and boarders on prespect ave.93 95 104 98 107, all are illegal apartments

Anonymous said...

There are more illegal homes in Greenburgh than any other place.
One family homes do not exist any more.

Have the inspectors been visiting renovations or new homes going up I do not think so because if they did there would be a lot of money to be made in fines.
But who needs money and who wants to work .

Before a person renovating their home had the inspectors up their back side almost every day. WHAT HAPPENED?
So if there is multi-families living in homes we have only ourselves to blame for not insisting that laws should be enforced.

When I was an inspector I was in my car cruising to see wher renovations were being made or new homes were being built. I issued many work stopages for different reason.
Complaints are made over and over again and nothing happens.
Visit other areas where you have received many complaints and where nothing has been done for some time.

Anonymous said...

People! Use this form or just email ""
with your complaints!!!!

Complaining on this blog won't do anything.

Anonymous said...

Many complaints have been handled through this blog.Most likely the department that the complaint is addressed to wont act on it for some reason or another.
Does friendship come into the complaints that are being written about here on the blog.