Monday, May 19, 2008


A band stand has been placed at DeSanti Plaza (across from the Hartsdale train station). We’re looking for bands to perform during the summer/fall months—especially during the Saturday farmer’s market on Saturday mornings and early afternoon. We also want to explore the possibility of having outdoor concerts in the early evening, to help bring business to some of the restaurants serving our area. There is an electrical outlet at the park. Unfortunately, we don’t have any corporate sponsors to pay the musicians this season. However, musicians who are interested in showing off their musical talents can get some good visibility. We will put promotional posters around town, highlighting the band. And, will also promote the band on our web sites. Video’s of the concerts may also be broadcast on our public access channel.
If you are interested in performing please e mail or the town clerk, Judith Beville at You can call Supervisor Paul Feiner at 993-1540 or Town Clerk Judith Beville at 993-1501.
OUR GOAL—Make E Hartsdale Ave fun…a destination point…promote the talents of local residents who are musicians…provide a showcase for musicians to perform…help the businesses.



Anonymous said...

Why is there electricity for band equipment but there didn't seem to be any for the library cybermobile?

hal samis said...

Good question.

Anonymous said...

What else does the library want for free ?

We know that it is located at the north end of town where everything is for free but there is a dividing line.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about free? IIRC (Blog speak: if I recall correctly) the issue was that there was NO ELECTRICITY AVAILABLE.

hal samis said...

I have asked the Library for their take. I await their reply.
In the meanwhile, consider that there may be some difficulty to connect the power source to the cybermobile; one that might require digging up the sidewalk, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why are numerous criminals using Sonja Browns address as there home address ?

Anonymous said...

Lets stop with the musicians and bike rides and deal with the serious isssues --

1. Housing authority -- do we need an audit?

2. Finnerman law -- what are we doing?

3. Police OT

Anonymous said...

Music on E Hartsdale Ave--a good idea. Healthy business = healthy Hartsdale.
Let's enjoy living here!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning Central Park Avenue could help with the decline of Greenburgh businesses. The roadway and median neglect is so blatant, particularly when driving up from Yonkers.

job search inquery said...


At this time I submit to you a request for employment. Although a monetary position would be most desirable, my fellow band members and I will consider a voluntary post, depending on circumstances.

My resume includes :
Cunard Lines entertaining passengers on cruises across the Atlantic on such liners as the Mauretania and Lusitania and Titanic. 80 voyages in total.

My band members and I are most well know for our memorial rendition of "Nearer, My God, to Thee" preformed on the eve of April 14, 1912.

I trust that you will find our musical services most suitable entertainment for your Hartsdale area, and look forward to hearing back from you forthwith.

Wallace Hartley

just blew job opportunity said...

Pardon me. That would be "memorable performance"

p. leavy said...

Haha! Cute! You're hired!