Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The proposed WESTHAB workforce housing proposal was scheduled for a public hearing for May 28th. Yesterday, at our work session, some residents made some constructive suggestions re: design of the building. WESTHAB, which hopes to build 35 affordable housing units (down from the original 42) for working people, has agreed to re-design the building and will be having a dialogue with Fulton Park neighbors in advance of the hearing. The hearing will be rescheduled for June 11th at the Greenburgh Town Board meeting. This will be the 4th new design for the building.


from the applicant

Thanks to you and the Town Board for meeting with us yesterday afternoon, and for accommodating our schedule. In light of our meeting, and the comments received from the Board and members of the public, I am requesting on behalf of Westhab that the public hearing be adjourned from May 28 to the Town Board's next meeting on June 11. This would allow Westhab and its architects more time to revisit the design of the building and to try to address the comments of the Board and those members of the community who were present at the meeting. It would also allow Westhab the opportunity to meet with the community in advance of the public hearing to discuss any revisions. We would also present any further revisions to the Board at a work session prior to June 11.

Since the beginning of the process, Westhab has tried to be a good neighbor, and has tried, at great expense, to be responsive to the comments and concerns raised by the Town Board, the Planning Board and the community. We look forward to working with you and the Town Board toward the conclusion of the process for this very important project for the Town of Greenburgh.


Anonymous said...

Save the commentary, Where do I send my check?

Anonymous said...

Pleased with the dialogue and compromising that is obviously taking place.

Anonymous said...

Housing that is not expensive is surely needed in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

This will result in more destruction of housing value in Fulton Park (and BTW, I don't live there). At first Westhab says they need a 4, story building, now they dont. The building has to fit within the character of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the other fire departments did not receive monies from Wethelp as stated by the state in their recommendation that the money should be used town wide.
What kind of a love affair does the town board have with Fairview

If you cannot follow the law why and how do you as representatives of the people expect us the public to follow the laws that you set forth.

Many of us are tired of seeing how much insight is lacking in this town board concerning town decisions.

You are getting more and more into trouble because you are not serving the people equally.

Open government MY FOOT.

Westhab wants to build apartments don't worry the board will see to it that you know who will receive the benefits.
That is why they are so interested to let Westhab move ahead with this project.
Town wide NO Fairview YES.
That's the way the voting will go
for any money promised by this complex.

Anonymous said...

I think the council should first clean up the problems with the Housing authority, inlcuding not checking income limits, not paying for police, before they look at westhab

John Malone said...

Why don't you build Westhab in Hartsdale or Greenville ?
If you move Westhelp to Greenville or Hartsdale also, and make the Westhelp property for seniors and on the tax rolls we would not have worry about getting money for that property. It would be automatic from the taxes.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Westhab tried to be a good neighbor. I hate when people who dont leave near a proposed devlopment say that. I dont think anyone in Fulton Park says that. They are trying to put something way to big there.

Anonymous said...

Is this town board making another deal with Westhab to give money solely to the Fairview fire dept.

At this point we know that that the State Comptrollers office in Albany is getting tired of all their crooked findings in this town so we do hope that what ever is proposed is within the laws of the state findings..