Friday, May 30, 2008

Work Session Agenda 6/3 and summary of last week

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)
2:00p.m. WestHab Follow-up: Janet Giris
2:30p.m. 2007 Town Financial Statements – Michael Kolesar
· Actuary’s Report on Post Retirement Medical Benefits (OPEB)
· Accrued Liability Related to Tax Certioraris
3:00p.m. Interview – Lorraine Cantori
Candidate for Appointment to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

3:15p.m. RFP for Vending Services / Follow-up – Marc McCrum
(The town should get commissions on machines.)
3:30p.m. Contracts for Sculptures Displayed at DiSanti Plaza

4:00p.m. Library

Work Session Summary – May 27, 2008

Leaf Blower Ban Laws

The Village of Dobbs Ferry and Hastings have both passed laws regarding leaf blowers. Both laws will be referred to the CAC for review. We will also seek input from the Building Inspector and Police Chief.

Paper Street Requests

Deferred to June 24, 2008.

Hevelyne Road

Ed Lieberman, attorney with the Office of the Town Attorney, discussed the court case involving Hevelyn Road. The question is this: Should the road be considered a town road? The Knollwood Country Club has threatened to litigate this matter if the town assumes ownership of the road Elmsford officials attended the meeting. They are also involved in litigation. The road conditions impact the ability of their fire department to respond to residents who have emergencies. Some residents want the town to take over the road. Other residents do not. The town will issue a summons to residents of the street. We hope the Judge will mediate the dispute.

Library Construction and Triton

Genie Contrata and Al Regula provided an update regarding the status of the library construction as well as the completion status of projects covered by specific grants. A follow-up discussion regarding the status of grants and funding requests to support the library will be held during the June 3rd Work Session. The town will discuss with the Library Foundation and Board an aggressive fundraising effort. Significant contributors can request to have the library named for themselves. Rooms at the library can also be named for significant donors.

Housing Action Council

Rosemary Noonan, Executive Director of the Housing Action Council discussed the SHORE affordable housing in Ardsley. Members of the Board expressed a desire that affordable housing be affordable in perpetuity. Rosemary Noonan and the Housing Action Council agreed to work with the Town Board and provide advice and direction regarding requests from all prospective developers who express a desire to build “affordable housing” in the Town of Greenburgh re: selection process for applicants re: affordable housing.

RFP for Vending Services

As a strategy for increasing revenue, the Town is moving forward -charging a commission on all vending machines. A follow-up to proposal will be addressed during the June 3rd Work Session.

Town Board Rules and Procedures

The rules and procedures were distributed and briefly discussed. Board members will continue to review the rules and procedures in preparation for adoption at the June 11th Board meeting.


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the Library was going to raise private dollars to help pay for the library construction. What happened? When does Library Board appointments have to be made?

Anonymous said...

This brand new over 20 million library is going to be one big joke. I can see it now. Welcome to the John Q. Public Conference room. Welcome to the John B. Public Auditorium. Welcome to the John M. Public Gaming room. And for the big one, Welcome to the John X. Public Greenburgh Library. I believe you once told us that a library could not be named for an individual when it was tried to get Alvin Suchin's name on the old Library. When did that change? Still can't believe that 20 million isn't enough to furnish this ninth wonder of the world!!!

dj must go said...

library disaster
think juettner
we retired the old put
time to retire old jut

dj must go said...

library disaster
think juettner
we retired the old put
time to retire old jut

Anonymous said...

library disaster
think juettner
we retired the old put
time to retire old jut

Anonymous said...

Library Bd votes to hike salaries. Library Bd votes to cut cybermobile.
Library Bd refuses to fundraise for library.

Anonymous said...

We can thank two of our council members Sheehan and Juettner for the library fiasco.
The only homework they did was to get back at Feiner.
As we all know Feiner was against the library but the two were for it.

Why should the library have fund raising affairs when they KNow that Sheehan and Juettner will give them whatever they want .
It's not there money .

At this point I do hope that they realize that hatred does not solve problems .Hatred blows up in ones faces.
They can act lovey dovey with the supervisor but we never forget the past.

Their past has given us the double diget tax rate for this year and some years to come.
I do not think that the two new council persons can be taken in so easy by Sheehan and Juettner as were the last two.
Again Sheehan and Juettner thank you for making things very hard to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
If you keep giving away our money we too may be asking for apartments in affordable housing.
Better start thinking for more affordable housing for those of us that will need section eight to survive.

Anonymous said...

I would like the Town to look into how Cablevision has modified its service. It has taken away channels and now you have to have a cable box. See letter in this weeks Rivertowns Enterprise. This stinks.

Anonymous said...

Contracts for Sculptures Displayed at DiSanti Plaza ... The town is going to pay for sculptures?? Can the town first pay for basics like street-cleaning, please?

Anonymous said...

The biggest crime in Town is all the Free services for people and the low cost housing for these people in one area of town.
Start making these people pay the going rate for rent in these apartments(cops,firefighters, sanitation etc.making over $80,000)
living in Greenburgh housing and not paying the market rate is the BIGGEST CRIME!
How many crimes did housing police solve?

juettner must go said...

juettner must go
no more excuses
dump juettner
we cannot afford any more useless lifers like juettner

Anonymous said...

Yes I do agree Juettner has to go. Since she is the laison to the rec,parks.and library she has allowed them to spend more and more of our tax money.

Pray tell who is the laison to the DPW.

If it's sheehan then we know why the high taxes with no work.
Does he get work done at his house on the cuff too,
Kevin is the laison to the PD. Well this is another story that need an awful lot of investigation.
Is kevin ready to unearth all the wrong doings???
Now there's Brown well she is siding too much with the housing authority and especially the center another charity that is eating too much of our taxes.

Let's see how the show will continue this work session.
\Housing owes close to one half a million dollars they should be made to pay up.
No more BS.

come forward said...

to get rid of juettner we need candidates
or term limits

if no one comes forward we will be stuck with the disaster that is juettner

Anonymous said...

These work sessions are starting and ending as to what has to be done for Fairview.

The center and the library are the only big topics.

More money for the programs at the center and preparing for a day of festivities for Black History month.
Is this is what Greenburgh is all about.
If a person was not a racist your meeting are allowing ones thinking to be changed .
It seems the focus is for Fairview,
Housing ,the center and now the library.
Why is everything becoming one sided?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the town clerk or council person Brown do not insist that that the housing authority pay back the monies owned?

As representatives of the whole town they should be looking out for the whole towns' benefit.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see where and how you intend to increase revenue .

You all did the damage and now are looking for a way to try to make things right.
Stop playing games.
The comptroller is laying everything on the table as to what we have and what is owed.
It seems that this board refuses to believe how much more taxes we will be looking at.
A comprehensive plan at this time is not needed since the fees to be paid the consultants is out of sight.
It's Sheehans' baby and he does not give a dam how money is spent.
What ever the consultants will be doing could have been done in house,but consultants know how to conduct business by making things
look important and without their knowledge progress cannot move foward.

Are the consultants personal friends of Sheehan??

Anonymous said...

As far as the library goes the sloping roof can be rented this summer for skate boarding and in the winter for a ski jump.
By doing this Fairview can ready themselves for the olympics.
It is the most hideous thing that I have ever seen.
The whole building is a monster .
The person who drew up these plans should not be allowed to continue .

Anonymous said...

Let's start a pool to see how long this monster will be servicing the public.

Paul start thinking ahead of time as to what this building can be used for.

Libraries are a thing of the past. This will be realized when there is no monies to run the everyday expenses of electricity.heat, telephone,air conditioning and cleaning.
The monster will need plenty of money to keep the patrons confortable.
Has anyone thought of these expenses,or does the library board think that they will hit us up over and over again for funds.

Anonymous said...

Just remember as you trash the library - ideas and the books which hold them are always the first targets for a wanna-be dictator.
Libraries will be a thing of the past when democracies are dead.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge, huge difference between fiscal responsibility and "academic" freedom. Don't confuse the two. You can have both, but this Library Board doesn't.

Anonymous said...

4:35 in your comment you state that libraries will be a thing of the past when we loose our democratic ways.
Pray tell what is happening here in Greenburgh.
Are we not being served by the biggest dictatorship by our town board.
Does the public have anything to say or do?
Do we have any representation other than the town board which is one sided.
Dictatorship brother is living and well in the town of Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

I read where you were trying to enforce a law concerning leaf blowers.

Why can't you make things easier and cleaner for the entire town.

I guess you don't want to try this out to see how much cleaner it is and second you do not need the jaws apparatus to pick up the leaves which also destroys the curbing and roadway.

I do not understand why so called intellegent people like this board refuses to try this out
You would save on overtime plus wear and tear on your vehicles.
But you are really not elected to save the residents some money you only want to spend our money foolishley as with the center,PD.
Housing,the library and parks and rec.
Is there any place or thing that you have or will save us money?????

hal samis said...

To thine Library bricks be true et al,

But note that you're posting your sentiments on the blog which in turn is carried over the internet.

Democracies don't depend on the existence of bricks and mortar libraries when everything inside can be stored, accessed and forwarded via the internet.

So, the only dictatorship which exists for the purpose of your comment is the "monstor of the id" which commits your brain to think only by using the terminology and artifacts of the last millennium.

The only hordes of soldiers sent by dictators to attack the Library are the ones appearing on video games playing at your library. We have met the enemy and it is us.

Shut this post down, Robby.