Tuesday, May 20, 2008




There have been 3 fatal hit and run accidents on 9A this year. On Friday night a Hispanic victim was hit in the southbound lane while crossing the road just north of Payne Street around 10 p.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene. In March, 51-year-old Manuel Guaman Saca of Elmsford was found dead in the snow on Route 9A near Hunter Lane after being struck by a vehicle. On January 14 Harminder Singh died on Route 9A between Park Ave and Whitehouse Road. I am contacting the NYS Department of Transportation and Greenburgh Police Dept and will be asking for a pedestrian traffic safety study to be conducted for 9A. What action steps could be taken on 9A (a state road) that will reduce the possibility of another fatality? More sidewalks…crosswalks…signs advising pedestrians that there have been fatalities and warning them to be more careful… We need to be proactive and think of ways to reduce the possibility of another fatality.

What: Ride of Silence – 8 mile, slow-paced bicycle ride to honor all cyclists injured or killed on public roads, will also be filmed as part of a documentary film THE LONG BIKE BACK

When: Wednesday May 21st 2008, gather at 6:30pm for a 6:45pm start

Where: Central Avenue in Greenburgh – from Midway Shopping Center (1001 Central Ave just south of Ardsley Rd) to Pathmark (at Battle Ave) returning to Midway Shopping Center

Contact: Julia Wrona (914) 576-1727 julia@ailujon.com

www.longbikeback.com, www.rideofsilence.org

The Ride of Silence is a one day, one time, worldwide slow-paced, silent bicycle ride to honor all cyclists injured or killed on public roads. The ride's goal is to increase awareness of the rights of cyclists and peacefully ask all to share the roads. In New York State in 2006 5426 bicyclist were injured by motorists, 45 were killed. May is bicycle safety month.

This year the event will be filmed as part of the documentary THE LONG BIKE BACK (www.longbikeback.com). THE LONG BIKE BACK is about a local bicyclist's recovery from a crippling hit-and-run accident and his quest to ride across America to inspire bicycling and encourage road sharing. The cyclist, Pearson Constantino, was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle on Central Ave in June 2006 and he will lead this year’s ride.

Please contact Julia Wrona at (914) 576-1727 or Julia@ailujon.com for more information.


Anonymous said...

Nothing against building sidewalks on 9A, but wouldn't it be wiser to first take care of building sidewalks along the streets near all the public schools? So many young pedestrians are forced to walk on the roadways. Will it take a death of a child walking home from school on West Hartsdale Avenue or on Seely Place, for example, to get sidewalks built?

Anonymous said...

There were 3 deaths on 9A. Have some compassion! Sidewalks make sense on 9A.

Anonymous said...

Safety first! NEED SIDEWALKS on 9A

Anonymous said...

I do have compassion - "Nothing against building sidewalks on 9A" But there is a higher risk around the schools, and residents should not allow the town to continue to ignore this matter.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there sidewalks at Payne & 9A where that last person was hit?

I also agree, sidewalks are needed on West Hartsdale Ave. I see many children walking to and from school there and it frightens me! There aren't even any school warning signs! No flashing lights or no speed restrictions.

Anonymous said...

The politicos of Greenburgh are only interested in one area Fairview.

Beautification process is now being studied for Manhattan Ave.

The hell with other areas right Feiner.

Anonymous said...

Some People should learn how to walk with caution and others should not drink and drive!

Anonymous said...

Can you please give our children a lesson on how to appropriately walk in a draining ditch, safely, along West Hartsdale Ave.

Anonymous said...

If properties were cleaned along the roadways it would be much safer for people to walk.

Why is it there there are so many boulders along town property along the roads?

These boulders should be removed.
From what I understand the town ownes so many feet along the roads so why did the town let this type of unsafe condition exist.

The town is at fault for many of the accidents that are happening because there is too much brush together with these boulders that hinder safety on the roadways.

If one has to walk there is no where to walk other than the roadway.

One does not need sidewalks to walk we just need clean and safe areas.

DPW remove all the boulders and start cleaning away the brush,the property does not belong to the residents it belongs to the town.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriuos? We need a sidewalk project added to the budget.

Anonymous said...

Before sidewalks are put in you have to see who will pay insurance in case of an accident plus who will maintain them.

You know dam well the residents have to do both .
Some residents do not want to pick up this other expense which means they do not want sidewalks.

If the town cleans away brush and removes the boulders that were put on town property it would create a great pathway to walk on.

No insurance and no maintenance by the homeowner.

This property is town property but if they put a sidewalk someone has to take responsibility which many homeowners say no....way.
We also know that the town will throw the responsibility to the home owners.

We had this meeting some time ago and it ended without a solution.
Nothing is going to change.

Anonymous said...

The alternative: more people will die. 3 fatalities on one street is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

We can prevent almost every one of those deaths - but there is a significant cost attached. The cost is measured in dollars - the value of a human life is immeasurable.
Put up the money in the form of ever higher taxes or shut up about the deaths.

Anonymous said...

Lives are more important that excuses. Build the damn sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

Echo. Human beings deserve safe walkways.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Ditto but I hate the band-aid approach.

Sidewalks, safety, added traffic & street lights have been a subject for years. I hate that it takes not 1 but 3 fatalities before any real action or consideration is made.

Is it only at the risk at litigation that we act?

hal samis said...

Perhaps Mr. Brodsky would like to add his comments to the 9A file?

Anonymous said...

Who is Mr Brodsky? I have not seen him in years!

Anonymous said...

You'll see him and you will hear him when election time comes along.

Just remember he is one of the invisable legislatures that should be representing us .

Anonymous said...

Richard Brodsky is in the witness protection program. He comes out every two weeks to claim a check and/or shill for unions(who pay for his campaigns-even though he spends no money because he has no one running against him) whose benefits are greater than most of the people who pay for them. And we keep sending him back to Albany to screw us year in and year out.

There's nothing wrong with him, it's our heads that need to be examined.