Friday, May 16, 2008


Town of Greenburgh

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32)

All Work Sessions are now streamed live.

1:45p.m Greenville Fire District – Helene Orce

2:00p.m. Executive Session – Tim Lewis / David Fried

2:45p.m. Executive Session – Ed Lieberman / Al Regula

3:15p.m. Library Construction and Triton – Al Regula

3:45p.m. Proposed Real Property Tax Committee – Paul Sterne

4:00p.m. WestHab – Request to Present Alterations – Janet Giris

4:30p.m. Capital Budget Presentation to the Board – Supervisor Feiner

5:00p.m. Executive Session – Boards and Commissions

5:30p.m. Adjourn

May 27, 2008 Work Session – Tentative

Leaf Blower Ban Laws
Town Board Rules and Procedures
Dept. Head Evaluations - Schedule
Paper Street Requests – Steve Xydas, Debra Jaldane
Hevelyne Road

June 4, 2008 7 PM Glenville Woods meeting

June 9, 2008 Town Board ‘housecalls’ walk – Secor Road

May 13, 2008 Work Session Summary

Proposed Real Property Tax Committee

Issue was deferred to next Work Session – May 20, 2008.

Richard Greenspan Property Bridge

The Town’s portion toward the necessary repair of this bridge will come from the capital budget.

Tappan Zee Bridge

Mr. Bodin has been closely monitoring decisions and actions taken by planners and state decision-makers regarding the Tappan Zee Bridge. He advised the Board to focus on attracting “…better bus service to the Town of Greenburgh. Thomas Madden, Commissioner for the Department of Community Development and Conservation, indicated that these concerns are being addressed through the Comprehensive Plan meetings/hearings.

Greenburgh Housing Authority May Visit

Members of the Town Board will visit Greenburgh Housing Authority sites on Saturday, May 31, 2008. They will convene at Town Hall at 10:00am and invite all anyone who is interested in joining them to arrive at Town Hall between 9:45am and 10:00am.

Bar Out List

At the request of Councilwoman Sonja Brown, Chief Kapica provided an overview of the “Bar Out” policy as it pertains to Housing Authority property. According to the Chief, the Town of Greenburgh currently does not have a Bar Out policy. The intent of such policy, however, is to target “undesirable” individuals (those with chronic criminal histories) for the purpose of barring such individuals from private or public Housing Authority properties.

Capital Budget Review

In an on-going effort to reduce spending, Supervisor Feiner and the Town Council approved nearly $600 thousand more dollars in cuts from the proposed Capital Budget. This actions reflects the Board’s commitment to continue to reduce spending without critically affecting the quality of services to town residents.

1st Quarter Financial Review and Internal Controls, Tax Certs Analysis: Period 2000 to date; 2009 Financial Model

Comptroller Michael Kolesar discussed overtime documentation, internal controls, tax cert’s and a proposed financial model.

End of Work Session


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

How come nothing was mentioned on this blog concerning the $443,000.00 dollars owed to the town by the housing authority.
They also had the gaul to ask for another police man to protect the residents.
How come the town made this happen.If it were a home owner they would have lost their home for non payment of taxes.
The chief of police was at fault 100% for letting this go on for years without paying their obligation to the town.
The amount for police protection was put into the budget year after year WHY?
If they are having a problem at the complex that's too bad we all have problems but do not get private services for free.
Well Paul let's see what your next step will be.
Kolesar said they owe the money and they should pay.

Anonymous said...

The Housing Authority will pay their arrears.

Anonymous said...

Attended the police memorial ceremony this AM. Awesome. Great job, Paul. Great job, chief.

Anonymous said...

Westchester Legislator Tom Abinanti had a curious answer when asked about rumors that he’s considering a primary campaign against Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me to run but I have no plans at this time to do anyhing,” said Abinanti, a Greenburgh Democrat.

Abinanti also said he plans to “sit back and see what happens.” He declined to comment further.
Tom-- do it!

Anonymous said...

We need Tom as our Assemblyman. Richard doesn't even show up in Greenburgh, unless there is a NY Times reporter around. His Westchester office is non functioning.

Anonymous said...

We need Tom as our Assemblyman. Richard doesn't even show up in Greenburgh, unless there is a NY Times reporter around. His Westchester office is non functioning.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar said at the last work session that the Town has overpaid the Police for overtime worked during the first quarter of the year. If that is true, has the Town done anything to get reimbursed from these men?

Anonymous said...

Richard does show up in Greenburgh. You are nuts. ARe you mad because he wont push through Paul's one sided changed to Finnerman????

Anonymous said...

It is clear Paul is not going to control police overtime.

Anonymous said...

Paul will not do the right thing where the PD is concerned.
We could write as many comments as we want about the goings on but Paul and the rest of the board are ignoring them.

What is needed here is an investigation by the State to see what has been done in the past and what has to be done if there are wrong doings.

The state will come in gladly since they have been here and they know that there is a awful lot of hanky panky going on.

The state will act on every complaint made.
By the way they do read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Where is Richard on Finnerman law?
He is silent. He is our assemblyman. GO, Tom, GO.

Anonymous said...

Is Tom trying to get access to parks for the villages?

Anonymous said...

The housing Authority said that they will not pay the arrears. Isn't that great!!!!!!

They not only fool county,state and federal governments with their cries of poverty but they have also taken taxpayers in Greenburgh for a ride .
They used the services of the PD for seven years without payment.
The amount due was carried in the budget every year and we the fools never checked this out until this new comptroller sat down with his deputy and was filled in as to who did this and visa versa.

Well it seemed from the work session that they will not pay up.

We thought that we would have a fighter in Sonya but it seems that she is only fighting for Fairview time and time again.

The comptroller I forget his name ,together with his deputy have to be commended in bring this debt to light. Boy do you have guts to fight the system that has been in place at town hall.

Anonymous said...

Town Board:
Nice going!

You allow the PD to cut the DARE program??? You know damn well which kids this most serves and it ain't the ones in the public schools. They have numerous camps & programs already. $10,000!!!!

They crack in the dam is widening. Beware of the flood.

You had better recover that $433,000 pronto.

hal samis said...

Everyone who gets their news from sources other than The Journal News won't want to miss the article in today's New York Times business section about unfunded municipal pension fund liabilities.

The present Town Comptroller, Mike Kolesar, has been warning the Town about this upwards of $25 million exposure for about TWO years.

And just to show that this still doesn't scare the Town government, at the Town Board meeting last Wednesday, the Town Board proudly voted to (after obligatory photos) promote 5 officers, retroactive 10 days because, horrors! the void from retirements should be left open for a few weeks or months or years.

After all, what if someone were to die?

And, because of the "importance" of staging these police promotions, would the public care to guess who earned OVERTIME for appearing at these functions.

The Police Department is around 20%of the Town's operating budget and if the Town Board ever releases the coming capital budget, we'll see what percentage the Police feast is there.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see the Journal News today? Re: burglaries in Edgemont. Chief Kapica said "he doesn't have the resources for police patrols in Edgemont"
If he would only take the police Emt's and paramedics out of the hospitals and replace them with civilians and take the inside officers and put them on patrol,we would have enough.

Anonymous said...

Sonya is the one (before becoming an elected official) who continued to complain along with Greenburgh Housing Authority Residents that there is mismanagement at the housing authority. The Town Board at that time sided with Cora and the other criminals and reappointed Cora as GHA Chair for another five years.

Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner, Feiner and GHA Commissioners did not listen to Sonya and the GHA residents. They continued to ignore all reported acts of mismanagement and they continued to look the other way.

It is the poor action of Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner and Feiner who got us into this mess, not Sonya. They should all be ashamed of themselves for providing a service to the GHA (in good faith) without a signed contract & with only a verbal commitment!?!? This is poor business at its worst.

Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner and Feiner did not collect money owed to the Town from GHA over a period of five years, period of five years!?!?!?! And on top of that, continued the police services using tax payers dollars?!?!?! Sonya had nothing to do with that.

It was Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner and Feiner who appointed year after year the same criminals to act as GHA Commissioners, not Sonya.

Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner and Feiner should pay the Town back the close to $500,000 owed to tax payers! It was their mistake! Their wrong doing! Their mismanagement of Town services and finances.

Watching the Town Board work session on yesterday, it was Sonya who stood up to the GHA as well as members from the former Town Board. Sonya looked Feiner right in the eye and said “this should have never happened, this is poor management at its worse…this should never happen again”.

And now, GHA states they owe the Town NOTHING! What a joke!

So I ask, who is the real criminal? The homeless teen with no place to live or the Adults? (former Town Board and GHA Commissioners) You decide!

What else will Mike, our new comptroller find? He talked about the over payment of police officers--lets see how this will play out. Oh, and let’s see what happens with the Library Project--I guess we should not fault Barns, Bass, Sheehan, Juettner and Feiner for their combined sixty years plus of screw ups -- Hey, lets just blame it on Sonya, she’s been in office for five months.

Kevin and Sonya, you are both a breath of fresh air!!! Don’t listen to those clowns. You two have more support then you know! Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged. Clean up the mess you inherited. We need you!

Anonymous said...

Sonya was so quick to want to see how the police camp program could be funded so it didn't get cut. Notice how no one, including Sonya, cared about the DARE program? Why? Take a guess.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the GC7 PTA Council and have worked with Sonja for over 15 years as a volunteer for GC7.

Sonja continues to advocate for all youth programs. She has two daughters, both a DARE program participant.

Sonja never once said she was against DARE. Stop putting words in her mouth.

So, the Chief cancels Dare and you blame Sonja? Shame on you!

Stop taking the issues of the former board and their unprofessional actions away from the bigger issues.

Stop blaming Sonja for the Town’s problems.

Anonymous said...

You must be a product of the GC7 system because you lack reading comprehension and it is YOU that has put words into MY mouth.

Go back. Re-read. TRY to comprehend if that's at all possible.

There is NO ONE who cares about ALL youth programs. You are a complete dolt if you have bought into that nonsense.

I don't give a hoot what PTA you serve on. That fact that you point out that both you & she "volunteer" at GC7 only supports my point. You only care for your own. PERIOD. Not that I blame you, but let's stop the self serving, patting each other on the back and call it like it is.

Anonymous said...

My only beef with Ms. Brown is that she is always pushing Fairview down the publics throar.

We are starting to see more and more being given to Fairview than the rest of the towm.

I never knew Fairview existed until The Westhelp money hit the fan.
I never knew Fairview existed until $443,000.00 dollars is the debt owed to the town for Police protection.
Beautifying Fairview along Manhattan Ave.
A center that depends on hard earned tax money for its existance.
A housing authority that has people renting that make way too much money to have assistance with their rent.
A grant of $200,000.00 which has vanished except for $34,000.00 that was spent.
Grants on top of grants for the center and day care center.

These are just a few things that Sonya is interested in.

The heck with the rest of the town.

Anonymous said...

The chief says that he does not have the funds or manpower to serve other parts of Greenburgh to the fullest.

How come he had the manpower to service the Housing authority with a patrol person and to top the cake for free,

We pay taxes and are always on the short end of the stick.

There are enough police to work patrols if they get out of headquarters.

Poor management comes into this picture over and over again.

The only thing that these police people are interested in is making mega bucks on overtime.

Well it's about time that the new comptroller will take this bull by the horns and show the taxpayers what is actually going on with this department.

This comptroller is the only one with B---s to dig deep into the facts and figures of the accounting practices of a failing Town.

hal samis said...

My sympathies to "Edgemont".
Perhaps since you stopped coming to Town Board meetings you would have been witness to how the Police Department creatively spends money for overtime.
Apparently attending a promotion ceremony is a valid reason to collect overtime.

But remember, officers could be dispatched to Edgemont -- in just three minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Just UGH! It's painful to watch the proceedings of last nights work session. There is so much wrong, it's hard to single out anything specific.

Anonymous said...

Hey now! Don't be picking on Ms. Brown! Lord knows what you might be accused of on this blog, if you do.


Anonymous said...

Samis, your ignorance and prejudice are showing rather unflatteringly. Your personal bete noir, "Edgemont" is not the only area being shortchanged by the new focus on "Fairview". There are large areas in the Ardsley postal district, the Irvington post office service area and even Tarrytown which are now bearing the brunt of re-assigning scarce resources.
Please use your excellent analytical skills and insights in a fairer and more meaningful way.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash! The Greenburgh Police Department has been robbed! Using unusual police tactics, the Chief cuts programs for children from his budget thus eliminating the need to catch the thieves! No overtime!

Very cutting edge! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Who said the police got overtime to attend the town board meeting or dare? Todays Journal News said the police caught a house robber!

Anonymous said...

The biggest crime in Town is all the Free services for people and the low cost housing for these people in one area of town.
Start making these people pay the going rate for rent in these apartments(cops,firefighters, sanitation etc.making over $80,000)
living in Greenburgh housing and not paying the market rate is the BIGGEST CRIME!
How many crimes did housing police solve?

hal samis said...

Dear 5:08,

Always willing to learn. However I don't have the required textbook. Perhaps you could help by making a little less ambiguous:

"Ardsley postal district"

"Irvington post office service area"

"even Tarrytown"

"bearing the brunt"

"scarce resources"

$15,150,000 approved for 2008 in just the UNINCORPORATED Police budget which does not include benefits, the divisions runn through the townwide budget and the capital budget items and my curiosity is piqued about how this money is being allocated.

As Willy Sutton answered the question why he robs banks, "that's where the money is".
Wake up everyone; the robbers are walking among us, hiding in plain sight.

And, just ask the Chief if any of his men put in for overtime for attending the Promotion ceremony?

To 8:44,

Finally, golly, gee whiz, oh-my-gosh. 23 skidoo!
Isn't that the cat's meow. On occasion, the Police actually apprehend someone. Isn't that nice.

The well over $20 million expense of the Police has paid a dividend.

At about 25% of the total cost of running the entire town.

Maybe it would be cheaper to pay "perps" not to commit crimes.

Anonymous said...


Promotion ceremony?

If Hal is rite about this overtime issue, I hope you will get a summary of every police officer and there overtime. Let the Controller look at it and decide if it should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Hal, the real disgrace is that people in supervisory positions with base salaries at or approaching 100K are receiving overtime (in addition to generous benefits and pensions). As far as I know teachers do not get paid overtime when they attend mandatory meetings in the evening. If there is no way to change the police contract, then OT should be for absolutely essential work (like chasing murderers and rapists, not breaking up teenage parties). The ceremony could have easily been held at city hall, during the day, with Mr. Feiner, a full time employee, and anyone else who wanted to attend. It could have been videotaped and showed on public access TV.

chapter 9 said...

time to file for muncipal bankruptcy and have a receiver set aside these onerous union contracts.

that is the only answer short of selling the town to walmart and let them wring savings out of the departments or outsource them.

Anonymous said...

Sgts also do traffic at patrolman's
rate of pay to help boost pension