Friday, May 02, 2008


New Residents and volunteers will be recognize at our New Residents Reception this Tuesday at 6 PM at AF Veteran Park, Multipurpose Building. Some area restaurants are donating delicious treats from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. After the new residents reception we will continue our comprehensive plan review. Hopefully, some of the attendees will stay and provide town officials with the benefit of their thoughts on the future of the town. All dept heads and elected officials will attend the new residents reception—and will interact with the guests –answering questions about their department and the services offered.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32)
All Work Sessions are now streamed live.
2:00p.m. Philanthropy Department: CDBG Matches – Winsome Gordon

2:15p.m. Steve Xydas – Request to Purchase Paper Street

2:30p.m. Debra Jarldane – Request to Purchase Paper Street

2:45p.m. David Doynow—Request to Purchase Small Parcel of Town land

3:00p.m. Hevelyn Road – Revisited – Highway Law 189 / Town to “take-over”

3:15p.m. May Visit, Bar Out List – Councilwoman Sonja Brown

3:30p.m. TDYCC Advisory Board Appointment

3:35p.m. GHA Accounts Receivable, 1st Quarter Financial Review, Internal

Controls (findings to date) – Michael Kolesar

4:00p.m. Executive Session – Michael Kolesar

This meeting will end early due to the New Resident’s Reception which will begin at 6:00p.m. at Anthony Veteran Park – Multipurpose Room. The Comprehensive Plan

Meeting will take place following the reception.

Work Session Summary – Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cabrini Affordable Housing

Cabrini of Westchester presented a proposal to the Town Board to convert two side-by-side buildings on Main Street in the Village of Dobbs Ferry into senior affordable housing. Concerns expressed by the Board are that the property stays “affordable” in perpetuity. The Board requested Cabrini to make sure that Dobbs Ferry village and school officials are kept in the loop. Supervisor Feiner will write a letter to the Village Board and the School Board. This matter will be revisited by the Board and the Town Attorney in two weeks. UPDATE: Supervisor Feiner sent a letter to the school board and village board on Wednesday.

TDYCC: Commissioner’s Salary and Job Advertisement

The Board agreed that a salary range “…up to 105K…” would be considered for the next appointed Commissioner of the Theodore D. Young Community Center. This salary amount is consistent with the salary of the former Commissioner. The job announcement will be posted through the Office of the Town Comptroller. Pauline Kirkland, Assistant Comptroller and Human Resources Director will forward the resumes to the search committee.


Anonymous said...

Is the gift of food for this acceptable?

Why a function for the Town Entire at Veterans?

Anonymous said...

What is all this about purchase of town owned land. Disclosure should be made of address, size and amount.

Anonymous said...

Read todays New YOrk Times editorial commending Mayor Bloomberg for cutting New York City budget for next year. Everyone should read it. Especially Paul.

Anonymous said...

Where are Hevelyn Road and Paper Street? Also, where is this small parcel of town land proposed to be purchased?

Anonymous said...

TDYCC Commissioner salary 105k!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why should the commissioner of the center receive all this money right off the get go.
Why don't you wait to see how things work out?
Maybe this center cannot be carried by the taxpayers since it is a loosing proposition.
At this moment you should be looking to save money not to spend
what you don't have.
I have never heard of someone receiving this kind of money as soon as one is hired.
If this salary is granted which I hope not are the intentions of you Paul and the board to also hire a deputy [second in command].
I hope not.
You all do as you want anyway not thinking of what is happening
to us just to keep afloat with this loosing economy.

Anonymous said...

Parks/Rec has Commisioneer/Deputy Commissioner and asst. to commissioner, big waste of money,


Anonymous said...

TDYCC salary was not set. Watch the vido. The salary is UP TO

Anonymous said...

$105,000.00 is too much for a starting salary for this center,
Why can't someone work their way up the line before receiving this kind of money.
Our civil servants in this town make more money than many of us in the private sector.
This town sure knows how to give away our hard earned money.Many are dying to get jobs in Greenburgh because they know what the monies are that go with the job.
There has to be a cap on these salaries before we go bankrupt.

Anonymous said...