Wednesday, May 14, 2008


On November 29, 2007, the Town Board received a petition for amendments to the Zoning Code. If the Petition is granted and the requested amendments are adopted by the Town Board, White Hickory intends to construct an approximately 75,000 square foot Super Stop N SHop supermarket, approximately 50,000 square feet of office space, approximately 15,000 square feet of general retail uses, and approximately 8,600 square feet of other free-standing commercial space, which would most likely be used as a bank and/or restaurant space (the “Project”), on the property located at 600 White Plains Road (near the Sheraton Hotel on 119).

At tonights Town Board meeting the Board will formally start the review process. We will declare our intent to be lead agency for the review. We are also going to refer the petition to the Planning Board for a recommendation in accordance with our Zoning laws. Members of the community have been meeting with the applicant in recent months. A community meeting for residents of the Glenville section of town has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 4th at 7 PM in Glenville (near the Tarrytown Boarder). There will be many additional meetings with the applicant and residents in the coming months to discuss community concerns.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you turn it down just like the board did to Home Depot. Now the Town of Greenburgh is surrounded by two Home Depots, one off Jackson in Yonkers and one off 9A in Mt Pleasant. WE GET NO TAX $$$, BUT ALL THE TRAFFIC !!

Lets use our heads

Anonymous said...

This is a good proposal.

Anonymous said...

The has been poor planning for some time now Sheehan wants to correct the errors that this board made as far as what will generate revenue by implimenting a comprehensive plan.
This will ruin Greenburgh all
Our elected officials don't know how to run a good town.
How about hiring a good manager and getting rid of the whole board.

Anonymous said...

It would be silly to turn down this proposal, In fact, the town should speed it up.

hal samis said...

Not only should this plan be fast-tracked because it is going to bring in big bucks to the Town but also who wants to object to having another supermarket.

The location is a dead corridor after 5:00 when the offices let out.

However, what will likely happen is that the neighbors off in the hills will start their campaign to turn a Super Stop N Shop into a Small Stop N Shop.

Which is a pity because I was looking forward to their take-out section goodies to stuff in my backpack so I can bring a "nosh" along with me on those many occasions when I am enjoying Taxter Ridge Park.

san jose yes, taxter? said...

do you know the way to taxter ridge?
if so, please post.
happy noshing.

Anonymous said...

Just ask for Danny Gold's house and this hole is the next property over. Don't attempt to walk it because you may not make it back up.

Maybe Danny Gold will give you a street tour from afar.