Sunday, February 15, 2009


JOB OPPORTUNITY: Please continue to forward me names of businesses/organizations that are hiring and I will share the info with residents looking for work. I will start posting the info on the blog so more people can become aware of job openings. If you want to be personally advised via e mail of job opportunities as I learn of them please e mail me your e mail address: Good luck, don't get discouraged.

Dear Mr. Feiner

The Guidance Center School Based Program is looking for bilingua (Spanish speaking) Social Workers with a minimun of a Master's Degree or (MSW) their phone number is 914-934-8607.

Also I know of a Mental Health company in the Bronx, FEGS, who is looking for a Business Manager and bilingual (Spanish speaking) Social Workers. Their phone number is 718-881-7600 xt. 324 they can speak to Dr. Marjorie Stuckle.

Hope is hellpful


Anonymous said...

Only in America!

poor in Greenburgh said...

I am unemployed. My spouses employer cut salary by 40% and will no longer offer any health care plane (we paid for it), COBRA coverage will be $2800 per month. My family can not afford this and my spouse earns too much to qualify for discount health care by NY State.

44% of my spouse’s net pay per month is what is necessary for the least costly health plan we can find.
So we can pay our mortgage, electric bill, heating bill, eat or have health insurance.

I’m having no luck finding a job let alone one that has offers health care. I would really like to apply for the positions listed in this blog but I do not speak Spanish.

Maybe I should go learn Spanish so that I can have a job that assists families who do not work or speak English get free health care services. Then MAYBE I can afford to pay $2800 per month to insure my family.

Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Poor in Greenburgh,

Aren't you lucky to be middle class in America?

Even luckier to be part of the poor middle class of Greenburgh who isn't getting one damn thing for free while getting hosed in taxes so that “others” can be confortable and well taken care of.

You're even more extra, special lucky if you live in GC school district. You're lucky enough to be ripped off by the BOE too!

My sympathies.

Our town board is completely out of touch with reality and has no idea just how hard some families are struggling here.

I suggest that you stop looking for a job, have your spouse quit their job, sell your current house, have a few more children, collect unemployment, food stamps, move to Fairview, learn Spanish and forget how to read or speak proper English, sell your home and call Habitat For Humanity for a new house donated by Greenburgh for a cost of 20% of market value with an interest free loan, call social services and get free health care, send your kids to TDYCC all day, every day for free, sign your kids up for Xposure for free where they will earn $480, get yourself over to see the free podiatrist at TDYCC, get the "nutrition program" to you provide meals, ask for free back door garbage pick up, have Paul shovel your snow, send your kids to GC where they will get free lunch, free babysitting, free tutors, free transportation to free after school programs, grieve your taxes in your new house and demand that the town beautify your new street.

Follow the above advice and your family can live pretty darn well here in Greenburgh.

All the best to you and yours. Good luck!

term limits needed said...

i guess this is the town paul and diana juettner built over the past 18 years

Anonymous said...

I don't see anonymous(s) coming up with job opportunity suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Dear poor -- agree with earlier comments. I cant beleive Paul has the nerve to post job offerings which require spanish speaking.

anónimo said...

Risa hacia fuera ruidosamente!!! Paul, gracias por fijar estos oppurtunities convenientes del trabajo. It' ¡s agradable saber que usted está mirando hacia fuera para nosotros a la gente de habla hispana!


Unlike some of the people who are criticizing me for posting job opportunities- I am trying to help people find jobs in this difficultb economy. I will be posting all job opportunities that I hear about on this blog. I have already heard from three residents of Greenburgh who advised me that they will be applying for this job. Other people have contacted me--telling me that they have successfully found part time/full time work --as a result of my networking.
I will continue to help people find work and want to continue to help people.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to help people. Just understand that this is not part of your job responsibilities. You are employed to manage taxes, make sure roadways are cleaned, supervise the department heads, etc.

Anonymous said...

If you were really concerned about peoples financial problems, you would stop the nonsense and make real cuts to the budgets.
Anonymous at 1:33 illustrates this point.

Why should the already financially burdened, out of work, salary cut citizens pay for town freebies for others that are LUXURIES.
A roof over a head, clothing, food, heat, mediavl care. These are esentials. This is what many are strruggling to provide for themselves. All of this other stuff you offer up camp, art Xposure, TDYCC........ are FRILLS.

Why don't you spend the time we pay you for lessening our tax burden or why don't you offer up some assistance to those who do work, can't get anything for free yet can not make ends meet in their households? How many foreclosures will it take before you get it?

Anonymous said...

8:38 AM - I agree with you completely. Paul can post as many job placement ads as he wants - and maybe he will even help one or two individuals find work. If, however, he really wants to help thousands of families, he will find a way to cut local taxes.

Anonymous said...


There are a number of selfish elitist bloggers who enjoy attacking the TDY Center. Just how many of these people have ever set foot in the place? Yet the Parks Dept which is really a Summer only operation doesn't receive any criticism.But why should a major portion of Parks Department budget, which is over 3 million dollars, be used to fund Cabanans which serve fewer than .01% of the Town's population.? Cabanas? A place for the rich to store their beach chairs and towels? Further since there aren't any programs after 4pm at the 1.2 million dollar Multi Purpose Center, why can't the space be rented? When the Libaray was placed at the MP Center, just how many Parks programs were displaced? NONE!
Why not consider putting the Parks Dept under the TDY C/C? It will be interesting to hear reasons why that shouldn't happen. But most people know why and it's not about the work is it?

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody think TDYCC would be able to take over the parks dept. TDYCC is one BIG money pit.
We should just close it! do you know any other Towns or Cities that run a service like TDYCC?
I would like to know