Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday, about 2 PM one of the Greenburgh police officers in Edgemont spotted a male suspect acting suspiciously. When the officer approached the subject and began to interview him, a residential burglar alarm sounded nearby and the suspect bolted from the officer. After a short foot pursuit the individual was apprehended in the rear yard of a home on Tanglewood Road. In the search of the subject, a woman's wallet was discovered. Believing it may have been stolen in a burglary from a local home, a thorough canvass of the neighborhood was conducted by police officers and K-9 units from Greenburgh and Yonkers. Although no burglary was discovered, further investigation revealed the wallet had been stolen earlier in the day from a woman at a restaurant on Central Avenue in Yonkers. The subject has been placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Stolen Property and Resisting Arrest. Pending the return of a fingerprint request we made to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, we are unable to positively identify the suspect who gives his name as Younnis Massour Sharhan, age 20 of 4028 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York. The investigation is continuing and we will continue to explore a possible connection between this suspect and our Edgemont burglaries.

The Greenburgh police dept deserves to be commended for this apprehension. We can reduce the numbers of burglaries in Greenburgh if members of the community become partners in the process. The town has a crime prevention unit headed by Police Officer Peter Dandreano. His number is 682-5334. The Greenburgh Police Department has the only full time Crime Prevention Unit in Westchester County. Police Officer Peter Dandreano is assigned to the unit as the Crime Prevention Officer

What is Crime Prevention?
It’s the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it. The Crime Prevention Officer's position is to work with the community, get the community involved in law enforcement, and be a readily available resource to the community for its safety needs. This involvement can be with individuals, civic groups, or businesses. The primary focus of this program is to go to these individuals or groups and give recommendations on personal, residential, and business safety.

Some of the programs that are available through the Greenburgh Police Department Crime Prevention Unit are: neighborhood watch programs, safety talks and safety fairs. If your neighborhood is interested in reducing the potential for crime you should give him a call. We need your help in fighting crime.
Yesterdays apprehension occurred in Edgemont. The town cannot prevent crime but we can take action steps to reduce serious crime. These are some statistics from Edgemont. Crime is still low and burglaries, robberies actually went down last year.


Offense Type 1998 2003 2007 2008



Assault (Felony)


Motor Vehicle Theft



hal samis said...

Some questions based upon my reading of the attempt to report a routine incident and make it fit into an unsustainable premise.

"one of the Greenburgh police officers in Edgemont spotted a male suspect"
Was this officer a member of the crime prevention unit? Are all officers members of the crime prevention unit?

"a male suspect acting suspiciously"
What does this mean? Walking in Edgemont?

"began to interview him"
One of the Supervisor's outreach efforts to find jobs for those unemployed?

"further investigation revealed the wallet had been stolen earlier in the day from a woman at a restaurant on Central Avenue in Yonkers."
So either the Yonkers Police were on the job and had alerted the Greenburgh Police of a crime (claimed stolen vs. lost; or if a robbery, a description of the perp) or the "suspect" might have been only seeking to return the wallet to its rightful owner, perhaps hoping for a reward.

"we are unable to positively identify the suspect"
So that is reason not to believe that the name he gave is false and apparently he carried no identification on him or maybe HIS wallet was stolen...

"a possible connection between this suspect and our Edgemont burglaries"
OK the guy was apprehended in Edgemont but the Police, not even certain of his name, are already "connecting" him as a suspect.

Now the clips above appears to be from a release from the Police Department and smart Edgemonters seeking to establish insurance claims will see the opportunity when the Police have a suspect in captivity and "no burglarly was discovered".

However, it is the second part of the post, that written by the Supervisor that is more interesting.

Nothing from the above Police Report indicates anything that has to do with Crime Prevention.

Perhaps Mr. Feiner you will return to the free-throw line and try and explain just exactly what your point is. And is the first line of the stats category, 1998 or 2008? And why the varying time intervals: 5 years from 1998/2003; 4 years 2003/2007; 1 year 2007/2008? Why choose the period 1998-2003, for example?

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Hal wants you!
Go get em

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Hal said.

Where are the Hartsdale stats?

Here are my stats:

4 houses on my block. Next door neighbor burglarized 2007. My car was broken into in my driveway a few monts ago. GPS stolen.

Crime up 50% on my block in Hartsdale in the past 2 years.

1998, 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,




Anonymous said...


Crimes have been committed on 50% of the homes on my block in the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

the crime is up because the police are deployed in the wrong areas.
they are in Ambulances, tech rescue,police camp, basketball tournament in edgemont(how many officers were assigned to this detail?) they should only worry about patrol(prevention) and Swat. I saw a haz-mat truck outside the police station last week, who drives this. doesn't the fire dept's have the same equipment? if so, again duplication

Anonymous said...

The police are over in Fairview.

Anonymous said...

Duh. The police are SUPPOSED to catch criminals. Why the news flash.

Anonymous said...

you are all losers. We catch them you bitch. When it's your house or cave like Hal the tune changes.

Anonymous said...

the problem is, you don't catch them that often. you are usually off doing something else!

Anonymous said...

Please provide readers with the street where crime has gone up 50% in Hartsdale. Is this for real or a blog-fib? Too manhy people make things up on this blog

Anonymous said...

It's for real & I won't be giving out my address to anonymous bloggers.

My point was not to slam the police, I think they're great, but to use my real life stats to highlight what can be done with numbers if used like Paul likes to use them.

Fun with numbers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the town board and their lack of interest in what’s going on with the buildings on Manhattan Ave. The crime rate will sky rocket in the next few months. Since hard working residents are being driven out to make way of Section 8 people from anywhere in the county. Since most seem to be people whose teenagers hang in hallways selling drugs and wearing gang colors. Crime can do nothing but go up. Also with the increase of homeless young men hanging in those same hallways what else could be expected.
Who cut the police budget? I guess we will have to hide in our own home at night thanks to the town board that slept the whole deal on those building and is still sleeping. I thought sleeping on the job was grounds for termination .

Anonymous said...

people should not let their teenagers hang out. It's their own fault. try get the police from the office in 100 manhattan ave. out into the hallways. I never see them out of the office.

end the war said...

legalize drugs and watch the crime rate drop 90%

hal samis said...

Interesting point 6:27,

It started the following thought train.

Widely recognized...
Americans have always pondered the influence of those in the industries that produce weaponry and the resulting increased military involvement by the United States overseas.

For example, a bomber is produced with parts manufactured in every State so that Senators and Congressman everywhere will support the "defense" program and their constituents (read voters) will have jobs at these factories.

Everytime military hardware sales show signs of decline, a new hot spot seems to pop up.

With that as background and combined with your comment, how about this thought: drugs are kept illegal by the lobbyists from the law enforcement industry.

Drugs are harmful? So are tobacco and alcohol.

Without criminals, there would be less need for police, police cars and SWAT.

You can't have one without the other.

This was my non-Greenburgh thought for the month. Now back to the cave.

hal - you are right said...

the prison and correctional industry thrives on drug illegalization

not to mention other demagogues

hal samis said...

But let's take it a step further.
First, a baby step -- the Library. Librarians everywhere could see the handwriting on the wall. Computers mean fewer hard copies, less shelves, less space. That is why there has been a recent, feverish campaign to expand Libraries everywhere so that they can have a substantial turf to defend against the coming age when they will only be lending out kindle readers, loaning dvd downloads and fronting online reference rooms. Larger bricks and mortar require more staff and more staff requires higher paid Library Directors to oversee. How to justify costly expansions in the face of the coming storm?
Why re-invent the popular perception of a Library and emerge as a Cultural Center and day care provider. Ergo the Greenburgh Library of the future, paid for by you today.

Second, expanding the turf is not unique to libraries. Consider the Police Department. Just in case the war against crime becomes a success, will the Police work themselves out of a job? What if all the crims are caught or enlist to fight the bad guys overseas in return for being all they can be?
Well, why not re-invent the Police for peacetime. That's why the Greenburgh Police are so desperate to hold on to EMT services; run camps; install car seats and be trained, trained, trained and then trained some more at taxpayer expense. That's why we dispatch lone officers on patrol so that they can be summoned to join the crowd when a speeder is pulled over. It doesn't matter that a sector is left unguarded when the protocol is to meet (interview?) the perp with two or more responding units.
That way you can justify more Police vehicles in the capital budget. And like the Library, the more turf you grab, the more costly management is assumed and the more you pay or put up with from the guy dealing the cards. The real meaning of "what if someone were to die" is not a statistical analysis of the odds but the excuse for unchecked spending for the good of the Department. Can you spend enough to cover every possible circumstance? Can someone still die? Next time the Department requests more money and the what if someone were to die logic comes up, let's ask for a personal guarantee from the asker: if we give you the money and someone dies, how are you going to make taxpayers whole?

But maybe the new Chief will have some ideas of his own. Residents can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Hal go back to FOILing resumes of people who don't work for the Town.

Anonymous said...

Hal is right, there are not enough police on the road. stop sending them on ems calls and wasted training

Anonymous said...

Had we had the type of police officers from yesteryear in Greenburgh they would not have waited three hours to free the hostages at the midway store.
They didn't need the swat team they had plenty of guts needed to do the job that they were hired for.
These police officers with all their college degrees do didelyswat.
By the way how long did it take to muster the entire swat team ....check the journal news .,
Lets pray that they have nothing to do with homeland security.
If they act the way they did for this one incident we are all gonners.
The swat team is of no use.
The one time that it was used in a store robbery they did not even realize the harm that they put the hostages in.
Just imagine if the hostages were held at gunpoint??????
How many would be dead????????
Smarten up Feiner you're spending this kind of money for the swat team that can't get their act together.
OH a thought was this an training session??????????
If it was they failed big time.

Anonymous said...

Join the neighborhood watch....
police the streets.
If we had police persons that do what they were hired for and not just put in time for a good pension we would have safe neighborhoods.
You want us to watch ---then lower our taxes .
We can't do both pay out money for services that we do not receive and to boot, do the job of policing too.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is ridiculous. Even if the town had 1,000 police officers it would be impossible to prevent every crime from taking place. Criminals can break into homes in a matter of minutes. Neighborhood watch programs help the police do their job. It's not a substitute.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Criminals, What is the status of the following?


Police arrive at Community Center on Sept 13th
Upon their arrival, Valerie Whitehead abruptly leaves Center.
She doesn't return until 5 days later.
She doesn't contact staff.
At least 15 staff members are asked to report to Greenburgh Police for questioning.
Center’s security tapes taken by Police.
Time cards taken by Police.
5 p/t staff including Whitehead's nephew somehow put in 50 hours per week.
The Center is closed for evening programs during September.
Whitehead authorized these hires and their excessive hours without the knowledge of the Town Board.
Whitehead stops staff meetings.
Whitehead attempts to block transfer of James Robinson to Center.
Whitehead offers no statement on occurrence or explanation.


10/22/2008 7:43 AM

Anonymous said...

G.C. never stops. Still trying to throw Valerie Whitehead to the wolves. You need to spend less time on the blog and more time doing your job, which by the way is not done well. Just ask some of the Seniors who complain about your abilities or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

G.C. never stops. Still trying to throw Valerie Whitehead to the wolves. You need to spend less time on the blog and more time doing your job, which by the way is not done well. Just ask some of the Seniors who complain about your abilities or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

Whitehead Defending Whitehead

And just what part of the above isn't true about the former Acting Commissioner? You can play guessing games about who's posting what to misdirect and distract, but the facts remain regardless of a lack of follow up to the Police Investigation.Still those hoping for justice, in contrast to your vindictiveness, can take great pleasure every 2 weeks of the reminder to your demotion. That being a paycheck which has been cut in half.

Anonymous said...

The Police are NOT Wolves

Isn't it funny that when someone is in trouble and the Police help them, the Police are Heroes,when they did something wrong they are Wolves.

Anonymous said...

Whitehead Duties?

Does she have any responsibilities besides attacking those who put in an honest day's work? The public has a right to know.