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Week of February 8th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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Shall I call ?? Who ? said...

Who do you call if you see a White Plains bus # 748 racing down Dobbs Ferry Road. Skidding to a stop because the driver in front of him stoppped to make a turn. And who again do you see the same bus racing back with our children on board.

Anonymous said...

You call the bus company and the school district. Not relevant for a town government blog.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I have ask the Police Chief at a home meeting about the speeding on Dobbs Ferry Road. I have seen way to many accidents on Dobbs Ferry Road right at the intersection of Palisade Avenue. Poilce presents is a must. Please it is time to act before someone gets killed.

Anonymous said...

I have Called the bus company and I get the BS

cost and existence of tdycc said...

the tdycc has a budget of nearly 4 million dollars yet primarily serves only part of the town

the town code says its a townwide facility but its paid for only by unincorporated greenburgh

the town board spent months on the westhelp matter

why wont the town schedule a hearing on why the tdycc should continue in its present form?

its a racially divisive place that is pitting the town against itself.

its time for leadership not buck passing (or spending) in these perilous times.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the dangerous Sprain Road / Ardsley Road intersection:

"a more detailed statement which I will post when I receive"

Still awaiting Mr. Feiner's response. This is the type of thing that a town supervisor is supposed to be right on top of.

Anonymous said...

My personal experience with complaints to the White Plains Bus Co. is that they are very defensive and will protect their drivers.

town is inept said...

the town is inept
the developers of gel sprain up the road from that dangerous intersection should have been made to fund a study to improve the sight lines

if gel sprain is ever built, 30 plus houses with about 60 plus cars will be using that intersection - plus all the extra traffic these homes will require - maintenance personnel, family care, school buses ....

and where is the supervisor - on a campaign to abolish county government?

greenburgh voters are pretty dumb.

P. Leavy said...


Call White Plains Bus Co. & ask for Will Gladden (Transportation Mgr).


If you get no satisfaction call the Greenburgh Central BOE.

Some of the drives are known to be reckless but many families do not complain.

Please call! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If 4 fire departments responded to the fire last night, why shouldn't the fire departments be consolidated?

Anonymous said...

Study the benefits of consolidating the fire depts --that would make sense. Only take action if there is meaningful savings.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the sewer systems are backed up on Warren Ave, Oak Street; Maple Street the smell is unbearable. Doesn’t the town take care of such things .Or has sewage been cut from the budget too. Manhattan Ave. needs to checked too
Who do you call for these things? It stinks


I will contact public works. Please e mail me at if the problem is not corrected.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the smell came from last nights fire? Not the sewer system?

shame of greenburgh said...

why are kevin morgan and diana juettner and francis sheeehan - all who get health insurance from their job (or the town in morgan;s case as a retireee) given a stipend for the cost of the premiums the town would pay for their health car if they did not get it from their employer?

this double dip is an outrage that should be stopped.

with millions losing their jobs and health care - have these three no shame?

Anonymous said...

To 6:54 PM said...

Do you really want something as critical as a Fire Department under trhe control of Paul Feiner???????

Anonymous said...

2/10/2009 9:03 AM,
Very true for your comment. Mabe a public saftey commisioner similiar to what White Plains Has. He/she can oversee all emergency servicies in the town!

Anonymous said...

With all the talk of consolidation no one moves finger.
Lots of criticism and little action.
Why don't you get into action?
One thing you have to give to Mr. Feiner, like or not, is that he does not wait in his seat to get things moving.
How many of you will go out there and start to raise awareness.
Nothing too complicated, pass some flyers, create a web site etc etc.
Go out to the streets raise awareness and get some fresh air.
I'll do, see you there.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that under the circumstances with people getting health insurance etc., the benefits and stipend certainly should not be extended to either of the town council members who have coverage. Surely, Keven Morgan is double dipping. Stop this nonsense immediately and save the taxpayers this additional expense. Paul look into this and act on it.

Anonymous said...

The police have always been independent and non political. Consolidation of the 3 paid fire departments would save taxpayers significant dollars.

Anonymous said...

Putting anything more under Paul is ludicrous.

wrong to criticize said...

Health care benefits are part of the compensation to a town council member. If they also receive the benefit from an employer, or spouses employer, and elect not to enroll into the towns plan, that has a monetary value.

Chances are that if a spouse is carrying the health insurance, the employer is paying for the employee (spouse) and only part of the family which means it's costing the family money.

Having secondary insurance covers what the 1st plan does not and if I where to be lucky enough to be in a situation to have 2 separate coverage plans, I'd take advantage of it assuming both plans are afforadable to me. The plan I'm currently under is terrible and I end up paying thousands more each year for items the plan does not cover for my family.

If I elected not to enroll into the second plan, I'd expect compensation for not doing so.

Health care benefits are part of a compensation package. You can not expect one to fore go it without replacing it with something of value. You can not criticize anyone for benefiting from their rightful compensation. If you feel the town council members should not be entitled health benefits, you should lobby to have their compensation changed.

If you where an employer, would you pay your employees less or more based on what the spouse earns?

Of course not. It would be discrimination.

immoral conduct said...

we are in a fiscal emergency
what juettner morgan and sheehan are doing as public officials is immoral esp when people are losing their jobs and their healthcare coverage

sonja brown does not take the stipend but these other three do

shame shame shame
and more reasons to get rid of sheehan and juettner later this year in the primary

Anonymous said...

The Town already does plenty to subsidize Fairview at the expense of other unincorporated areas of town. Why would the rest of unincorporated served by the Hartsdale and Greenville Fire Districts favor consolidation when the reality is that, instead of saving money, they would end up subsidizing the Fairview Fire District? Every election year Feiner proposes consolidating the fire districts in an effort to buy votes in Fairview and to divert attention away from the Town's own problems. He's just doing it again. Expect him to start talking soon about consolidating the school districts, and then he'll be back on his eliminating county gov't shtick.

Anonymous said...

pardon me "GIVEN"

Anonymous said...

Habitat for humanity charges rent to residents. They do not give homes for free.

the danger of a one party state said...

as in rome - as in greenburgh
we need term limits and an end to the one party state run by political midgets

"It's unforgivable bishops were not consulted," he said. "The Vatican needs a system of checks and balances, just like any government."

The Rev. Thomas Reese of Georgetown University says there is a fatal systemic flaw in the decision-making process in the Vatican. "You need people with different ideas, not just loyalists, not just people who are yes men, but people who will actually argue and give different perspectives on a problem when it arises."

Anonymous said...

"He's just doing it again." And by now we should know well enough that it'll go no further, so just nod and smile and wait until he comes up with some other whim unrelated to his job responsibilities.

Comment deleted said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous said...

complain, complain, complain, Sheehan, Morgan, Juettner should just then get what are are rightfully entitled to a family medical health plan. So they opt for a buy out and save the town approx. 15,000.00 per. how stupid of them. Also the town does not pay into the State Retirement for Morgan because he is a retired police officer and not able to collect which saves the town a chunk of change. So when Kolesar gives out personnal info and Salmis tries to make it an issue get the facts straight. I worked with Morgan at police hqds and there was no more dedicated officer than he was. Make an issue where it really counts.

Anonymous said...

If you are jelous then run against them

Anonymous said...

Why does personal financial info remain on this blog when it's Sheehan, Juttner & Morgan yet personal financial info for Brown gets deleted?


Anonymous said...

Because they do not abstain on all votes and listen to Salmis, Kolesar, Rosenberg. They represent the whole town not just Fairview

Anonymous said...

Ask the chief Hal your buddy. You know someone could die if their coverage is lost

Marc Herman said...

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Anonymous said...

While watching tonight’s Town Board meeting. I wondered why is Sonja so defensive. Is it that she has done NOTHING as far as affordable housing .Etta Mae Barnes had a committee of 8 hard working people. Sonya has been in office for a year. What has she done? Why don’t residents want to work with her
Maybe she should give Eddie Mae a call and find out how to get the committee together again.
Sometime we have to realize that we are just not prepared

Please Explain said...

Bob Bernstein read a letter from the State Attorney General concerning the zoning changes made in Fulton Park. Could someone please explain what the charges would be in a case like this and the liklihood of a State Attorney General investigation into the matter. I think getting the AG involved is great if there is something that he can sink his teeth into.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to watch last nights meeting online. This is what I hear:
Mumble, mumble, mumble, board, yes, no mumble, yabba dabba do, blah, blah, mumble......

Why is it so difficult to get the sound right? This has been going on for EVER. It is a complete waste of money and time to broadcast these meetings if they can not be followed due to poor sound.

Sheesh. What does it take to get this done right?

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Oh no you ditnt diss me" responses from Belville & Brown when criticized. lol! Both were so out of line. Clearly neither will be dissed in public without dishing a retaliation verbal smack-down. In private, I'll bet it gets real ugly.

Anonymous said...

Sonya was right in defending herself the way she did with the town clerk.
The town clerk should be seen and not heard.
Since she was given the job she has taken over all meetings in making suggestios that are not part of her job.
She has been screwing up royally lately.
Last nights tidbit was the start of what is to come.
All the other town clerks never participated in conversations concerning town matters which were on the agendas.
This one seems to feel that she is one of the guys that has the last word on how things should be going.
I find her very pushy and arrogant.
In other words who died and left her boss.

what it will take said...

what will it take?
how about a competent town manager?
how about someone with technical experience on the town board?
how about someone who puts the public before themselves and their re-election efforts?
how about someone who truly believes in open government and not just lip service to the concept.

Anonymous said...

Sonja was completely disrespectful to that woman who spoke about affordable housing. Since Sonja acknowledge that the woman was before her on several occasions why didn't Sonja find the time to contact the woman herself to resolve any issue or to correct any misinformation the woman had? Sonja was disrespectful to the woman suggesting that the woman never contacted HER. What the heck? The woman has been appealing to Sonja at every town board meeting.

I guess that wasn't enough for Queen Sonja. She wanted the woman to do more.

Sonja was wrong and behaved badly, mocking the woman at one point, and she fooled no one with that "I'll take time away from my family" BS.

You were dissed Sonja and you didn't like it so you made a mockery of that woman who stood before you on at least 10 different occasions.

Why do you feel it is not your job to respond to her? Because she didn't contact you personally? WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Response to question about Atty General complaint: Anyone can file a complaint with the AG's office. There is no possibility that the AG will find the town at fault for approving workforce housing and amending the zoning code.
Bob wants a headline in the Scarsdale Inquirer "AG TO INVESTIGATE TOWN BD". The charge gets the headlines. The dismissal does not. Dirty politics.

Feiner playing "dirty politics" said...

Anon at 11:05 doesn't get it and probably never will.

Bernstein didn't file a complaint against the Town Board with the state Attorney General. Residents of Fulton Park did. And they didn't complain about the Town approving "workforce housing." They complained about the Town Board changing the substance of a zoning code change without notice and a hearing, which is illegal. That action by the Town Board, which was done in cahoots with Westhab, deprived residents in this Town of their right to be heard. And that's why the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau is investigating.

You can't hold a hearing on a zoning change to define "workforce housing" as housing for those earning between 60 and 120% of the area average, and then, without any warning, change the definition
to between 30 and 80%. Because at Westhab's proposed building, which is mostly studios and one-bedrooms, that means housing not for the area workforce, but for those earning very low incomes. And the reason for the change was simple: Westhab didn't want housing for the "workforce" -- that was a gimmick. What they and their lenders needed instead was Section 8 housing for the very poor.

All Bernstein did was bring the AG's investigation to the attention of the Town Board. And he did so to urge the Town Board to follow the law because in America, because no matter how worthy the objective, the ends don't justify the means.

If the AG's Public Integrity Bureau finds that the zoning change the Town Board enacted for Westhab was illegal because the Town Board didn't follow proper procedures, Westhab may not get its funding. Now wouldn't that be ironic?

Anonymous said...

Sonya was right this lady only goes after her.
The vote was five in favor for the Fulton Park project.

The lady should go after all the board members.

She has signaled out Sonya from the onset.
Yes the board did in its entire screw the residents,but we forget that one person does not work alone.
Feiner knew from the onset how the ruling was to be made so he instructed his board how they should be voting.
Each one is looking for reelection and what better way to get votes from the rest of the town by screwing one part.

Anonymous said...

11;42 may be right that Westhab won't get the funding. But the zoning laws have been changed for the entire town. Ain't that a drag.

hal samis said...

Let's take a closer look at this even though it was not me or even someone named Salmis that is "thought" to have brought it up recently. I did raise the issue some months ago, however. Like I raised the issue years ago regarding the then existing Town Board. And if there's a new Town Board in 2010, who knows?

The Town Council positions are PART-TIME positions, a fact brought up again last night when they said they aren't always able to read the most current emails re Town business -- they have day jobs. I don't have a problem with this.

Still, how many part-time positions provide the benefits that the members of the Town Council receive. These benefits certainly make it an attractive job not to mention the salary (near $30,000).

And how did these part-time jobs generate such rewarding compensation? Not by State Law but by vote of the Town Board (not the current Town Board). Anyone in the real world get paid healthcare (a very, very costly policy) and retirement benefits from a part-time job?

Since anonymous at 5:54 yesterday chooses to use the number $15,000 as the cost (where did he get that number, from Kolesar) then I'll go with it and say: if the Town Board truly is concerned about rising taxes (didn't they visit all Greenburgh to determine that residents are upset) and wanted to reduce costs, then they should eliminate this expensive perk. Because, again, where else do part-time jobs provide for this? And, at a time when they are asking full-time town employees to forgo COL raises and to pay toward their health plans, what the Town Council is rewarding itself with stands out like a lightning rod for resident criticism.

So when it becomes public knowledge (we do know something about their other life) that members of the Town Council get health care from other plans (perhaps from their spouses, or from the Town) it becomes a reasonable issue. First, that they get health coverage at all for their Council jobs AND then that if they don't take it, they get an additional reward not to take it.

Yes, they could be spiteful and take the more costly health coverage and it would cost taxpayers more.
But, doesn't that present a sensitive image problem (say at election time) when defending the town budget they voted for -- one they said eliminated all the fluff.

And what does Kevin Morgan's record as a police officer have to do with any of this?

greedy and shameless said...

hal makes good points but what is truly galling is mr sheehan saying we are in a fiscal emergency and yet he takes the stipend.

today's journal news reports that some school administrators are foregoing raises so others can stay employed.

remember folks, we taxpayers are paying for the largesse of sheehan, juettner and morgan.

these folks are public officials and should be leading by example not just reaching into our pockets for the part time work they do.

call it greed or whatever you want, what these three are doing is wrong. at least brown does not take the money.

fire sheehan and juettner in 2009 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

While greedy part-time, members of the town board get extra money for their positions, others who work part-time for the town get no perks. This unfair practice must end. I urge Paul Feiner to show leadership at this most difficult time and move to end the health care stipend benefits since it is not needed for Sheehan, Morgan Juettner
Paul, you asked for cost savings ideas, here's one that can save the struggling tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's wife works full time for a law firm which provides full health care coverage for his entire family. Does Feiner take the stipend too?

Anonymous said...

Does the town pay 100% of a council members health insurance?

Does it pay 100% for their family?

Dear 11:42 said...

Was the letter that Bob read a letter stating that the AG's Office WAS investigating the Town or was it a letter stating that it was investigating the complaint. Basically what I am asking is has a full blown investigation by the New York State Attorney General commenced against the Town?? If so, this is major and welcomed news indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Feiner has health insurance via his spouse. Feiner also lives in a gated community where he doesn't have to schlep his trash to the curb. His grass is weed free too. Why? Because the landscapers over at Boulder Ridge use weed killer.

You've all seen the weeds around town. Remember our once lush parks? Veterans? Presser? Dirt & weeds. Now we have to live with our weed infested fields and meridians because Feiner does not allow weed killer to be used. Oh no!

How ironic.

Anonymous said...

The letter that Bernstein read at last night's town board meeting said that the Office of the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau was investigating a complaint from residents of Fulton Park that the Town had acted illegally in connection with the Westhab zoning change.

Bernstein said that by unanimous votes of its directors, the ECC had passed a resolution earlier in the month directing that if the Town Board didn't rectify its error by February 17, that he too write a letter to the Attorney General complaining of the same thing.

The Public Integrity Bureau has assigned a complaint number to the investigation. It appears that at least six Fulton Park residents filed complaints with the Attorney General's office. What happens next is anybody's guess.

Anonymous said...
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stop the greedy three said...

paul feiner is a full time employee
i do not believe he gets any stipend for healthcare.

sonja brown gets her health care thru her employer - i believe she does not take any stipend

the other three - morgan, juettner and sheehan should be run out of time for their greedy dipping into the till while their constituents are struggling.

wake up folks said...

Can someone please tell me why the 2009 proposed TDYCC budget shows only a 2% decrease over 2008?

Community Center
Less than 1%

Fairview Greenburgh Pool-
2008- 744,888
2009- 683,734

2008- $3,811,488
2009- $3,732,962
- $78,526


7%= $214,662

Where are the cuts?

The proposed 2009 Theodore D. Young
Community Center budget, like the Parks Department, reflects reductions of approximately 7% or
more compared to 2008.
Under new management, a total departmental review of all components of
the operation is already in progress. The Center will increase fees and secure program and activity
sponsors to defray costs such as summer camp trips. The Center will also pursue creating
entrepreneurial initiatives that will provide monetary benefits to the Town.

What is this? Does the town think that no one will actually look at the budget?

Dear 2:41 said...

Thank you for the info.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:39 is one sick puppy.

Bernstein is a highly respected senior litigation partner in a Manhattan law firm with an enviable roster of clients, including the federal government. He wasn't "let go" from anywhere and any suggestion that he was is the kind of ugly malicious personal attack that one comes to expect on Feiner's blog from Feiner's supporters. If they can't attack his arguments, which they can't, Feiner and friends just attack the man personally. That's Feiner's trademark, he's done it throughout his political career, and I'm just glad that Bernstein has never been intimidated by such crap.

Bernstein is very active in community affairs and does a lot of pro bono work. One of his matters is on behalf of a Town resident who has been singled out for harassment and retaliation by the Town's building department for criticizing Feiner and others at Town Board meetings.

Anon at 3:39 may well be one of the town's employees who's participating in such harassment. It sure sounds like it.

Smack Down Brown said...

Oh yes! That Brown. She's saving us all tons of money. Such a selfless soul she is. Isn't she an angel. LMAO.

The other three can't hold a candle to her thievery. No sir.

We can talk about her theft here as Paul removes any post that mentions her questionable financial gains. No Mame.

Just look at the information posted at 4:01. Who's pockets are getting lined? Let's see...Patricia Roper gets fired as Aquatic Director. This is the lions share of the entire $78,526 cut in the TDYCC budget.

Why has she be fired? Because she blew the whistle of the thieves that are still collecting paychecks courtesy of the good citizens of Greenburgh. Good job Sonja! I think we should give her a raise! She gets to fire the snitch and the center gets to take credit for a budget cut. 7% right? 7 looks like 2, right? It does. Squint your eyes. see? Close enough!

Only in Greenburgh......

Iownya Brown said...

We can't talk about her theft here as Paul removes any post that mentions her questionable financial gains. No Mame.

I spy said...

Here's another goody:

Daycare center aka Lois Bronz
2008- $111,520
2009- $142,517
+ $30,997

*Blink Blink* Huh?

Dear 11:42 said...

How Long do you think it takes for the State Attorney General to decide whether or not to investigate the Town??????

hal samis said...

Here's something else to hate Bob Bernstein for.

Wasn't it Bob Bernstein who asked the Town Board last night: 'where is the approved budget?'

Isn't it long overdue?
Isn't it enough that the Town Board has now created the option of amending the budget at will? And this follows those ever present but mysterious "budget transfers".
Given that "flexibility" and given that Mr. Sheehan presented the tentative budget as 'different this year' because it was not just the "Supervisor's budget" but the budget of the whole Town Board because they all worked so hard together and thus alleviating the need for changes other than errors or typos.

So, where is it? Mr. Sheehan has already told us about the fiscal crisis and the problems in the nation's economy necessitating the big, big bite from the Fund Balance to pay down the tax increase to a marketable under 8% level (unless you are unfortunate enough to be both a senior citizen and owning a long driveway).

So where is it? Whom do we ask?
The Town Supervisor aka Chief Financial Officer? Mr. Sheehan?
Edy McCarthy? Tim Lewis?

Pity is that the Town's Comptroller doesn't know either. It has been out of hands for weeks now. Say hello to him; he sits at the back of the meeting but no one ever calls on him regarding financial matters.

Maybe things have gotten to the point that residents have to file a FOIL request just to see the budget; maybe to own your own copy it's now going to cost 25 cents a page.

Well, there's only a few more months before The Journal News gets interested in their annual review of Sunshine laws.

Maybe then, the Town Board will "let the sun shine in". In Greenburgh, the last two years have been the dawning of the Age of Nefarious".

I spy said...

whoops! Also Lois Bronz:
30 Manhattan Ave
heat, electrical, water, maintenance:
2009- $58,517

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear "Wake Up Folks":

I provided the analysis that members of the Town Board have used / quoted regarding the decrease in year to year budget amounts for the combined Community Center / Pool budgets. I stand 100% behind my analysis. My spreadsheet will not fit on this blog, so if you will email me in the office I would be more than happy to provide it to you and answer any questions that you may have. By the way, the analysis indicates that on an "apples to apples" basis, the decrease in budget to budget on a combined basis is 8.37%.

Topside there are two major factors that explain this: first, the Community Center budget includes $150,000 in "incremental" spending, however, that "incremental" spending is covered (funded) by the Lanza grant; second, you will notice a considerable increase in the "I" fund allocation in 2009. That is because 5 individuals were moved from the Community Center budget and placed in the "I" fund, but the I fund allocates all of its costs including fringe benefits. When one adjusts for this change, one gets the results I cited above.

If you want to discuss, please email / call.

Anonymous said...

Does Valarie Whitehead still work
at TDYCC? If so what's her title?

P. Leavy said...

Mike, I would like to see a copy of your spreadsheet as well if possible.

I have looked over the budget. I'm confused. I have a few questions.

The TYCC budget has added to line7310.900 "Interfund Transfers" from 2008 41K to a tentative $410.8K. in 2009. That's a huge jump.???
Building maintenance? This number that makes the budget look flat. What is this?

TYCC Budget has these lines removed-
Sr Youth aid 41K
Maintenance laborer- 51K
2 cleaners- 84K
2 care takers- 47K
2 Maint Mech- 59K
General foreman- 74K
Dispatcher 43K
Sr Acct. clerk-51K

Some of these costs have been added to the "I" fund. So, they haven't disappeared. Moved. If items are moved do we say budgets are cut?

I see the 150K Xposure/Lanza but where are the matching town funds?

I will email you for a copy of your spreadsheet but can you explain these items to me as well. I would like a better understanding and I would appreciate your help.

Time to cut said...

Question have you seen the news?TREEs are falling and people are being killed. Property is being damaged . WHY ? Failure to properly trim the trees. So Mr. Feiner,could I ask when the are the town trees going to be trimmed.Isn't it easier to trim the trees when there are No leaves? Before someone gets KILLED!

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Ms. Leavy:

5 positions were moved from the direct control / administration of the Community Center: (from memory) the general foreman, 2 cleaners and 2 maint mechanics. These went to the "I" fund, but were allocated back at 80% to the Community Center, since their principal, but not sole responsibility will be the Community Center. Without boring you with certain fund accounting requirements, the fringe benefits associated with these individuals is also allocated back. Note that virtually no other "cost centers" in either the "A" or "B" budgets have fringe benefits allocated back to them. I had estimated this cost at $92,000. It wasn't there in 2008, so if you are trying to compare an "apples to apples" budget, in my view one must remove it from 2009's budget for this comparative calculation.

With respect to the Lanza grant, you will see on page 86 of the Supervisor's preliminary budget, revenue line B.27.2705.13 in the amount of $167,500. $17,500 is going towards capital items and the remainder funds the cost of $150,000 shown in line 7310.409.8. First, this expenditure doesn't cost the taxpayers anything as it is covered by the Lanza grant noted above. That is not to say that there are no costs to the taxapyers for this program, but only that $150,000 is funded. This was not in the 2008 budget, and therefore I conclude that again one must adjust this out if one wants an "apples to apples" comparison.

Therefore if you take the amounts cited by "Wake up folks" and subtract from the 2009 budget amounts the $242,000 noted above, I believe that one gets an 8.3% reduction.

3,066 + 744 = 3,810 2008 budget
3,049 + 684 = 3,733 less 242 = 3,491. (3810 - 3,491 = 319 divided by 3,810 = 8.37% reduction.

Hope this helps all.

91.93 miles to go said...

assuming we have an 8.37% reduction we still need
another 91.63% reduction

the tdycc should not be run by the town of greenburgh and its budget should not be allocated to the B fund (tov) taxpayers

Anonymous said...

what does tov tand for?

Anonymous said...

tov stands for town outside villages -- in other words, the unincorporated area of Greenburgh

P. Leavy said...

Thank you Mike for the explanation. From your information I conclude that there are no "cuts" in the 2009 TDYCC tentative budget. Movement yes. Cuts no. In fact, there are many line item increases.


please explain:

the estimated 2008 TDYCC budget was $3,066.600 and the ACTUAL 12/31/08 estimate is $2,937.473 (129,200 less than budgeted for 2008).
Why are we not cutting from the actual budget and not the inflated estimaate? In fact, if you look at the tentative 2009 TDYCC budget it appears that you are adding a 4% increase to last years actual costs.

The line items that show decreases in the 2009 budget do so because these are closer to actual expenditures. There have been no staff cuts except for Pat Roper. I've been told that one PT cleaner was let go and that position shifted to make another PT cleaner FT.

Can you please explain what programs have been cut? To my knowledge there was over $100,000 spent on camp trips in 2008 to amusement parks and those expenses are in lines 409.0,409.1,409.2,409.3,409.4.(total $174K)

Why is there $146K still in those lines for 2009?

Anonymous said...

Tommorrow is Valentines day, get that loved one flowers to avoid being in the dog house!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If the Greenburgh Police Chief assumes control of the 3 paid fire districts - what would be the savings to the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

If Herb Rosenberg wants neighborly cooperation on Veterans, he would demand that TDYCC be given to the Y. Instead he says ooh, TOV stuff, not our business. Herb, you cant have it both ways, if you want cooperation on Veterans, that waste of money, TDYCC, should be put up for bids.

Anonymous said...

No combination of Fire Districts -- it would be just a way to subsidize Fairview MORE.

ed krauss said...

Who is a blog administrator, and why was my posting deleted?

I did not say anything of a personal, non political nature.

You, Mr. Feiner, constantly talk about "open government." Well criticism of your governace is part of open government. It's called "Freedom of Speech."

If on the other hand you have a philosophy of "it's my ball, and I say wh can play," stop the pretence of open government.

If you don't lokewhat I say, rebut it...don't arbitrarily, and unilaterally delete it.

That's what is done in totalitarian states

Either put it back, rebut it or stop claiming Greenburgh has an "open government."

Herb Rosenberg said...

I try to be polite, but it is difficult when fools like Anonymous at 3:45 write and put words into my mouth that I never said.

Show mw where I said "ooh, TOV stuff, not our business" about the TDYCC or anything similar about the TDYCC for that matter. And identify yourself if you have the cojones to do so. Then maybe you will be entitled to an answer other than a description of your nonsensical blog.

Paul Feiner said...

This blog is designed to focus on issues. If bloggers focus on issues (not personalities) blog comments will be posted.

Anonymous said...

Personalities are fair game and postings about them should not be deleted unless they are slanderous, Otherwisw this blog will be censor heaven

Anonymous said...

I saw Krauss' posting this morning. It criticized town board members, starting with Feiner, and called on the community to come forward with new candidates to replace them. I can't think of anything more in keeping with the First Amendment than that. No one was slandered. But Feiner evidently has a thin skin. Krauss' comments shouldn't have been removed.

Anonymous said...

If Krauss, Samis, Bernstein, Priser
have all the solutions for the town, tell them to run in November!

Anonymous said...

More people will read the blog comments if the personal attacks stop and if the blog is not used to promote or oppose candidates. Blog comments from Herb Rosenberg or P Leavy (and even some of the library commentaries from hal Samis) are perfect examples of constructive blogging.
We should be civil in our disagreements. We should debate the issues. The facts will elect or unelect candidates more than slander or defamation.
Many people are tuning out to this blog because of the juvenile attacks.If we provide readers with constructive commentary more people in the town will read what we have to say. They won't be disgusted by the blog.

ed krauss said...

2/14 9:17 PM

TRUTH is neither slander nor defamation.

HOW an elected official(s) administrate(s) or DOESN'T, IS an issue, and not a personal attack.

When you choose to be in the public eye, ALL your PUBLIC behavior is in play.

IF you, like an earlier poster had the ephemeral opportunity to read my posting, you would see that I violated no caveats regarding PERSONAL attacks.

IF you didn't see it, how can you classify it as one?

Rebutting this administration is the RIGHT of anyone in or out of Greenburgh.

Telling someone "they're doing a bad job," IS CONSTRUCTIVE.

Pointing out WHERE and HOW they did the Town WRONG, is CONSTRUCTIVE.

Anonymous said...

Please go to the article on the JN today about the court audit:

Anonymous said...

Ed: You would do this blog a big favor if you would stop shooting from the hip, stop personalizing your attacks and if you started to do some homework.
Hal frequently provides readers with detailed info backing up his position. Herb does the same. Pat asks good questions.
Your comments are nasty but not helpful to the blog.

Anonymous said...

Krauss, you are confused. This blog is not Greenburgh government and you have no First Amendment rights to be on it. It is Mr. Feiner's blog and he is free to delete what he wants. That he tolerates half the stuff on this is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 2/15 11:52 AM;

"That he tolerates half the stuff on this is amazing."

Sorry, but the "fools" are the Samis', Krauss' , Rosenbergs' etc plus the anonymous posters who tell Paul where is is vulnerable for FREE.

I just watched another rerun of The Godfather. One of the many great lines uttered is "Keep your "Friends" close, but keep your enemies closer" This blog helps Paul know where he is vulnerable and gives him the "opportunity" to craft his "story" accordingly. STOP GIVING HIM HIS DEFENSES. Post elsewhere. Find a different on line medium to vent that he CAN"T SEE.

Oh well, some people never learn.

Good luck folks. Paul is laughing all the way at you.

Anonymous said...

This blog provides value to all. The points raised help town officials reevaluate decisions, to learn about controversies before they become public. That is good.
If bloggers want to improve Greenburgh keep on posting. If bloggers want to embarrass town officials go elsewhere--its the same 20 people reading the blog every day.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. This is a "keep your enemy closer" venue. It also gives Paul a heads up on what bullets he needs to dodge. It's a completely self serving medium for Paul and there maybe only 20 that comment, but there are many more that read. Lurkers.

So, now that Paul will freely delete comments, it serves no purpose for the public, for ugly comments or not, these comments contain more truths than Paul will ever give us.

It's his blog. He can do whatever he likes with it. I suggest you all find another forum to discuss matters. One that he can't read.
Why continue to aid him and arm him with a defense?

ed krauss said...

2/15 9:07AM
If you think I'm shooting "from the hip," and my criticism(s) have no merit,surely the correct response would be to debate with me; shoot me dowm...NOT delete me.

If my comments are nasty,yet accurate, so be it. If they're nasty without merit, feel free to point out why and where.

As far as "homework" is concerned, please be more specific about issues I've commented on where I didn't "do my homework."

"Not being helpful to the Blog," is, you must admit, one man's opinion, yours.

Have you amassed a body of knowledge to prove whether my postings are or are not "helpful to the blog?"

I put my name to everything I post on this blog, nasty or otherwise. Critics, like you, as unnasty as your posting seems, DON'T. For all I know, you can be somone with a vested interest trying to "soften"the TRUTH from my postings.

To 3:47PM
The truth hurts, and if Feiner can't stand the heat, he should rethink this blog.

From my take, "forewarned is forearmed." This blog gives him incites into how the opposition thinks. In essence, it's most likely helpful to him.

Paul Shew said...

Hey Paulie my boy!

Krauss gotcha down? Don't like what he says? No problem! Don't be such an armature by deleting his blog comments. That's kinda time consuming. You seem the type to be creative in handling these pie holes. Take a page outta my book. It's easy!

You seem concerned about this Krauss guys ramblings. They sound a bit "off" don't they?
Being the good man that your are, don't you think it's in his best interests if you send a physciatrist over there to check on the guy? I mean, that really would the the humanaterian thing to do, right?

Easy peasy! Problem solved!!

Call me anytime you need more help in silencing those pesky big mouths you have over there. I have lots of fun tricks I can show ya.

No need to thank me. Happy to help out a brother in need.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know said...


is there any truth to the rumor that the State Attorney General has started an investigation into Greenburgh affairs?????

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think Paul would release that information? Come on! Paul would hide that until an AG report was released.

Arte Johnson said...

VERRRRY INTERESTING. Not funny but verrrrrry interesting!


At a Town Board meeting some residents (opponents of WESTHAB) indicated that they have filed a complaint with the AG's office. The complaint objects to the rezoning that will allow WESTHAB to build workforce housing. Complaints filed with the Attorney General's office get a file number.
Anyone can file a complaint--whether its baseless or not. I would be shocked if the AG's office finds that the town did anything wrong--approving affordable housing in the town. The goal of the complainers was to get a headline.

Anonymous said...


Please stop with the derogatory personal comments. The goal of many people unhappy with the Westhab spot rezoning was that the town respect its own zoning and act in accordance with state law.

westhab scam said...

section 8 is not what was promised
but its what feiner and his gang are willing to deliver

section 8 is not workforce housing

Anonymous said...

Don't be so self-satisfied Paul. Of all the hurtful things that you have done, Westhab is the worst and the most vicious. It makes me wonder if you have any sense at all. You sure don't have any understanding. I'm sure that if the Westhab people offered to sell Greenburgh the Tappan Zee Bridge you woud take them at their word that they can sell it to you, at a bargain.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with affordable housing?

Feiner still doesn't get it said...

Feiner's post last night dismissing the complaint that was filed with Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau is almost word for word with an anonymous entry Feiner posted last week saying the same thing. The response, however, Feiner continues to ignore. Here's the original post, and the response. Feiner just doesn't get it. Instead, he belittles those raising the complaints instead of trying to address the problems that are raised.

Anonymous said...
Response to question about Atty General complaint: Anyone can file a complaint with the AG's office. There is no possibility that the AG will find the town at fault for approving workforce housing and amending the zoning code.
Bob wants a headline in the Scarsdale Inquirer "AG TO INVESTIGATE TOWN BD". The charge gets the headlines. The dismissal does not. Dirty politics.

2/12/2009 11:05 AM

Feiner playing "dirty politics" said...
Anon at 11:05 doesn't get it and probably never will.

Bernstein didn't file a complaint against the Town Board with the state Attorney General. Residents of Fulton Park did. And they didn't complain about the Town approving "workforce housing." They complained about the Town Board changing the substance of a zoning code change without notice and a hearing, which is illegal. That action by the Town Board, which was done in cahoots with Westhab, deprived residents in this Town of their right to be heard. And that's why the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau is investigating.

You can't hold a hearing on a zoning change to define "workforce housing" as housing for those earning between 60 and 120% of the area average, and then, without any warning, change the definition
to between 30 and 80%. Because at Westhab's proposed building, which is mostly studios and one-bedrooms, that means housing not for the area workforce, but for those earning very low incomes. And the reason for the change was simple: Westhab didn't want housing for the "workforce" -- that was a gimmick. What they and their lenders needed instead was Section 8 housing for the very poor.

All Bernstein did was bring the AG's investigation to the attention of the Town Board. And he did so to urge the Town Board to follow the law because in America, because no matter how worthy the objective, the ends don't justify the means.

If the AG's Public Integrity Bureau finds that the zoning change the Town Board enacted for Westhab was illegal because the Town Board didn't follow proper procedures, Westhab may not get its funding. Now wouldn't that be ironic?

2/12/2009 11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:53.

Anonymous said...

*waves to Paul @ 10:05*

Question For Everyone said...

What are the thoughts of an Attorney General timetable? It seems fairly clear cut, either the Town violated the law or they didn't. Not much investigation required. How long do you think it will take for them to render a judgement????

Anonymous said...

The complaint filed with the AG's office is so frivolous. Not a serious complaint.

Anonymous said...

The AG complaint may not be so frivolous. The Edgemont Community Council passed a unanimous resolution directing its president to write to the Attorney General to complain about the Town's failure to comply with the law when it changed the zoning code for Westhab, and its refusal to correct matters when the issue was brought to its attention. And the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations is expected to do the same. Feiner may not like the fact that the AG's Bureau of Public Integrity is looking into what he did, but this may not be so easily shrugged off as he might like. It's not about affordable housing; it's about respect for the law.

Anonymous said...

how many people are actually in the Edgemont community council?
seems like there are only 4 to 5.
how many civic associations are involved or are active in civic association council. All I ever hear about is Edgemont (of course),
Beaver Hill(Ella P) and Secor Rd.(who?)

Anonymous said...

The assumption that the TDYCC is used by only residents of Fairview is truly unfounded. TDYCC is a town-wide facility which is used by residents through-out the town. When the town accepted Federal and State grants to build and later renovate the center, it was with the agreement that the town would provide operating funds. Although there are some free programs, there are others for which there is a fee.