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Week of February 15th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

how many people are actually in the Edgemont community council?
seems like there are only 4 to 5.
how many civic associations are involved or are active in civic association council? All I ever hear about is Edgemont (of course),
Beaver Hill(Ella P) and Secor Rd.(who?)

hal samis said...

Last Wednesday, a miracle happened on Hillside Avenue. The Town Board meeting ended just before 11:00 and there was not only 3 minute Public comment (submitted questions were even answered before Public comment) but also time for 5 minute Public comment (seven helpings) and several extended Public Hearings.

There were compliments and criticisms for the Town Board -- and even though the criticism far outnumbered the compliments, the Government did not fall; the night's business got done and there were no shouting matches.
Even Mr. Sheehan got to present several lengthy tutorials

What happened?

First, the meeting started promptly at its scheduled time, 7:30.
Second, there were no bits of theater and frou frou before getting down to business. What a difference when the first 45 minutes to an hour of the meeting is not occupied by police promotions (could be handled during the day at the police HQ -- when was the last time, if ever, the boss, you, friends and family, celebrated a coworker's promotion during a business meeting); no Xposure program to celebrate that it is now a MOVEMENT and kids are investing not just their "$3 salary but $400; no inconclusive report from NYS on the Tappan Zee Bridge; no certificates of appreciation for residents, employees, etc. All the matters that take up time to stage and set aside time for the participants and witnesses' mass exit.

Just 100% all business.

And business got done. The Town Board listened, heard from the Public and perhaps some changes were in store before the night's Resolutions got passed or the Hearings are decided.

I don't mean to present the false hope that all was fun and games and the lions and lambs sat down together in peace and harmony. It could have been better; it could have been worse. What it did show was that hearing from the Public does not by itself lead to a declaration of the riot act; that hearing from the Public does not itself cause the meeting to run late and that hearing from the Public does not end with mass resignations from the Town Board.

Were this only the template for the future.

allin said...

Paul can you please tell me how much money did the town collect for the sanitation back door pick up fee of 300.00

Anonymous said...

I'ld like to know how much commercial garbage that CRP is sneaking in with homeowner trash? But wait -- No one cares. Lets see how much our tipping fees go up -- bet its more than the "savings"

Anonymous said...

Regarding the town's neglect of a four-way stop at Ardsley/Sprain Roads, we're still awaiting from Mr. Feiner "a more detailed statement which I will post when I receive."

Paul, Answer This One said...


Will you call for the resignation of Tim Lewis if the State Attorney General initiates an investigation into the zoning switch at Fulton Park? He is the Town Attorney and obviously advised the Town Board on the legalities of the zoning change. If the AG decides to investigate, the advice that Mr. Lewis gave you was wrong and illegal. Will you then call for his resignation or will you continue to keep on a Town Attorney whose advice is so poor that it triggers an investigation by the State Attorney General's Office?

Feiner's the problem, as well as Lewis said...

It's hard to call for the resignation of the town attorney when the town attorney merely rendered the opinion that Feiner himself wanted to hear because Feiner insisted that the town board proceed to do the zoning change, with the last minute changes to the definition of workforce housing, even if to do so wasn't legal. The way Feiner put it at the Town Board work session on December 9, which is on tape, is that the Town Board is either "for affordable housing, or against it." In other words, it was Feiner, not Tim Lewis, who insisted that in this case, the ends justify the means, even if the means are illegal. You'll hear Feiner saying the same thing in response to the complaint filed with the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau -- as if once again, the ends justify the means.

Anonymous said...

You are trying to imply that just because someone writes to the Attorney General and receives a file number that improprieties took place. The town did nothing illegal when it approved WESTHAB and the rezone.
You may disagree with the action but legislative bodies have the ability to approve housing.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:17

Let's wait and see what the Attorney General's Office does.

Dear 10:43

Lewis has the responsibility to inform the Town Board when their actions are illegal. If he failed to do so and Mr. Cuomo intervenes on the behalf of Fulton Park, Lewis must go.

Out with Tim Lewis said...

Dear Mr. 10:43

If "the town attorney merely rendered the opinion that Feiner himself wanted to hear" then the town attorney needs to look for another line of work.

It is the town attorney's job to tell Paul Feiner what Paul Feiner needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. If he doesn't do that then it is the town attorney who is responsible for the legal pronlems that the town finds itself in.

Tim Lewis ought to be fired.

Patience is a Virtue said...

Lets not rush to judgement just yet. The decision of the State Attorney General will be telling. If the AG investigates Greenburgh, we can assume that Lewis told Feiner "what he wanted to hear" and that at least the AG believes it was illegal.

The issue then would be, why would Feiner fire him? Feiner NEEDS HIM at that point to tell the AG that he got bad advice!

If Lewis told Feiner that the zoning change without proper procedures was illegal and Feiner & Co. did it anyway, Lewis should resign in protest. Since it is almost two months later and he is still here, we can assume one of two things: Either Lewis told Feiner what he wanted to hear no matter what the law says; or, Lewis is right.

Lets wait for the State AG to decide for us.

Anonymous said...

When will the state attorney general make his decision?

Anonymous said...

Just think what we all will be subjected to if the AG decides to investigate Feiner: Every Meeting will begin with one hour of handing out awards, with most of Greenburgh's population qualifying.

Feiner will then tell us that it was a CONSPIRACY!!!! A shot from the Bernstein Knoll!

Anonymous said...

We will all know if Feiner is in trouble if he rolls out Garfunkel to defend the cause.

Anonymous said...

These AG comments are absurd. Local officials have discretion under NYS law to approve housing within their borders. The Town Boards of Greenburgh have historically (Russo administration, Veteran administration, Feiner administration) supported affordable housing.

State Investigation Is Warranted said...

Towns don't have the right to make last minute substantive changes to an amendment to the zoning code without giving residents notice of the changes and an opportunity to be heard. They also don't have the right to engage in spot zoning for a single developer concerning a single parcel of land. That's just common sense, and it's also the law.

Here, the Town had defined "workforce housing" to be housing for tenants earning between 60% and 120% of the area median, and if 80% of the tenancy met that definition, the Town would permit the remaining 20% to have incomes as low as 30% of the area median. That was what was in the legal notice and what was the subject of the hearing held on December 10, 2008.

However, at a meeting of the Town Board on December 18, without notice or hearing, the Town Board suddenly changed the definition of "workforce housing" to meaning housing for tenants earning only between 30% and 80% of the area median. The change was made because Westhab notified the Town that its lenders required that all 100% of its units be eligible for Section 8 housing.

The change was substantial because most of the units to be built by Westhab were studios and one bedrooms which meant that most of the units would end up being occupied not by those in the "workforce" but by those with very low incomes. Had there been notice and a hearing, those immediately affected by the zoning change would have been able to show the town that the reason for the zoning change -- to create "workforce housing" -- was no longer valid. They and others would have been able also to make a record that Westchester County, along with other neighboring counties, had agreed, for very good and sound policy reasons, on a very different definition of "workforce housing."

It should also be noted that in its haste to pass a zoning change without giving the public the required notice and hearing, the Town Board also failed to comply with state law requiring that Westchester County's Planning Board also be given notice of the change.

Local officials may have discretion to approve zoning changes within their borders, but they also must comply with the law when doing so. A desire for "affordable housing" may be laudable, but the ends to not justify the means. And when the Town screws up, as it did here, there is good reason for the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:19

GREAT POST!!!! Very informative! I see Garfunkel warming up in the bullpen allready!

I hope and pray that the public integrity office sees it this way as well. The destruction of Greenburgh that is Paul Feiner and his cronies must come to an end.

Anonymous said...

If the town did not comply with the law some of the lawyers in the town who like to sue the town over anything would file an action against the town. They're willing to pay for a postage stamp but not more because they know they have no case. Any lawyer knows that the AG is not going to pursue this anti affordable housing complaint.

Feiner (anon) still doesn't get it said...

Anon at 11:30 pm still doesn't get it. The Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau investigates complaints when there are allegations by the public of wrongdoing and corruption by local municipal officials. Here, there are allegations by a number of residents of Fulton Park. The validity of their complaint does not turn on whether private lawyers have or have not brought suit against the Town. Nor does the validity of their complaint turn on the Town Supervisor's ability to spin their complaint as being "anti-affordable housing." The residents of Fulton Park, who themselves lives in affordable housing, were not opposed to affordable housing. They were opposed to the Town's acting illegally to adopt a zoning change that they opposed.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Fulton Park residents sue if the State Attorney General can and should take this case on? Mr. Cuomo will humble Feiner and his accomplices. Of course, Feiner will come back and push through the zoning change by legal means. Hopefully, Westhab's funding will dry up during the interim.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Andrea Cousins ordered Paul to do this, threatening the Town with loss of future funds if the zoning change was not pushed through?

Anonymous said...

There, at 9:16, goes the typical rumor-creating blogger without the slightest basis for his lie. Obviously not a Stewart Cousins fan. But really, how about a little honesty.

Anonymous said...

Localities have the discretion under NY State law to make land use decisions. No one has initiated any lawsuits because they know they would lose. Politically motivated lawsuits don't work.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1980 an outfit attempted to use the current Staples property to open a roller rink. They attempted to sway the Fulton Park association with threats of lawsuit. The residents were totally against any concession to allow the developer to meet lot size. Although a counsel member did the notary on their application (he was in it for the votes)The Town board (Tony Veteran era)had the sense to side with the residents of Fulton Park and voted against it. Except for the lone vote getter. Why does the current Board lack the sense to listen to the residents.

Anonymous said...

The Veteran administration also approved WESTHELP. That proposal had substantial opposition from the Mayfair/Knollwood.

Journal News Slams Feiner said...

Feiner today received a well deserved smacking from none other than the editorial board of the Journal News. It's about time they recognized Feiner for the publicity-seeking charlatan that he is. Here's what the Journal News had to say:

"Then there is the group Rethinking Westchester Government.

Led in part by Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner, it has previously called for eliminating Westchester County government - advice contrary to the judgment of every independent authority that has seriously studied the matter, including the New York State Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness. The panel's 2008 report called for consolidating some city, village and town governments; county governments would remain to tackle the larger responsibilities mandated by the state.

Days after Galef's group of nearly 50 serious-minded people met to discuss real-world solutions, Feiner told The Journal News that Rethinking Westchester had thought again: members now want to combine Westchester, Rockland and Putnam county governments - a design not contemplated by state law, public sentiment (certainly none to speak of in Rockland or Putnam) or, it must be said, common sense. In other words, proponents are wasting time on the improbable and impractical, while sound solutions - see the Local Government commission's final report - go wanting. Galef's crew could use some help; her effort could serve as a template for communities beyond her 90th Assembly District. Supervisor Feiner, how about cutting out the nonsense and lending a hand in the real world?"

allin said...

paul when are you going to tell the town about the new COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC WORKS ???????

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:08

Paul in disguise???? Read a previous post which says it all: Why sue when the State AG will take care of business for free???

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice that a few dozen tiles fell off the wall at Webb field. More greenburgh $ to fix poor craftsmanship! Now is our chance to take it down!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Since the above post was deleted. Is it possible for an explaination to also added so we will know at least given a reason for the said post to be deleted. what do you think Paul ?

Anonymous said...

Any excuse to remove that hideous wall would be greatly appreciated.

censorship said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Please focus on issues-- not personalities. Issues can be debated on the blog. No name calling.

the wall should be removed said...

the wall serves no purpose
its an eyesore and now its crumbling

please mr feiner - admit it was a mistake and take it down.

you favor open space - the wall ruins open space

Anonymous said...

Why do we keep getting emails about all the programs at the TDYCC? we already pay taxes to the schools for these programs. I think we should close the center and give it to the YMCA. Please listen to us!

Anonymous said...



vote needed said...

if paul had guts he would call for a public referendum on

a) the wall
b) the tdycc

paul, these divisive issues should be resolved by a vote so we can get them behind us

Anonymous said...

Regarding "emails about all the programs at the TDYCC," I thought the same thing. Why would the municipal community center choose to duplicate services already provided by each of the school districts? Seems wasteful.

allin said...

2/23/2009 4:15 PM

thank you

Anonymous said...

how many people are actually in the Edgemont community council?
seems like there are only 4 to 5.
how many civic associations are involved or are active in civic association council? All I ever hear about is Edgemont (of course),
Beaver Hill(Ella P) and Secor Rd.(who?)

ecc said...

i think one person runs it
bob bernstien
it seems a one man show
website has not been updated in years

Anonymous said...


Have you been notified that the State Attorney General is taking on the case? We have a right to know!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the 2009 adopted budget available online on the Town's website? The Town Comptroller delivered the final version to the town board and the town clerk on January 5. I understand that I may inspect the budget at the town clerk's office, but I work during the day. I also understand that I may FOIL the document, but that will cost me $50 at least. There's nothing more fundamental about town government than seeing how our taxes are being spent. The Town Board obviously doesn't want us to see what they're doing. Shame on all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

when will the town meet the new commissioner of public works

Anonymous said...

Waves to Kolesar at 7:58am.

Michael Kolesar said...

No 1, at 7:58AM I was in my office and No 2 I do not visit this blog during my work day when I am working for all of the taxpayers of the Town who pay my salary and benefits. I post with my name.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Kolesar. The one really honest person working in Greenburgh. That is why he is ostracized by the Town Board.

richard cory said...

dont forget the fools who run greenburgh's civic associations
they dont support kolesar either

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more support for Kolesar among Greenburgh's civic associations than there is support for members of the Town Board, most of whom these days are viewed with the same disdain and contempt that Town Board members have for them.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot more support for Feiner by the citizens of Greenburgh than there is support for the so-called leaders of the civic associations.

Time for G'burgh Regime Change said...

Yeah, thanks to Feiner the residents of unincorporated Greenburgh are experiencing a 31% tax hike over the past two years. No other municipality in Westchester County has done this poorly. And on top of that, thanks to Feiner, essential services have been cut -- for police, sanitation, snow removal and leaf pickup -- without any cuts to such non-essential services as the no-bid Xposure after school program, hundreds of thousands of dollars in free give-aways to the Fairview Fire District, and duplicative recreational programs run by Parks and Rec and by the community center, each with their own duplicative sets of highly paid commissioners. And thanks to Feiner, Greenburgh taxpayers get to subsidize home-delivered meals to seniors in other towns. On top of all that, the Town is faced with a potential multimillion dollar judgment in favor of Fortress Bible Church, all because Feiner apparently violated federal law by blocking a church from trying to build. Even last week, Feiner was rebuked by Bob Freeman, the chairman of the Committee on Open Government for passing a resolution that violated the state's Freedom of Information Law, and then rebuked by the Journal News for calling for wasteful proposals to study how to reinvent government at the county level instead of focusing on the many problems he's allowed to fester as supervisor in his own town.

A few years back, Feiner was criticized in the New York Times for being divisive, corrupt and inept. If he's changed at all, he's only gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

why does the greenburgh police host a "cops and kids" basketball day at edgemont high school every year? doesn't this cost money to pay the police for their time?
doesn't the recreation dept and community center have enough basketball for the kids in town? I would like an answer please.

Anonymous said...


Feiner afraid to bond town's debt said...

Watching yesterday's work session, it sure looked like Feiner was doing everything possible to avoid going to the bond market to fund the Town's capital expenses and risk the obvious: a serious downgrade in the Towns bond rating. But what's he doing instead? He seems to be draining the Town's cash reserves in its fund balance, all for self-serving political reasons and all in violation of the Town's fund balance policy which prohibited using the fund balance for this purpose. Taxpayers of Greenburgh should demand fiscal transparency and stop this reckless financial behavior before it's too late.

Paul Feiner said...

Another wrong statement. I have asked the comptroller to proceed with the sale of the bonds now.

history month said...

why about the "red man" - the american indian.

why is there no american indian history or heritge month?

paul - how about it esp as the indians were greenburgh's first citizens as seen on the town seal

Feiner and the bonds said...

When did Feiner make this request to proceed with the sale of bonds now? He sure didn't make the request during yesterday's work session. Was it done instead in executive session? If so, it shouldn't have been as that is a matter that is not privileged and should have been discussed openly. Or was the decision made this morning, after Feiner read his blog and realized he was about to be crucified for yet another instance of short-sighted, self-serving fiscal mismanagement? I'm betting on the latter.


I have never interfered with the sale of bonds--in the past the comptrollers office has always prepared for the sale of bonds the year of the sale. The bonds should be sold as soon as possible--after the capital budget is approved.

Anonymous said...

Where is the adopted budget? Where!?

Feiner doubletalk on bonds said...

Why is Feiner talking about of both sides of his mouth? On the one hand, in response to criticism that he is trying to block the sale of town bonds until after the Democratic primary this fall, he says he has he "asked the comptroller to proceed with the sale of bonds now." Then, when asked when he issued this directive, since it wasn't uttered during the public portion of the town board's work session yesterday, he responds that he has "never interfered with the sale of bonds." He then tries to suggest that bonds aren't sold in any event until after the capital budget is approved. That is true, but what about bonds that were authorized in the 2008 capital budget, but were not sold. Presumably those don't have to wait. Why haven't those been sold?

Anonymous said...

I have not and will not play politics with the sale of bonds. In previous years the timing of the sale has been the responsibility of the comptrollers office. My policy has always been the same: when the comptroller recommends that the bonds be sold they are sold. There should never be any controversy over the bond sale date. The capital budget is approved by the Town Board and when the capital budget is approved Board members and I assume that there will be follow up.
Today the comptroller e mailed me a note asking if he should proceed with the sale and I said yes, he should. If he had made the request last year or earlier this year I would have said the same thing.

Paul Feiner said...

the above e mail was written by me, paul feiner.

Feiner speaking with forked tongue said...

Feiner just can't seem to get his story straight on the sale of the bonds. First he says he "asked the comptroller to proceed with the sale of bonds now." Then he denied ever interfering with the sale of bonds. Now he says that it was the comptroller who asked him whether to proceed with the sale of the bonds. Bonds haven't been sold by the Town since April 2008. The 2008 capital budget was passed in July. Was it the comptroller who held up the sale of bonds since then or was it Feiner? The public is entitled to an explanation that is free of contradiction.

Anonymous said...

Waves to Kolesar at 10.56pm and if you think kolesar doesn't look and post on the blog during working hours, you also still believe in Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

Waves to Kolesar at 5:31pm (after hours). It's a shame that these two scions of financial leadership have to duke out a bond sale on this blog isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am a new resident to the town and was told that I could get my jollies by watching the town board meetings and reading this blog. Oh to the contrary. After witnessing the town board meeting tonight I was shocked at the antics of what I assume are town residents. I was further shocked at the conduct of the head accountant for the town, what a nasty guy. TV at its best. Would they all act this way if no one watched. And why does Shehan joust with these people tell them off and be done with it. I hope this is not how town business is usually handled.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same town board meeting last night and what was disgraceful was the conduct of Paul Feiner and the Town Board. I was shocked that Feiner would introduce a measure to tax every single business in the Town of Greenburgh. Then I saw Bernstein demonstrate that the measure was illegal and unconstitutional. After a barrage of criticism, Feiner was forced to withdraw the measure. The other piece of business had to do with the Town's getting in trouble for violating the state's Freedom of Information Law. Yet instead of apologizing to the residents for screwing up, which is what the Town Board should have done, all we heard was Francis Sheehan criticizing the Town Comptroller, Mike Kolesar, for having complained about the matter to the State Committee on Open Government. Bernstein was right. Feiner, Sheehan and the rest of the Board, including the Town Clerk, should have known they were violating the FOIL law. And they got caught. And all they could do was blame Kolesar for not being a "team player" like the rest of them. These guys on the Town Board are arrogant and out of control. I'm glad the residents last night put them in their place.

hal samis said...

A review of the Town Board revue.

Nix tix for nabe hix.
(translation from the cover story in Daily Variety)
Sparse resident turnout for the meeting.


Apparently this is both the marquee name AND a fearsome disease spread by residents of Greenburgh which apparently doesn't affect anyone seated on the Town Board.

Nevertheless Kevin Morgan is offended that residents would spring it on the Town Board at open meetings where the public might be witness to the Town Board's discomfort in being Xposured.

Mr. Morgan should not be embarrassed because he is up for awards in both the lead and supporting roles in a continuing reality show. On one hand, he plays the attack dog for the Town Board when Mr. Sheehan needs to go online to a help desk while he also performs the Eddie Mae Barnes role, "why can't we all work together". Kevin gets my vote for awards in both categories.

Diana Juettner found a way to ask some questions regarding proposed business fines but then was upstaged by ingenue Ella Preiser who pointed out that these fines have no basis in Greenburgh law.

Mr. Sheehan was very active leading the Inquisition against Town Comptroller, Mike Kolesar. Kolesar's crime? He asked for guidance regarding the Town Board's misapplication of FOIL law
nuance. And while this was enfolding with "the 8x10 color glossies of him unloading the garbage...", playing in the background on a continuous loop was the chorus, "he's not a team player". As though there was room for more bozos on that bike.

Tim Lewis was low key throughout and didn't really have his usual joie de vivre or will to threaten residents with the whip or rack.

Town Clerk Beville, falsely tipped off that casting agents would be in the audience, presented an abbreviated version of her one woman show, just performing the overture and epilogue. Those who have sat through the whole show, Vanities of 2008, felt that the excerpts did not do justice to the original.

Finally, we come to the Master of Ceremonies, Town Supervisor Paul Feiner. Playing humble, Mr. Feiner thanked and thanked the public for bringing to the Town Board's attention all those rare and elusive tidbits of information that are exclusive to the public and otherwise off limits to the Town Board and its Department heads. At the same time that he was thanking the public for all its comments, the Supervisor was also thanking the Commissioner of Planning for his role in creating the night's problems. Meanwhile the Supervisor continues to pick off (last month ticking off) individual members of Fulton Park, singling them out for effusive praise and eventual certificates of appreciation.

Still, the evening had its rocky moments and observors of the scene are pondering over how long the Town Board revue will continue without commercial interruption.
Imagine a meeting without time for 5 minute public comment at the end and you will see one with even more return engagements from the Xposure all- stars and the booking of the renown Putnam/Rockland County Fife and Bugle Corps.

What we did learn is that there is a new head of DPW who will be taking office as soon as Al and Butch draw down the remainder of their $90,000 bonanza.

ed krauss said...

So much to say, too little time to say it...but I'll try.

9/24 10:56PM -

Great, on target posting. I wonder if -Paranoid ME- I posted that kind of honest, accurate, "with no worthy comeback possible," plausible comment, would it have been deleted?

My experience with Mike Kolesar and this blog is: Mike has signed his name to his postings. So, BOOS to the anonymous "smart posterior cavity" for "waves to Kolesar."

9/25 11:16AM -

Mr. Feiner, 11:16AM is part of your town paid work day. It's not the time to take to defend something that was said about you on YOUR blog that you don't like. By the way, you most likely read the negative comment on town paid for time also. So do what your paid to do. Answer the bloggers, "ON YOUR OWN TIME!"

2/25 5:05PM

I guess you post soooo many ANONYMOUS postings, you forget when it's all too obvious it's you. I love your Post-after-your-Anonymous-Post, telling us all it was you.

2/26 12:48AM -

Who do you think you're kidding? I don't know which member of the "Bored' you are, but your "game" need a great deal more practice. The meeting was 180ยบ from your "repotage."

Citizens 10, Town Board minus 10.

Allof the Board members are wrong. All of the citzens were Right.

As to Mr. Sheehan chewing out Mike Kolesar for telling the truth, it transcends CHUTZPAH.

It seems Not Telling the TRUTH in Greenburg politics, is de rigeueur.

It would be refreshing, Mr. Sheehan, if you and your colleagues would act more "presidential" and take a leaf out of President Obama's play book, when he simply said, "I Screwed Up."

Mr./Ms. 2/26 12:48AM, the Emperor really, really, doesn't have clothes. I'm surprised that escaped your review of the town board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hal; your Oscar is in fiction. You are a legend in your own mind. Your constant diatribes of useless information is growing old and you should leave the town. The only people you impress are the same loud mouth losers. I do give you credit that you are an equal opportunity attacker. WoW how would you act if attacked. Does it get to you that no one really gives a s t about what you say or think. Even the people who you think are your friends acknowledge your disgusting antics are wearing thin. The call for you to be supervisor are your Sybil postings. Take Herb, Mike, Ella and your other friends and sign in to Vosberg for help. Who do you think you really impress ???

Anonymous said...

Hal the new campaign manager for Kolesar

Anonymous said...

5:28am, I am so glad you rely on the Superlawyer for your view as to whether a law is legal. He's been right sooo many times before. I guess all the other municipalities which a similar law are violating the constitution. Not.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:37 pm doesn't seem to understand that there are NO other municipalities in the entire state of New York that impose a business tax on all the businesses in the municipality. The reason is simple: the state legislature hasn't given Towns the authority to levy non-property taxation, and when Towns proceed to levy such taxes anyway, they are acting unconstitutionally. Not even Tim Lewis disputed that at last night's meeting, which is probably one of the reasons why Feiner withdrew the proposal. The only other municipalities in the country that permit such taxation are outside of New York, and are generally found along with U.S-Mexican border. The states that authorize municipalities to engage in such regulation and taxation of all local businesses do so to prevent non-U.S. businesses from operating in the U.S. Feiner would have embarrassed himself even more than he had already las tnight if he had continued to pursue this proposal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BOB B. however you are WRONG.

hal samis said...

Dear 5:50,

Thanks for the intervention. How could I be so blind. I had no idea. How can I redeem myself in your eyes. What can I do to make it up to you? Tell me what to do; please, please accept my apologies.

dream on....

and when you wake, "who" is the subject, "whom" is the object. Thus your last sentence should read:
"Whom do you think you impress..."

My quick answer is: those with at least a high school degree; after you graduate, love to hear from you next time you're in the 'hood.

hal samis said...

A Day in the Life...
Hey, did the Supervisor forget to announce that the Butch is back?
Personally, I am delighted. Hope that he'll quickly get over the "separation blues".

And on this special day comes the announcement that Steve Bass is moving up the politico totem. The higher he gets, perhaps on a clear day he'll be able to see Darfur or at the very least Putnam and Rockland Counties. Now they have another excellent reason not to merge with Westchester.

And in the stuck inside of Memphis with the blues (see separation anxiety above) again is Town Clerk Beville who thought that she, like Sonja Brown, had a ticket to ride.
Beville's ride was "introducing" an impressario to the Library but the marriage didn't fly and thus her discovery being $130,000 (plus a percentage of the grant gate) poorer, she'll just have to try a little tenderness. Yes sir, your FOIL request coming right up.

Anonymous said...


When will you announce that Angelo Nanna will be the new DPW Commmissioner? Why the "Farce" of his retirement? Will the monies he received as a "consultant" be returned? Why did the Town Board put the public through all this? We have a right to know. Answer these questions Paul.

Journal News Forces Town to Release Budget said...

The Town of Greenburgh finally released today its adopted budget for 2009 -- but only after the Journal News threatened to run a story exposing the Town for failing to make public the most basic of public documents.

Among the items in the hastily thrown together budget was $200,000 in revenue from fees the Town was going to collect for "business permits" -- a proposal Feiner made and withdrew this week after residents said it was illegal, unconstitutional and unworkable. Also included was $200,000 in previously undisclosed payments given to the Fairview Fire District sometime between October 31 and December 31. In addition, the unincorporated area was required to foot the bill for a town-wide program operated out of the community center for the benefit of economically disadvantaged teenagers. At a work session prior to the town approving this program for 2009, its director noted that half of the children employed under the program reside in the Village of Elmsford -- but all of the Town's costs for the program come from the unincorporated area.

What's missing from the adopted budget is any explanation for the Town's substantial use of the accumulated fund balance to pay for operating expenses, both in 2008 and 2009, even though the Town's fund balance policy, adopted in December 2007, forbid this practice. For the 2009 budget, the Town sanctioned the use of fund balance money based on an economic "emergency," but here too failed to comply with the fund balance policy's requirement to show how the fund balance would be replenished if money was used for this purpose.

Little wonder the Town didn't want residents to see the adopted budget. It underscores that the Town Board, led by Feiner, is financially incompetent and hurting Town taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

the adopted budget has been on file with the town clerks office and has always been a public document.

Anonymous said...

Angelo Nanna is not expected to be the towns next commissioner of public works.

p. leavy said...

Dear Greenburgh Citizens,

No surprise. The adopted budget does not contain cuts to TDYCC yet your garbage service, leaf pick up, pool hours........have been reduced. Your fees for camps, pool use, permits have been raised and your taxes have gone up.

2008 budget : $3,066,600
2009 adopted budget: $3,034,206

$3,034,206 AFTER the removal (shifting in the budget) of $324,677 in TDYCC maintenance to another budget line.

For kicks, let's remove the $150,000 allocated for Xposure as Paul will be quick to point out that this is grant money:

2008 $3,066,600
Less maintenance: $324,677
apples to apples adjusted budget for 2008:

2009 adopted budget
Less Xposure grant: $150,000
New 2009 TDYCC adjusted budget: $2,884,206

$142,283 HIGHER than 2008.

Please refer to page 70 of the budget.

What say you Greenburgh citizens?

Anonymous said...

NO, the Adopted Budget for 2009 was NOT on file with the Town Clerk's office. It should have been, of course, as it was delivered to the Town Clerk's office on January 5, 2009 by the Town Comptroller. But it wasn't available to the public. And even if it was available by FOIL, it would have cost members of the public $50 to see it. Thanks alot Greenburgh!

feiner and elmsford said...

elmsford makes no sense
it should become part of unincorporated greenburgh

paul - any guts on this one?

Anonymous said...

Why should Elmsford be part of TOV? Why not Ardsley? Just because Feiner let's them get freebies they should not get, doesn't mean that we should rightfully support them.

Feiner & Brown are giving hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars away to Elmsford. Why hasn't this practice been halted?

Anonymous said...

There have been numerous cuts at the TDYCC--fewer employees, less p/t and overtime, increased fees. Why doesn't Leavy speak to Bill Carter or James Robinson and learn more?

allin said...

next commissioner of public works will be leaving a job in Briarcliff
and start with the town soon

Anonymous said...

dear allin: where did you hear that? how do you know that rumor spreaders tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the same guy who went back to Briarcliff because he got more money there??????

elmsford still makes no sense said...

elmsford school district is slated for consolidation
elmsford uses the tdycc
ardsley does not

elmsford is more akin to the tov than any other village

why should elmsford continue

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that the entire TOV is defined by .04 square miles of land, housing 10% of the TOV population and on community center that steals and lies.

p. leavy said...

There have been numerous cuts at the TDYCC--fewer employees, less p/t and overtime, increased fees. Why doesn't Leavy speak to Bill Carter or James Robinson and learn more? Paul?

Leavy shouldn't speak to Carter or Robinson. Feiner should speak to Carter and Robinson after he reads pages 70-72 of the adopted budget.

Leavy reads the estimated actual TDYCC 2008 budget- $ 2,937,473
Leavy reads the adopted 2009 TDYCC Budget $ 3,034,206

This is in black and white. Leavy is not making these numbers up.

Leavy understands that there will no longer be PT no-show workers at TDYCC therefore Leavy expects that there should be a reduction in PT salaries and Leavy sees this on the PT budget line as as a reduction of approximately 100K (is this the amount stolen?) Leavy sees other staff salary lines have increased. (Robinson & Whitehead?)

Leavy understands that there was very questionable use of TDYCC funds in 2008 (Rye Playland trip 10K, all you can eat free BBQ) and Leavy expects budgets lines to be reduced to adjust for this frivolous use of funds. Are these your "budget cuts"?

Leavy sees on the budget an additional $91,120 to Xposure (Lanza grant) but does not see the town matching Xposure funds allocated to TDYCC. Where, outside of the TDYCC budget have these funds been hidden?

Leavy reads the Fairview pool actual 2008 budget- $ 758,978
Leavy reads the adopted 2009 budget- $ 683,734
less one whistling blowing pool director, Pat Roper, salary $72,804

Leavy tries very hard to understand why "fee increases" equal 'budget cuts" but she can not.

Leavy tries very hard to understand that no matter which pair of glasses she puts on, she still see no budget cuts. She sees shell game.

Leavy is confused as to why anyone would suggest discussing budgets with Carter, a man who has demonstrated here that he does not grasp simple financial concepts.

Leavy is afraid to review other department budgets for fear of what she might see.

question for leavy said...

if leavy brave enough to call for the end of the tdycc?

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:30,

So what's your point? and I'm not Leavy.

Anonymous said...


The town website is lying!!!!!! It has a screaming headline that the garbage pick up that was scheduled for yesterday was to be re-scheduled for today. Not so!!!! We now have to wait until Thursday. STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are comments requesting information regarding the outcome of the investigation of TDYCC being removed from the blog?

If you're going to delete them at lest tell us why?

Anonymous said...

Good question 9:45 regarding the out come of the police and district attorney investigations of TDYCC. Why is there no resolve to the investigation when constituents want to know the results. Allegations made about questionable hiring practices by an employee of the town are serious and there should be consequences. When cases are referred to the D,A, the offences had to have been very serious. It is time that Paul Feiner and board members offer some answers. Perhaps Ms. Whitehead, Paul Feiner,or Chief Kapica needs to step forward and answer this question.....and a few more. Who called for the police investigation of such an offence when it could have been done internally. Why was the district attorney called in to further investigate charges if they were not serious charges. Are there other charges? The public has a right to know. After all, as taxpayers, we are responsible for the cost related to both investigations. Not answering questions is not acceptable. And..WHY IS PAUL FEINER REMOVING COMMENTS ABOUT THE INVESTIGATION FROM THE COMMENTS PAGE. If Paul BELIEVES IN A TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT, WHAT IS THERE TO HIDE. Two investigations have been completed. An employee's reputation and work ethic has been called into question and left in abeyance. The time has long past to keep the results under wraps.

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Feiner, what is going on with the buzz about an investigation of the Theodore Young Center? I have watched board meetings on T.V. and see that you want open government up to a point. The suggestion that you are removing postings from the blog that simply ask questions about an investigation is puzzling. Paul you owe the the residents an explanation and put an end to needless speculation.

Anonymous said...

So why doesn't Hal Samis who knows it all and has a deranged look
in his eyes, (which is an inability to
make eye contact with anyone) Run for town Supervisor...would it be his
two or three friends who show up at town board meetings and commiserate
on the blog would be the only ones to
vote for him? Action speaks louder than words or overt rudeness.
Run and find out just how many people don't actually like you?
Geraldine Penazola

Anonymous said...

Hal are you an English teacher?
Jack of all trades master of none.

arshad said...

Why is there no bike path on central avenue