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Just learned from the property manager at Midway Shopping Center that we recently had a new business open at Midway called Sneak-A-Peek. They offer elective sonograms for expecting mothers. Their website is
Midway signed a lease with Grandmaster B.M. Kim’s Tae Kwon Do and will be filing for the Landlord work building permit in a matter of days. The Grandmaster’s website is

Everything Bagels,415 N Central Park Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530
Heroes Deli, Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, NY 10583
Smart Car,450 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY 10607
C2 Education, 142 N Central Park Avenue (2nd Floor), Hartsdale, New York 10530

Indigo Chic Boutique which opened December 7, 2008 on 221 E. Hartsdale
Ave. is the third location for Lynda & Jessica Piscitelli. This
fashionable boutique offers everything from denim to evening wear.
Other items include fashion jewelery as well as statement shoes and bags.
Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


hal samis said...


And the musical "Hair" is coming to Broadway, perhaps after a brief run in Greenburgh. "Let the sun shine in..."

So a few stores got leased and the Supervisor rushes to inform his public that the good times are just around the corner. First we're going to save all that money from combining Counties and now this good news. Thus, the tax increase for 2010 should be under 5% or under 25%.

Since the Town has $7 million of Library bonds to sell and the various indexes are very low, why isn't the Town rushing to sell these bonds -- as well as the bonds for the Police vehicles that they voted by Resolution to buy this past January?

All this good news from the Supervisor and the highest bond rating ever...what's the delay about?

In case I am not being clear enough, Mr. Feiner...

After all, drawing heavily from the Fund Balance for operating expenses (read keeping the tax increase under 10%) in fiscal emergencies was ok said Mr. Sheehan. Perhaps the bond rating agencies are "peeved" and are looking at the list of businesses that have recently closed.

Half full, half empty -- call it what you will.

But I'm thinking that taxes are going up and the bond rating is going down. Where is Robert Hall when we most need him?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately (more) bad economic news as it impacts the local area is alreday there. The Supervisor just doesn't want to hear or acknowledge it.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about bonds and finances and such, but I do know that that kind of stuff is one of the primary employment responsibilities of the town supervisor. It bothers me that he's allowed to neglect his actual job tasks to partake in optional matters that interest him.

Anonymous said...

I assume that the $7million library bond sale date is the responsibility of the comptroller. Wonder why the sale did not take place last year.

hal samis said...

Dear 8:26,

You've assumed wrong and
wonder all you might. However, the person to ask is the Town's Chief Financial Officer, Paul Feiner. It is his title that calls the shots. And since he has spent the better part of the last five years taking credit for higher bond ratings, it is only fair that he should have someone to blame for its decline. Probably the three County governments.

Looking ahead, one can predict that the Town Board will be so occupied by matters of state that they will not be able to deal with the bond financing before....before the September Primary. Don't expect to see Town Board meetings this year in July and August -- the Town Board members have plenty of advance warning to arrange their schedules so as to be unavailable, being out of town.

And where will the Supervisor be?
Maybe meeting with Bloomberg to present his next concern: why NYC should merge all its boroughs into one.

Meanwhile, hope the Assessor has read the positive economic news, especially that the Midway Shopping Center is renting up. That should be more than enough ammunition for her to REDUCE its assessment.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear 2/19 8:26 PM:

As the Town Comptroller I do not have a blank "check" to proceed with the bond offering. Do not take my "name" or position in vain.

You know not of what you "anonymously" write.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Did you ask the Town Board in 2008 to sell the library bonds? When did you ask? What was the response? If you did not ask, how come?

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Anonymous 2/20 11:33PM,

If you send me an email at the office I'll respond or if your post under your name, I'll respond.

I am not going to respond to these anonymous postings.

Anonymous said...

Please go & read the town budget. It is wrought with misappropriations and excess money going to fund BS.

Financial astute people! You are out there!

The town is getting away with theft because the state only requires the town to report budgets in a rudimentary manner! The state assumes that there is oversight! There is NONE!

Town keeping 09 budget a secret said...

I'd like to read the town's final budget for 2009, which is the one that was adopted in December, but it is still not posted online. The only budget that's there is the one that was proposed back in October. This is ridiculous! Why can't the Town handle something as simple as posting the budget so we can see for ourselves how our money is being spent this year? If Feiner and Sheehan wanted the public to see what was in that public, you can be sure it would have been posted months ago. But they obviously do not want us to see what's there. They'd rather we FOIL it and then charge us 25 cents a page which, for a 200 page document, is $50. So, if you really wanna see how our tax dollars are being spent (and wasted), you have to pay $50 for the privilege. Something's not right about that. It sure isn't open government.

Anonymous said...

The final budget document is prepared by the comptroller.

Anonymous said...

The final budget document is prepared by the comptroller.

Blame Feiner, Not Kolesar said...

It's not Kolesar's fault that the final budget document is not posted. It's the responsibility of the town's chief financial officer -- Paul Feiner -- to get that document completed and posted. Why is it that Feiner never takes responsibility for any of the things he does wrong? He's always there to point the finger at others, and in this case, he does it anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that if the budget is supposed to be put on the website by Kolesar it would have been done. If it isn't there it is becuause it is Feiner's job to do it, not Kolesar's, or else Feiner is preventing Kolesar from posting it. After all, Feiner has forced Kolesar not to speak at meetings when questions are directed at him. What else is new?

samis to blame said...

blame samis
if he had been the supervisor this would not have happened.

hal - please do your job and take over this town - we need you now.

Michael Kolesar said...

The adopted budget was printed and delivered to the Town Supervisor AND the Town Clerk on MONDAY, JANUARY 5th at 9:00 AM. A copy is there (Town Clerk's Office) for anyone to review

Enough said.

feiner needs to update emails/blogsite said...

I have a simple question . Why is it that the Candlelight Inn can not get the permit they need to take down that eyesore furniture store Next door to them to set up a simple take out business This is on thier property and I believe they own the building.

Anonymous said...


The Candlelight has only filed for a temporary electrical permit for the installation of an electrical box. The Building department has not received the demo permit or the plans for the proposed new building yet. The Town has been waiting for the owner to file for permits to remove the building.

Thomas Madden, AICP


Department of Community Development

Anonymous said...

What mental midgit suggested Samis
should be supervisor? If you think
so, you were one of those individuals
affected by the State cut backs
on mental institutional know, the ones with electric shock treatments, now it's just medication.
town supervisor isn't the
answer for Samis, it is the removal
of overactive under nourished braincells that sound off as if
over caffeinated. I notice you don't have a name but Samis is to blame.
If you had credibility and audacity you would post your name.
I'd like to meet you and see you campaign for this clown...Sarah,