Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Metz Reservoir, located on Ardsley Road in the Town of Greenburgh, is an open reservoir that was constructed in 1904. The reservoir is part of the United Water New Rochelle, Inc. (UWNR) distribution system and is the primary source of water storage for 12 Westchester County Municipalities, including several sections which are located in the Town of Greenburgh.

On January 5, 2006, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency enacted the “Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule” (the "LT2 Rule") to further protect public health against Cryptosporidium bacteria, Guardia and other pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water from open reservoirs.

The LT2 Rule requires public water systems ("PWS") that rely on open reservoirs to either enclose the reservoir or to treat the water being discharged to achieve inactivation of potential microorganisms All PWS must be in compliance with the LT2 Rule by April 1, 2009 or be on a compliance schedule to meet the deadline. I was also informed that the UWNR decision to replace the open reservior with a new covered, ground level, water storage tank was to also address safety issues and Department of Homeland Security concerns with having of an open reservior in a residental neighborhood.

UWNR is scheduled to complete the renovation of the Metz reservoir by June 2009. UWNR will be replanting the existing berm around the reservoir with trees to help hide the new tank.


Anonymous said...

cryptosporidium can also be picked up from swimming pools, because even chlorine can't break the shell of the cryptosporidium. Any possibility of the town retrofitting all of their facilities with uv lights to protect the residents

Anonymous said...

Why does Paul care about chemicals at the resevoir and not about leaks at the old European Health Spa, which is good friend, Dilmaghani, wants to devleope? Oh stupid me.

Anonymous said...

There's an old little building nearby that says "Village of Scarsdale." I've always wondered what that is. Did Ardsley Road used to be part of Scarsdale?