Thursday, February 05, 2009


The Greenburgh town wide activities brochure for spring/summer 2009 is now posted on the town web site: The brochure will be mailed to unincorporated Greenburgh households by the end of the month.
Because of budget cuts this will be the last time the brochure is mailed out to all residents. In the future the Town Board will not be mailing out the town wide activities brochure. We will post the brochure on our website and update the activities during the year. We will print some hard copies of the brochure and will be leaving the copies at town government facilities. We anticipate that this budget cut will save the town over $20,000 a year


No BS please said...

Don't call it town-wide. It is one more playing with the truth.

Just because you call the TDYCC and Yosemite Park town-wide because you created the Department of Community Resources to make Fairview happy, the TDYCC and Yosemite Park have to be limited to TOV under the Finneran Law. Ditto most other parks and rec programs. The brochure is for the TOV not for the villages, and that is as it should be.

Anonymous said...

you have been doing what you wanted right along at work sessions .

We don't need to know what is going on because it is not for the rest of the residents.

Yes you will save twenty thousand dollars to give to the center .
Paul who are you trying to kid.
Those days are over and you know it.

You have become a very crooked politian that has to be unseated.
You have shown to much favoritism for too long at the expense of many residents.

Many of us have worked for your reelection but this time arround we will work to have you defeated.
You want to get rid of county government well I do think they want to get rid of you.

hal samis said...

Yes it is a good idea.
But, proactive vs. reactive?

When you ordered these brochures, you already knew the Town was in trouble but you ordered them anyway.

So, yes it is good that we will start saving $20,000 in the future.
The Town, however, could already have been saving money had you acted sooner.

Surely you don't expect applause for learning that taxpayers cannot afford the high taxes you have buried the Town under. And aren't you just a little ashamed to be reporting that the brochure which is costing taxpayers is being mailed out while you try to spin this by promising savings going forward.

But this gives you another chance to tell voters over the summer that the Fall brochure will be available online and that you have saved taxpayers $20,000.

But what I don't get is why with all the savings, taxes are still going up. And why do wel still have private tennis lessons, money to feed neighboring communities, a $65,000 person to hang picures and a $4000 curator to select scuplture exhibits.

And there are some big ticket items that you simply can't afford to surrender; the kind of stuff that makes only Feiner supporters pleased.

What's next? You've instructed employees to resuse paper clips?

TDYCC PR Dept. said...

Dear seniors, disabled and others,

Please call Cablevision & schedule installation of high speed internet service so that you may view future town activities, services and other important information. It's gunna cost ya!

Once again the families of TDYCC thank you for the all of the sacrifices you make to continue to support programs like Xposure.

Gotta go! Off to DC for the swim meet!

I hope you all have computers and know how to use them. =O

Anonymous said...

Good move. Saving paper, Saving postage. Saving the environment.

Anonymous said...

*waves to Paul @6:44*

hal samis said...

And if done before an election year, even more savings of paper, postage and the environment.

Cor Caroli said...

Inquan, miro et miro....
"I wonder, I wonder, about those who know how to critize everything, and never squeeze a grape, and wander this world with nothing to talk except to talk about other's weeds. Suddlenly, one day, no one listen to their wonder or taste their wine. All year, they wonder, it is my wine poorly made, must be their grapes are sour, thus made bad my wine no one wants"
Prospero dictito.

Anonymous said...

Good move. Buy Dell stock all will require computer. Buy Optimum stock all will need hi speed internet. Sell Weyerhauser less paper bought.
Freeburgh's own stimulus package designed by Xposure.

Anonymous said...

The above comments are stupid.

hal samis said...

Great ideas come from???

Maybe taxpayers can connect the dots when doing their NYS taxes this year.

Those that got their tax forms online.

Meanwhile, what is the Emperor wearing?

Anonymous said...

Heaqr ye hear ye Paul has decided to stop the mailing of the brochure and has explained that everything will be on the internet.
Pray tell Paul do you think every household has a computer.
I bet every household in Fairview has one because you would not have come to the conclusion to do away with the brochure if you knew that Fairview would have a hardship.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's a good idea to save paper and postage by having the brochure online. Access to the internet is made possible by using the library.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, save paper and postage but waste gas driving to the library?
for the love of [controller] mike - think these things through BEFORE making a decision.
Shooting from the lip is killing Greenburgh.