Sunday, February 08, 2009


I was just informed by Police Chief John Kapica and James Robinson, Deputy Commissioner of the Theodore Young Community Center, that there is a fire at 33 Oak Street. The Greenville, Fairview, Hartsdale and White Plains fire departments are at the scene. Some residents may be displaced. The town will, if necessary, open up the community center as a temporary shelter.
I am running to the scene of the fire and will offer my assistance to families in need of help.


hal samis said...

Just time enough to send this out to the Town elist and then to post on your blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is comical.

My house is burning down as I leave this comment! I will vacate right after I click "publish"

Anonymous said...

LOL ... I thought the same thing! Very Feiner-ish ... Post to the blog and send a mass email before knowing anything.

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the fire hydrants work? Why were people sitting in their living rooms unaware of what was going on until they happened to look out of the windows. Why didn’t smoke detectors work? This Building has a history of fires that have spread too many floors. Now that they are collecting $2500 dollars a month rents. One would think they would do better the building is under renovations. What kind of contractors are they using low cost cheap equipment. Sub standard materials .Someone needs to take a look. But since they don’t pay the town taxes who cares.

Anonymous said...

What is your motto now BURN BABY BURN.
You slept the deal for this building which is driving working Greenburgh family's out. Just to except Section 8 from anywhere in the country. Changing the face of the commuity . So you just will sit back and pretend.

thanks NERO