Wednesday, May 13, 2009


David Dwinell, Receiver of Taxes provided me with this interesting report re: tax collection successes.

The town is responsible for collecting town, school, county, fire district taxes.
As of May 1, 2009 the Receiver of Taxes office collected 93.7% of the county/town/fire district taxes. Last year (at the same time) the town collected 87.9% of the taxes owed.

Memo on Metz Reservoir—answers to questions. Thomas Madden, Commissioner of Planning, has prepared a memo answering questions that residents who live near the Metz Reservoir in Edgemont have re: the federally mandated reservoir construction project. If you would like me to e mail you a copy of the memo, please advise.



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Greenburgh: Named by MONEY MAGAZINE in 2008 as “ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE” IN AMERICA (#80)

JOB E MAIL LIST---I am trying to help unemployed Greenburgh residents find work. If your company/business has any job openings please e mail me at If you are out of work and want to be advised of job openings please advise.


Metz situation gets weirder said...

Why not just post the Metz memo on the Town's website? Why make giving you their email address in this election year a condition of getting such information? And don't you already have an email list of those interested in getting the info? What gives?

Anonymous said...

THe memo is many pages long.

Anonymous said...

Please post the memo, here and/or on the town website. It doesn't matter how long it is. The town, not just that one neighborhood, should be aware.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Thomas Madden publicly stated at last night's TB meeting that the Metz application came in on December 28,2008 - the Town had plenty of time to hold a public hearing so that the public could be notified and also voice their concerns. They chose instead to keep it quiet and meet with the residents after the completion of this huge superstructure. It's odd that the Planning Board had no input either - some members claim they never knew about it. Madden claims this was an emergency project - perhaps so but it begs the question - if it really was an emergency isn't that even more reason to alert the local residents about the project? Is someone getting paid off? They also discussed LEEDS and who will have oversight of inspecting LEEDS projects. They are giving the responsibility to Madden. When asked if we was LEEDS certified he indicated that he was not but that his involvement in such projects in his past made him very comfortable with the responsibility. Is being comfortable the same as being certified? The Town is giving too much power and control to department heads. No department head should have the authority to waive site plan procedures and public notice - there needs to be some type of committee. Given we have a planning board, perhaps the chairperson of that board should also have to sign off in the case of waiver considerations. To have the Building Inspector and Planning Commissioner making these decisions is ludicrous. We didn't elect them or even choose them - something is wrong here.

hal samis said...

Feiner Blog

August 2006 - May 2009


Anonymous said...

Will the Kensico Dam get the same covering as Ardsley road .
If this was done for security reason as was explained by Madden then every body of water that services the public should have a cover.

As he explained this water system is used by residents in Ardsley,Yonkers and Dobbs Ferry.Does this mean that the residents of Greenburgh who use NY water system are not eligible for the same protection.

I do think that he should speak a little bit slower and clearer so we could understand what he is saying.
He responded to Golds question concerning Avelone but none of us heard the an swer he gave.
I assumed that he said that they were not subjected to the new would be resolution.

Anonymous said...

Since we paid our taxes on time we know that we still will have a home for this coming year.
We may not be that lucky the next time arround.

ed krauss said...

I guess my post yesterday was offensive via its truthfulness to be deleted.

Unless Paul moitors orhas the blog monitored 24/7, someone will read that truth before it's deleted.

LEEDS is bad for Greenburgh, but it will pass anyway. Just like all the other bad pieces of legislation.

metz said...

please post metz memo on town website

Anonymous said...

LEED is an internationally recognized certification system that measures how well a building or community performs across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

How anyone can say that this is a bad idea, needs to take some time to review the requirements. Althought there are different levels and each has a cost, the town needs to research through its Climate Action Task Force, which level would produce the most bang for the buck. And this cost is placed on the builder. This initial cost will produce energy savings which cna only benefit our community and environment.

More citizens should look in the Climate Action Task Force to see where and how they can help. Grassroots efforts are the only viable means to promote positive change.

Anonymous said...

Please post Metz Memo on web-site and also final report of investigation of the TDYCC center. These are public documents.