Tuesday, May 05, 2009

These job posts do work...keep the job notices coming

Hi paul,

Just wanted to let you know that with the economy as it is….my wife continues to be unemployed and I (although already employed) will have to make up for the lost income. I am starting a second (part time) job on may 11th . I found out about it from the emails you send
(deleted name of constituent)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they do work, but isn't there a better posting place than the town government blog?

Anonymous said...

It's great that you found a job - however you could have found it through many other means. Paul Feiner is not being paid to be a headhunter. He is paid to be our Chief Fiscal Officer and is doing everything but his job.

Anonymous said...

Why Job Postings?

To distract from all the legitimate but deleted concerns of taxpayer who post here.

Historian said...

Bread and circuses - the classic Roman Emperor's prescription for keeping the populace docile.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: what have you done lately to help your neighbor?
No wonder you're anonymous.

Anonymous said...

This ISN"T an Official Town Government Blog...

Remember this Blog is Paul's PRIVATE and unofficial Blog.
He started this when former members of the Town Council were fighting with him.

Anonymous said...


Requirements; None
Experience required; none
Pay; What we feel like paying you
Competition; None
Interview; None required
Job Description; Doesn't exist
Extra Hours for stipend tasks; none, staff maintain their present work schedule(work same hours, get extra pay)
Cost to Taxpayers; Over 116,000
How to be considered; Kiss up Baby, Kiss up!
Those interested should call