Sunday, May 10, 2009


New York State used the entrance of the Sprain Parkway as a dumping area for logs/debris earlier this year. A number of constituents complained. I forwarded the complaints to the regional representative of the NYS Department of Transportation and am very pleased that the logs/debris have been removed. I have asked the NYS DOT not to dump logs/debris there in the future and am hopeful that they will consider the request.
The access to the Sprain now looks much better!


You say you were watching said...

You think they cleaned it up. No they did not. All they did was to level out he Black top that was there and cover it with soil. Who are you kiddin. Everyday I pass the area and was watching what they were doing. Another cover up. Sounds familar ?

Anonymous said...

cover up like the street sweepings mixed with top soil dumped at rumbrook park next to the dog park. Is this legal and why are we dumping street sweepings in the woods. Wont this contaminate the water that runs through the woods, I believe so.

Anonymous said...

Please address this embarrassment:

At 4/22/2009 4:30 AM, Anonymous said ...

The Town DPW property on Sprain Road (outside the fence and along the stone wall area) needs to be cleaned up. The litter and accumulated debris is an ongoing eyesore for the neighborhood.
(And please paint the fence.)

Also, the Town DPW started clean up of the NYC-owned property on Sprain Road near Heatherdell, but now it looks much worse than before because no one went back to finish.

Anonymous said...

since the log has been cleared, when the entrance will be repaired as it has many potholes?

Anonymous said...

Well someone did a good job for the Sprain about getting the people in charge of cleaning up Central Ave.
It's a wonder that none of the board members have noticed how dirty this stretch is getting.

Anonymous said...

Wait election time is getting near.
The sweeper is cleaning the sides of the roadways throughout the town.
My guess is that in a few weeks Central Ave. will start to look somewhat clean.

Pity that the residents have to wait for elections to have work done to beautify the town.