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Week of May 3rd: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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Terry Williams said...

The New York State Comptroller has once again ruled that the WestHelp Educational Grant that Paul Feiner would like to award to the Valhalla Union Free School District does not serve a “legitimate Town purpose.”

I would urge Mr. Feiner to stop entertaining/refrain from making these proposals and focus his attention on managing the affairs of the town for the benefit of all of its residents.

Paul, in the interest of full disclosure, you should post a copy of the comptroller's letter to your blog.

Anonymous said...

The Town has not complied with the State Comptroller's Report. This failure to comply has triggered violations of New York State Law, namely:

Town Law Article 3A Title 5 Section 54 Special Districts
Town Law 202 Expenses of Improvement - How Raised
Town Law 236 Completion of Improvements
Town Law 244 - A - Apportionment of Completed Local Assessment Upon Subdivision or Sale of Land Affected

It is our opinion that the Town has also broken the law by Filing a False Certificate, namely the Schedule of Assessments and Tax Rates that thousands of Greenburgh residents received with their taxes.

Please contact the State Comptroller and State Attorney General with this information.

Anonymous said...

Terry, the letter from the Comptroller's Office follows in its entirety. As it is a public document subject to FOIL, I hope Mr. Feiner will not delete it.

April 20,2009
Paul J. Feiner, Supervisor
Town of Greenburgh
177 Hillside Avenue
Greenburgh, NY 10607

Dear Mr. Feiner:

Thank you for your March 23 letter requesting our opinion about whether proposed new programs at Valhalla Union Free School District that the Town proposes to fund with Town monies would be considered furtherance of a Town purpose.

First, let me remind you that this office does not have approval authority over these
programs; we do not pre-audit Town activities. Further, we have not audited the details of the proposed programs. Therefore, my comments are based solely on the information you have provided with your letter, in addition to our knowledge of this issue based on our previous audits of the Town and the District.

There are two issues that the Town should keep in mind when determining whether these programs are eligible for Town funding: first, whether the function is a legitimate Town purpose that is authorized by law; and second, whether the function is open to all Town residents.

The general function of providing education to children is a school district purpose, not a town purpose. It appears to us that many of the proposed programs are educational in nature and would not pass the first test that the function must be for a legitimate Town purpose. For example, it is not a legitimate Town purpose to train teachers who are employees of the school district.

I believe our previous audit report (Report 2007M-270) provided a fairly detailed
discussion of the details involved and was clear on the criteria that needs to be applied when considering the use of Town funds. Therefore, the best suggestion that I can offer is that Town officials, including the Town attorney, review these programs in light of that guidance.

Please contact Chris Ellis, Chef Examiner in our Newburgh Office, at 845-567-0858 if you have further questions, or have the Town Attorney contact Mitch Morris in our Legal Office at 518-473-4138 to discuss this matter.

Anonymous said...

You are also messing up not giving your CSEA employees a raise. Now we know what we already have known. You want to give the monies to other people instead. It's not that you don't have the money, you just want to screw your employees.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that the Town sponsors a day to thank Town volunteers. The Town Board recently appointed one of Paul Feiner's pals to a seat on a board - a seat which is not yet vacant. Not only did they make this appointment, they kept it hush-hush that they would not be re-appointing the individual who has volunteered 12 years of time and service. They not only did not allow an opportunity for the current sitting voluteer to be interviewed for re-appointment, they didn't have the respect for volunteer service to ask if the person wanted to continue. So Mr. Feiner gets a free pass on stacking the Town Board with rubber stamps by paying for their elections, gets the other two to go along because they fear he will do the same to them as he did to Bass & Barnes, and now he is stacking boards and commissions with friends and supporters to take control of everything - even those things which were meant to be separate of Town politics. The Town claims to have a process for board appointments - allow all interested parties to participate in the interview process, confer with sitting chairpersons about filling vacancies, supporting the recommendations of the liaisons, etc. Like the rules of the Town Board meetings, the rules for appointments don't seem to be followed either. Back to the celebration for volunteerism - kick them in the teeth!

Anonymous said...

say hi to BUBBA

Anonymous said...

The way this town is supervised is embarrassing.

P'O'd on Ardsley Road said...

Instead of spending all day deleting blog comments he doesn't like, Feiner might have seen to it that his planning commissioner didn't waive all town regulatory requirements for United Water's multimillion dollar project on Ardsley Road in Edgemont.

This was an enormous blunder by the Town, and I'm glad you at least had the guts last night to admit it.

By waiving site plan approval, among other things, we residents have been stripped of the protections all other residents of unincorporated have to make sure new construction doesn't destroy neighboring property values. Now, thanks to you, we've got a humongous eyesore in our backyards, with no guarantee that we'll ever be protected from water runoff and other problems associated with it. And by waiving all town approvals, like he did, the town's planning commissioner also stripped us of all notice about the project.

Thanks alot Feiner. You told us last night you drive past this site every day. Didn't you even think to ask whether there was site plan approval? Don't you work with this planning commissioner of yours every day?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't PO'd live on Clubway, not ardsley road?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the fed's mandated that the reservoir be covered.Fed up should know since he is an atty.

Anonymous said...

So, to post again 9:34 -
What difference does it matter where PO'd lives?
A town blunder is a town blunder.

Still PO'd on Ardsley Rd said...

I don't know why Feiner keeps deleted this comment. The fact that the feds mandated that the reservoir be covered is irrelevant. Every major construction project in Greenburgh, like in every other town, requires site plan approval, in order to mitigate the effects of the construction, like drainage, screening, landscaping, and fencing -- those are the rights that the Town stripped away from us without any notice whatsoever. The fact that Feiner keeps removing this comment suggests to me that this was no mere blunder on the Town's part. I think it's time to get the Westchester DA involved, or perhaps the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau.

edgemont civic associations? said...

where was the ecc or one of its civic associations?

there must be 100 attorneys within that construction site plus other professionals that might have asked questions.

now its too late.

Paul Feiner said...

Dear Mr. Bernstein: If you feel that the DAs office or AGs office should get involved in reviewing the actions we took re: Metz reservoir, I encourage you to pursue that remedy. I doubt that you will take that action because you know that the town did nothing illegal. I have been in contact with residents of Edgemont today who live near the Metz reservoir. We discussed the fact that:
United Water was under federal mandate to cover the reservoir.
..that there will be extensive landscaping...that a bond will be posted by United Water so that if trees/plantings die that the plantings/trees will be replaced. The Town Board will conduct a walking tour of the site before a c/o is issued --and if additional plantings are needed, the plantings will take place before the c/o is issued. Other actions will be taken. The town could not prevent the reservoir (which was beautiful) from being covered up. This is a federal directive (you should know, you're an atty). Most of the people who I communicated with today were satisfied that the town is working hard to be responsive to their concerns. We're going to make a bad situation (federal mandate) better.

Anonymous said...

Well, Paul, I just finished reading the Journal News article about how you are not allowed to give the Valhalla School District anymore monies. What you now should do with the save monies is give it to your employees that haven't gotten a raise since 2007. Also, get the money back from the schools that you illegally gave to them and that includes the Fairview Fire Dept.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:57,

How about giving the money back to the taxpayers, many of whom are making less than they did in 2007 and are paying higher and higher taxes due to town employee and school employee mandates?

Anonymous said...

The Town has not complied with the State Comptroller's Report. This failure to comply has triggered violations of New York State Law, namely:

Town Law Article 3A Title 5 Section 54 Special Districts
Town Law 202 Expenses of Improvement - How Raised
Town Law 236 Completion of Improvements
Town Law 244 - A - Apportionment of Completed Local Assessment Upon Subdivision or Sale of Land Affected

It is our opinion that the Town has also broken the law by Filing a False Certificate, namely the Schedule of Assessments and Tax Rates that thousands of Greenburgh residents received with their taxes.

The Assessor has cost upwards of 800 households money because she failed to comply with the edicts of the June 2008 State Comptroller's Report. Beacuse she failed in her duty, the above referenced laws have been broken. What is needed is for as many citizens as possible to contact both the State Comptroller and the State Attorney General. This issue needs to be taken up by everyone, the Samis's, Bernsteins, Preisers, Brown's all must come together to complain. They must not adopt the attitude that it is not their issue. IT IS THEIR ISSUE!

Direct from State Comptroller said...

Direct from the State Comptroller's Report:

In 2001, another property was subdivided: one lot had a
building and other did not. The Town assigned a 1.0 benefit
unit to the improved property, but the Town did not assign a
0.1 benefit unit to the newly created property. In 2003, the
Town did not change the newly created property’s benefit unit
to 1.0 when it was improved and fully assessed. The Town
collected a $1,500 hook-in fee for the newly created property.
Due to the lack of complete accounting records, we could not
determine how Town officials used the $1,500.


This is why the New York State Attorney General and the State Comptroller must be notified.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't one thin dime of Lanza money gone to a Parks & Rec program?

Anonymous said...

Lanza is funding programs at Hartsbrook

Anonymous said...

When did Hartsbrook park become a picnic area.????

Anonymous said...

I have noticed more and more dogs running loose all over the place.
Is there no control as to what is going on .How can you have a park without supervision.

You also have parents teaching their children how to ride bikes.
I thought this was a paek to take in the beauty of the greenery and the serenity.

Anonymous said...

1) Hartsbrook has "programs"?
2) Why are any animals there? We have a very expensive dog Park.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining if people are teaching kids to ride a bike, picnicing or running a dog.

will feiner delete or not? said...

havent you heard?
this town is going to the dogs!

Dear 11:14 AM said...

You wrote:


You need to insert the word "LEGALLY" inbetween the TO and the SPEND.

Anonymous said...

Beta all these nasty comments are coming from less than 5 people whose lives would be lost without this blog.

Anonymous said...

The above comments were from our esteemed Supervisor or one of his stooges who condones illegal behavior.

Anonymous said...

The above comments were from the same person who spends day and night looking at our supervisors blog. Joe McCarthy's memory lives on when anonymous makes accusations and tells half or quarter truths.

Dear 9:37 said...

Please list the half truths and quarter truths for us.

Anonymous said...


TY1 – 5/13/09 Resolution requesting authorization for the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh to enter into a license agreement with Food Bank for Westchester Kids Cafe® Program Partner Agreement to provide healthy, nutritious meal to youth through the Theodore D. Young Kids CafĂ©

(May 4, 2009 – June 30, 2009)

Anonymous said...

This is who to contact at the State:


Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Bureau

Phone: (212) 416-8090


PIB Hotline:
If you wish to report allegations of government wrongdoing, please call the New York State Public Integrity Hotline: 1-800-428-9072. Calls will be kept confidential.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments that I am reading make the blog a waste of time. Please use the blog more constructively. This blog used to be required reading. Unfortunately, as more and more people get turned off fewer people are reading what we have to say.

Anonymous said...

Another Paul Feiner initiative to make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States! Be part of the Dialogue...participate...tell us what's on your mind...!

Anonymous said...

Those who criticize everything lose credibility.

Dear 10:08 said...

Are you Mr. Half truth and quarter truth??? Please list them so we can all get a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:08PM
I suppose the corrollary to your statement is "Those who lie are public officials."

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the Greenburgh channels have be cancelled for about four days.
Is there a problem with your end which transmits to the Verizon lines.

This is happening too many times.

we call Verizon and we are told that the problem is at the Greenburgh end.
Is this another service that will be removed for many of us who are homebound?????

Anonymous said...

How about helping Chuck Schumer crack down on the car warrantee calls we are all receiving .
I receive one call a day and by the way I did register my number with the do not call .

Todays call came from New Brunswick
506-221-4565 I stayed on the line to reach a live person when someone answered the call and I asked a question they hung up.

This too is a public service that should interest you.

boring said...

man this blog is dead and boring

maybe things are going well in the town and the complainers have run out of things to say?

Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! The outdoor parking lights are working at the Library. Hurray!!! Although, has anyone noticed that there is not enough parking at times there. What a shame.

ed krauss said...

No need to worry about a parking shortage at the library, 3:53. The architect and the planners "landbanked" about three dozen parking spaces. Where, I don' know. But I'm sure Todd, 'trit, regula and the guys know where those parking spaces belong.

Maybe, at the next Town Board meeting, you or someone could ask.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you sure are messing up by not settling the CSEA employee's contract. I'm sure their raises were already figured into the budget. Your lack of consideration for the backbone of this town amazes me. Why should they go without a raise. They have mouths to feed also. Here's an idea. Why don't you see if Nanna of Regula wants to donate any of the extra money to the CSEA workers that you shelled out to them to bring them back.

Anonymous said...

People are hurting. Why should salaries be increased when many are being laid off?

Anonymous said...

People are hurting, however, why is it that the big wigs get their increases, money is being wasted on administrators retiring and then they are brought back at a higher salary, administrators retire and then they are hired right back as consultants for a ridiculous salary. What's that all about. What about the little people.

Anonymous said...

Well,folks here we go again Feiner will give Danny Gold what ever he requests.

What is it that Danny Gold is holding over your head that you have to cave into what ever demands he {Gold}makes.

You went against Home Depot and we the taxpayers lost some good revenue.
Now your buddy will put his thoughts on the table which you will listen to and abide by his wishes.
You gave this guy a bigger back yard,now you will grant him this other favor.

Anonymous said...


Kolesar is back and still fighting for the truth.
It was very refreshing to see him speak out for just a few minor problems facing this town.
These problems did not just start they have been going on for many many years.
With the knowledge that he has as to the mishandling of funds he should run for a high office.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that if the dog catcher were to run for town supervisor, I would vote for him or her. Is there a dog catcher in the house. If so please throw your hat in the ring.....or better yet is there someone who is ethical, honest, and bright.....Please step forward. You got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should know that the 3% contrat increase for CSEA employees was included in the 2008 budget and carried over to the 2009 budget. We have paid for their increases in our taxes yet these employees have not received their fair wages. Management however did receive increases...does it make sense to increase the higher salaries of management and not the agreed upon salaries of those who really do the grunt work? We paid for it, they should receive it. What has the Town done with those tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

To 7:08pm

Not giving a fair cost of living wage to it's rank and file is just one of the many ways Town Adminstration mistreats it's own.




hal samis said...

If there is no candidate, don't flick ANY levers. Voting just for voting's sake implies a mandate.
Don't provide them with a mandate.

And Ed, the 34 "land-banked" parking spaces at the Library will cost about $100,000 which the Library no longer has.

Remember: always the red, never the black. How much do you want to bet?