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Job Listings - Emergency Management

We are presently seeking candidates for the following position(s):

Project Manager - 09-222

Title: Project Manager
Organization: Emergency Management
Department: Operations Services

Job Code: 09-222

Qualifications: Con Edison Emergency Management Operations Services is seeking to hire a Project Manager candidate who demonstrates exceptional project management /leadership abilities to join its team who will support their emergency preparedness, drill/exercise program, emergency response, liaison, recovery and lessons learned process with various operating organizations. The selected candidate will play a major role with outside agencies as a Liaison Officer during drills/exercises and actual incidents. They will be a part of a team that develops new and evaluates existing emergency response training under the Incident Command System. They will also assist in the development of drills and assess the adequacy of plans during drills and actual emergency responses. They will define and follow up on lessons learned to improve future response.
The selected candidate must have Bachelor’s Degree (required), Master’s Degree preferred. The selected candidate should have at a minimum: Eight to 10 years of overall work experience and; Three years of relevant work experience in Emergency Management including interaction with constituents external to the Company or; Three years in developing, organizing and conducting drills to test the readiness of Electric, Gas, Steam, Substations or other operational departments including developing scenarios, timelines and inserted messages and; Three years of operational experience in Electric, Gas, Steam/ Generation, and other operating departments. In depth understanding of the Incident Command System and the ability to act as an Incident Management Assist Team member.

The successful candidate will be expected to be on an emergency on-call duty roster during work and non-work hours on selected periodic weeks.

Responsibilities: Facilitate the Company’s preparation and response to incidents throughout the system under the nationally accepted Incident Command System (ICS), based on management by objective and described in Corporate Instruction CI-260-4, “Corporate Response to Incidents and Emergencies.” Play a major role in the development of emergency plans for planned, manmade and natural disasters events. Act as a liaison to the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM), NYPD, FDNY, NYCDOT, NYCDOB, FEMA, SEMO and the Westchester Office of Emergency Services along with other agencies during Company caused/involved incidents ranging in severity from routine work to full-scale corporate emergencies. During non-emergency periods, work with these agencies on man-made and natural disaster emergency planning, company field activities with potential impacts on citizens and special projects/concerns. Ensures implementation of Company safety, health and environmental programs. Ensures that safe work practices are followed and the environment is fully protected in accordance with Company policy and governmental regulations. Work to assure company procedures, internal communications and management actions include the ICS process for all incident responses and incorporate proper and timely communications to external agencies. Working with TLC staff review and modify ICS eLearning & classroom course content with the goal of producing relevant, timely and quality instruction beneficial to individuals filling incident response and support positions under ICS. Work with outside agencies to assure that current NIMS based ICS training and improvements to that training are evaluated and incorporated into the Company’s Emergency preparedness and response program. Assure incident response is appropriate based on the size and severity of the emergency as defined by CI-260-4 classification tables.Help establish ICS/Emergency Management experts from the bottom up to help organizations respond to “upgraded” and “serious” incidents. Assist as a member of established Incident Management Assist Teams (IMAT) providing part-time support at “serious” and “full-scale” incidents. Assist in the development and execution of drills as well as conduct after action reviews (critiques) to help assure they challenge employees from the point of notification to the repair and ultimate recovery from a scenario-based problem. Drills must also include achievable objectives and communications (both internal and external) by the Company. Drills will be followed by after action reviews highlighting successes and areas of improvement. Real events of “serious” and “full-scale” level must go through a similar after action review process. Develop an annual drill schedule and track completion of drills by operating departments. Work closely with the Company ERG’s to help design and facilitate internal/external training and exercises. Assist in development of courses aimed at external agencies to educate them on company activities.Represent the Emergency Management Vice President on the Con Edison Biological and Chemical Weapons Response Team (CEBCWRT) as well as the Medical Aid Rescue Squad (MARS) Team.May perform other related assignments as appropriate as delegated by the Director Emergency Management Operational Services. Also, chair ad-hoc interdepartmental committee meetings setup to achieve specific company goals.

Position requires a valid driver's license and travel to various company facilities. Position requires extensive walking and climbing and working outdoors in all types of weather conditions.


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Anonymous said...

You better check your posting. One Con edison does NOT post for jobs as you did here. You have to go to and apply there. They have a 9,000 waiting list .