Saturday, May 16, 2009


Applications Engineer


Field Service Engineer

Sales Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Hipotronics, Inc. is the world's leading full-line manufacturer of high voltage test equipment and measurement instrumentation. The Brewster, NY headquarters is located approximately 60 miles north of New York City. The Brewster, NY facility serves as the platform for manufacture of large, custom resonant and impulse test systems in addition to manufacture of most HV components. In addition, engineering, marketing, sales, service, finance, and manufacturing administrative personnel are located at our Brewster, NY facility.

5 great high value positions in Brewster, NY


Anonymous said...

how do you arrive at the evaluatation that these jobs are "good"? Do you know the pay and benefits numbers? Perhaps you should add a disclaimer at the end of each posting regarding your not endorsing or vouching for any particular company's record as an employer. I suggest you contact the town's attorney regarding your implicit endorsement of various companies in the event one of your "hires" does not work out well.