Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Researcher job opening



The Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) is a national policy advocacy organization. CSI works to build a fair and just society by dismantling structural racism. We partner with communities of color and other allies to create strategies and build policy reform models to end racial disparities and promote equal opportunity. With our partners we conduct applied research, translate it, teach our communities, inform the public, convene stakeholders, nurture multiracial alliances and support advocacy strategies.

CSI is seeking applicants for a researcher position.

FULL-TIME: 40 hours per week

SALARY RANGE: $40,000-$55,000

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Researcher’s essential functions are to develop quantitative applied research strategies to support advocacy goals, conduct research and draft reports. In addition, the researcher must translate research into lay terms and assist CSI in developing tools to support community capacity-building.

SUPERVISION: The Researcher reports to the Executive Director and works closely with the Senior Advocate and other researcher.


· Developing applied research work plans, methods and strategies

· Collecting and analyzing data to answer project-related questions and demonstrate racial inequity

· Drafting research reports

· Identifying and developing relationships with organizational and individual partners

· Participating in workshops, conferences, panel discussions


· Demonstrated commitment to social justice and antiracism work and experience with a “systems” approach

· Strong analytical and methodological skills

· Ability to perform trends analysis

· At least two years relevant post degree quantitative research experience

· Ability to develop strong working relationships with other organizations

· Ability to work in a team

· Strong organizational skills

· Strong communication skills, written and oral

· Familiarity with large datasets (U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.)

· Completion of at least a Masters Degree in Geography, Sociology, Urban Planning, Political Science or Public Policy

· Proficiency in the use of Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite


· Experience with database, mapping and other analytical software

· Experience with polling or survey research

Interested individuals should send a cover letter, resume, writing sample (fewer than 6 pages) and three references to: Jacob Faber , Center for Social Inclusion at 65 Broadway, Suite 1800 , New York , NY 10006 .



Anonymous said...

Tell them to hire the sewer guy. He is the best researcher I have ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

Boy do we need him here in Greenburgh.
He does have all the qualifications .

Anonymous said...

We would be so lucky to get someone as honest as the sewer guy but then again look at what happened to Kolesar for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul you have a good man availabe why not ask him to tackel the problems of this town.

Are you afraid that he may find some other wrong doings other that the sewer system

Try his expertise in research you may or may not be surprised.

Anonymous said...


Requirements; None
Experience required; none
Pay; What we feel like paying you
Competition; None
Interview; None required
Job Description; Doesn't exist
Extra Hours for stipend tasks; none, staff maintain their present work schedule(work same hours, get extra pay)
Cost to Taxpayers; Over 116,000
How to be considered; Kiss up Baby, Kiss up!
Those interested should call