Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The Town of Greenburgh Presents

Greenburgh’s Got Talent

In Partnership with Premier Performing Arts, a non-profit professional theatre company in Westchester

Do you think you can be the next Susan Boyle or Kris Allen? Now is your chance to prove it. Be a part of the Greenburgh’s Got Talent Competition in one of three categories:

Dance (Group or Individual)

Vocals (Group or Individual)

Instrumentalist (Group or Individual)

Judges will include theater and entertainment professionals

Great Prizes available for the winner of each category


1st Qualifying Performance: Saturday, September 12th

2nd Qualifying Performance: Saturday, September 19th

Finale: Saturday, September 26th

Entries, including a photo and performance sample, must be submitted no later than August 15, 2009. Contest is open to professional and non-professional talents, 16 years and older, who reside in the Town of Greenburgh. For more information, contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 914-993-1659 or at Judith Beville is our Town Clerk. Thanks, Judy for organizing this effort.



susan boyle said...

Where is this competition taking place? Who is paying for the prizes?

Anonymous said...

If that was talent that was depicted at the town meeting I could win a contest hands down.

Please stick to the matters before you concerning town business and leave talent shows to whomever .

You are wasting our time but above all you have become the laughing stock of Westchester.

Since Beville cam to town hall she has pushed this concert business down the peoples throat.
We have better things to do with our time.
She should hold these concerts in schools where I am quite sure there is better talent than what we saw last night at town hall.

hal samis said...

I've got rhythm, I've got music, who could ask for anything more Department.

Dear Premier Performing Arts,

I am "shocked" to find out that you charge for tickets to your events and for membership. Please don't shatter my illusions and let me find that you are just like other not-for-profits and provide employment, paying competitive salaries to your staff headliners.

Now you are ripping off Arthur Godfrey's Original Talent Hour and the legion of Star Search wannabes that have followed in their footsteps. That the nation is enthralled by such time wasting must have Will Rogers Cowelling in his grave.

Ah well, in a world where all's a stage, I would like to submit an entry for the Instrumentalist Competition. I don't have his contact info but I believe he can be reached c/o Town Clerk Beville.
Ask her for the whereabouts of:

Nero (emperor. ret.) formerly a resident of Rome, Italy, Mr. Nero is an accomplished fiddler having won many awards but losing the big one. He is believed to be mentor to Town Supervisor, Paul Feiner, and was an early advocate of consolidating the fire departments of his hometown.

It's comforting to know that as taxes continue their unabated march to doubling in a 7 year period, that Art, Culture and mindless entertainment continue to flourish in Greenburgh -- just one more justification for inclusion as #80 on a list of 79 other "cities" in America, even though in that competition all other TOWNS were not considered.
I hope that similar exclusions will not apply in your version of auditions.

In the memorable words of Mickey and Judy, "come on kids, let's put on a show..."

And to think that Greenburgh is only 57 minutes from Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that the town officials pay no attention to the problems at hand.

It seems that the parks are going to the dogs.
The roadway are filthy.
Police protection is at it's worse.
All the parks need plenty of work to make them safe.
The library is still not completed.
Both centers are depending on tax revenue to stay alive.
Close both of them.
Now the town is going into talent business.
Could it be possible that our dear officials have reached the end of their rope and they are looking for ways to take the heat off of them.
The town clerk should stick to her duties as a secretary for the whole town leave the job of choosing talent to the professionals..
She knows nothing about talent and she should leave the job t

Anonymous said...

Is there any quid pro quo between Premier and anyone employeed by the town or closely affiliated with town employees?

Anonymous said...

Baffle with brillian and dazzle with bull****. The only talent Feiner has is the ability to be disingenuous in the statements being made towards this bond rating; given the Town continues to deplete its fund balance, one has to wonder how these ratings are generated. Let's not forget that the SEC though Madoff was doing something right as well.

As to the 80th great place to live - the Town PAID for this designation. It's no more than a paid advertisement -