Saturday, August 22, 2009


I attended the 11 annual graduation ceremonies of the Greenburgh police summer youth camp this morning. Thanks to a generous grant from the Lanza Foundation of $65,000 the Greenburgh Police Department was able to continue this program in 2009. The Lanza Foundation recently decided to continue funding the program in 2010. 100% of the costs of the program were assumed by the Lanza Foundation. The camp ran for the past seven weeks.

This year 25 children graduated from the program. The children are between the ages of 12 and 17. The camp is, in essence, be a junior police academy where youngsters are placed in a setting similar to that experienced by a police recruit. The seven-week course consisted of physical training and classroom instruction in law and other related topics. Guest lecturers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, District Attorney’s Office, United States Secret Service and other areas within the Criminal Justice System presented an overview of their agency’s operation. Demonstrations by specialized police units and field trips to courts and other criminal justice institutions also took place. Contemporary issues such as alcohol and drug abuse swere addressed and students participated in various role-play scenarios, which illustrate the practical everyday problems faced by law enforcement officers. Campers received instruction and certification in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid and Water Rescue by police instructors.

The goal of this program is to expose your son or daughter to various law enforcement careers while developing academic ability and self-esteem. Campers come away from the program with meaningful skills and a better understanding of the criminal justice system and its potential as a career.

Sergeant Tim Carroll was the camp director & lead instructor. His enthusiasm and dedication to the program & children was evident during the graduation ceremonies. Police officer David Zenon also was an instructor this summer. The town is very lucky to have two very dedicated members of the police dept involved in this program.

Town Board members Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Francis Sheehan and I are very appreciative to the Lanza Family Foundation for their sponsorship of this program.


hal samis said...

Adding this "camp" into the mix, how many summer camps does the Town operate?

Does the Lanza largesse include: the portion of a policeman's salary that counts toward retirement benefits (a future cost to taxpayers)? Think about "100% of the costs".

Is there comp time or overtime being juggled to make 100% look possible?

What does "demonstations by specialized police units" mean and how is this charged to Lanza? Next we'll be hearing that regularly scheduled training exercises are being used as training for campers and thus no additional cost...

Since this is a camp situation, if Police (come budget time the Chief will complain about being under staffed) are detailed to the camp, doesn't this leave the Department short these men who the remainder of the year have assignments?

Derivative of the above, if their regular assignments (I assume they are not paid an annual salary just for teaching camp and I assume that the rest of the year they fulfull an important and meaningful role that continues to exist) are covered by others, does this create overtime possibilities for those "filling in"? If so, does the Lanza largesse, "100% of the costs", provide for this?

The bottom line is that only by a very narrow view is the program 100% funded by the Lanza Foundation. Whereas I don't have a problem with the idea or even the execution of the program, I do object to the characterization that this does NOT create ANY "out of pocket" expenses for taxpayers or create any problems in Police assignments -- particularly during a season when I expect that many officers schedule vacations (placing strain upon the remaining manpower which in turn leads to overtime opportunities). If this is not the case, then the Department must be prepared to say that it does not need any additional staff for the coming year.

What this seems to be (from The Supevisor's post) is an informal apprenticeship program that should more properly be funded by the PBA.

Your turn, Detective Double Dip.

Anonymous said...

Another free camp unavailable to children outside of Fairview.

Tim Carroll's time was better spent teaching drug resistance programs to ALL Greenburgh children.
We all know what happened to that program. Cut along with police camp. Remember?

Another Feiner stunt to garner votes from the black community.

Don't be fooled. Feiner hates YOUR children.

Anonymous said...

This camp is open to all children from unincorporated Greenburgh. It's been in existence for 11 years so can't be s stunt. And, it's funded with grant dollars.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul @11:31,

The camp,like Xposure, like college tours........ is open to all children yet only advertised to one population. Tell me how all children in TOV are alerted to this program.

The camp, in the 11 years of existence was only funded by grant money this year. It has always been paid for with our taxes. Stop trying to give the illusion that we haven't paid for it. We have.

Talk to Tim Carroll yourself and ask him if he feels police camp for a handful of kids is more important than a program to raise drug and alcohol awareness taught to ALL Greenburgh children.
AND that program had cost less money than POLICE CAMP FOR 25!

Why do you hate my children, Paul?

Anonymous said...

This summer youth camp was advertised town-wide.

Anonymous said...

The DARE program has been ineffective nation-wide.

Anonymous said...

For a better alternative to DARE, see the drug education website:
Smart communities are getting rid of D.A.R.E.
Oakland California voted to eliminate the DARE program for the good of the children.

Houston Texas is considering cutting the program by half to test its merit.

Boulder Colorado urged to eliminate DARE

Anonymous said...

Good morning Paul.

The Police camp has been proven effective in accomplishing what?

There is no DARE program it has been abolished. Why hasn't the town replaced it with something else? WHY?

Anonymous said...

Lanza money for ALL Greenburgh children?

Lanza money is not colorblind.

Anonymous said...

Read the newspapers Paul. Woman/mothers DUI on a scary rise in Westchester.

Clearly these is a problem. What are the children of these parents learning IF they survive? You took away the only program that reaches out to the kids of these alcoholic parents. WHY? Stop hiding behind the "DARE was ineffective" BS. If you REALLY believe this, replace the program with something else YOU THINK will be effective. Talk to Carroll.

Is it because this is a white problem that you continue to ignore this.

I know of several Moms that drive drunk in Greenburgh. I know of children of these mom who now drive drunk!

Million upon millions spent on one small community when the rest is in need and forgotten. Deliberately!


Anonymous said...

Yes Paul money has been allocated in your budgets for this program throughout the years and the taxpayers paid for it in their taxes.

Why must you lie to get votes?

The Lanza family gave the town a grant for this FREE so called camp again why do we need another camp.
Do we not pay enough for the existing do nothing camps?
What do these programs produce?
If the parents don't give a dam about the goings on with their children why must the taxpayers pay for what is lacking in their homelife.
You say that the program has been going on for many years?
What has it accomplished ? One police person.
Did it make better citizens?

Just remember we try to do the best for OUR children in OUR homes.
We are parents and it is OUR job to do what is right.

Yes I would like to have the answer to one of the questions asked ==do the police that are working patrol during this free camp receive overtime ?????????

Anonymous said...

The police have problems following orders how the hell can they have others follow the law?????

This is a big farce.

You are assisting a family as to how do avoid paying taxes on all their money.
Good job Feiner.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, he is using Lanza money to buy votes from one community.

No one really believes he gives a rats butt about actually effecting a positive change. This is completely self serving as is evident by how Paul chooses to steer these funds.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul!
Why don't you tell the bloggers what churchs the police camp applications where made available?

Then tell bloggers why they were not available at any Catholic Church in TOV.

Anonymous said...

This camp is open to all children from unincorporated Greenburgh.

First Baptist Church of Elmsford !!!!(Yes, folks. Village of Elmsford.)

Union Baptist Church
Manhattan Ave

Greenville Community Reformed Church

Anonymous said...


Does Lanza know? said...

Something is very wrong here. Either Pat Lanza is in the dark about the selective targeting and use of her grant monies or she has been openly solicited to contribute money for use only towards programs for minorities. Either way, the town has discriminated. The fall back “available to all” “advertised town wide” when necessary, as the town has no choice but to say this as tax dollars are used to match Lanza funds, yet clear, fair, equal access to all is hindered.

For example; providing transportation to and from Xposure to only those kids attending GC and living on one side of town.

Example; selective use of places of worship where applications and information for Police Camp is readily available.

I’m certain that other Lanza donations and scholarships awarded in Westchester County come with certain criteria. I doubt that Pat Lanza turns over money to Mount Vernon without having in place qualifications of recipients. So, what are the qualifying factors in participants in Lanza funded programs in TOV?

Who is fooling who?

Do the Lanza grant programs support exactly those Pat Lanza intended to support? If so, the town had to be forthcoming in defining a program target audience. If they did make clear who the recipients (minorities who attend GC) of the Xposure program would be, and matched money with our tax dollars, the town has committed a crime.

If the town told Lanza that grant money will be used for programs that any TOV kid can attend and then made it unfairly, accessible to all, Lanza has been mislead and non-minorities have been intentionally discriminate against by the town.

Bottom line- the town is not a charitable organization. It operates like one in disguise and unfairly discriminates against non-minorities while funneling their tax money to support reduced fee or free programs in predominantly minority parts of Greenburgh. Even in Elmsford Village!

Charging more for camp on one side of town than the other is a perfect example. Providing better/more services to one group and not the other. Requiring different proof of inability to pay fees to receive “scholarships”. Giving away free camp ( stopped this year) to minority Elmsford Village kids.

This is unjust and unlawful behavior. It will only be a matter of time before we will be in litigation once again.

I almost can’t believe this is going on. I think I’ll forward this thread and comments to Pat Lanza.

Anonymous said...

Is the person who is managing the Lanza foundation a friend of Feiners?

Does this good person Pat Lanza really know how she is being ued?
Does she know that Feiner is playing one group against the other with her grants which in the eyes of many is being used to buy votes.

Lanza doesn't know said...

I doubt the very good Patricia Lanza knows how devious our town government really is.

I think she would be horrified to know what is really going on here.

Anonymous said...

The town operates 1 Town Camp Parks & Rec, 2 TDYCC Camps and it allows Edgemont Rec to use Town facilities for its camp. So the answer is 4.

100% of costs what does this include? Salary & retirement? Bus transportation? Meals? Administration?

Since applications were made available in Elmsford, how many kids from the village attended police camp?

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, thank you very much to the Lanza Family. They have been great benefactors of our Town. They should be left out of any criticism unless those who criticise are in a position to donate the same.

I would assume that the Lanza Family receives suggestions from Paul Feiner on how to use their grant money. This is where we have a problem. How many camps do we need in this Town? We probably support more camps than any other local municipality in the State.

How about bringing back the library bus? Feiner doesn't want to support anything positive about the library so my guess is he won't suggest it even though the last grant from the Lanza Family for the bus was quite successful. It serviced every neighborhood in our Town and brought library services to every resident.

Maybe DARE isn't a great program. Maybe we should look for other programs that teach our youth about the perils of drugs, gangs, truency, etc. Maybe a child/parent awareness program - DARE obviously isn't working based on the rise of drunk driving deaths.

The Lanzas don't have to give us anything. I know I am grateful just for their support of my community. I think we can put their money to much better use than a police camp and the Xposure Program. I think that program is great as well but it is an educational program - we shouldn't be supporting it with out town tax dollars - we already pay high school taxes.

Thank you to the Lanza Family. Maybe we could have a community group meet with them to discuss other areas that could better benefit from their generosity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lanza family for your donations but our dear supervisor is using this money as he sees fit not to what is needed here in Greenburgh.
With your donations he is buying votes.
I do not think that this is what your intentions were.
He has put people against people.
He has satisfied one area over another causing plenty of friction.
Lanza family before you give this supervisor anymore money please check his motives.
We had a good town now we are almost pulling one anothers hair out.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think anyone here has criticized the Lanza’s. The foundation does good deeds and many are grateful.

The criticism is directed at the town for favoring one group while avoiding the other ans asking them to anti-up to support this favoritism. The criticism is direct towards the town as it has muddied the waters on the use of tax money as well as grant money.
Grant money always comes with specific use. It is not a blank check. If town funds are used along with grant money to support a program, that money is then used towards fulfilling the specifications of the grant.

The no -brainer is that town tax money should not be used for “scholarships” for non residents. This is done.

Is it legal for the town to solicit grant money privately or from government sources and then use it for non residents? Is it legal for the town to use grant money commingled with tax money for programs for TOV “at risk youths” and then selectively make information available to one group and not the other? When our grant writer generates a proposal for funds, does he/she use Fairview demographics to demonstrate a need or does he/she use TOV demographics? My guess is Fairview demos are used as example of “need”. Could even be Elmsford Village demos used too.

If donations are acquired using minority demographics for specific programs, can the town legally open those programs up to all of TOV for free? Well, it really can’t because there isn’t enough money to make it open to all of TOV hence, the little subtly steering of information towards the intended group.

The fact is that TDYCC functions as a charitable organization for its surrounding community yet can not advertise as such because it uses TOV tax money to support it broadcasted when questioned the “open to all” mantra heard from the town. The problem with this little scheme is that it can be proven that ALL TOV'ers are not treated fairly when it comes to programs funded at TDYCC, because the programs offered there are very quietly advertised town wide yet highly publicized to one group and made easily accessibly, and more affordably, if not free, to that group.

The town can’t have it both ways. It’s not legal. We have a Parks and Recreation department and all activities should be run from this source.

The town has no business being in the education or charity business for anyone in TOV let alone one very small part of TOV and an adjoining village. Not for profit groups can come to TOV and offer services to those in need. They can secure grants and donations to fund programs, outline criteria for recipients and then make available money or services to those in need.

This is not a town government obligation.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that TDYCC functions as a charitable organization for its surrounding community yet can not advertise as such because it uses TOV tax money to support its programs and then broadcasts when questioned the “open to all” mantra heard from the town.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH! My 13 year old daughter just told me that she saw her friend, drunk, at the City Center last night. Her friend was picked up by her DRUNK MOM!!!!!!!!

They live in Hartsdale.

ooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Hartsdale!? You lie!

There are no "at risk" youths in Hartsdale! There are no mothers with addition problems in HARTSDALE!

Get with the program! Haven't you read the good news?

"Hartsdale folks have lives filled with good fortune, happiness, rainbows and puppies and count their blessings each and everyday for it. They have no needs." Paul 200:9

12:52. Sadly, this is all too common. Turn the mom in. The kid? No help from this town. Wrong kind of teen.

Anonymous said...


Since it is well known that we have allowed Elmsford kids to attend our camps and programs either for free or discounted, how is it that we allowed Elmsford to walk away from paying to use our library so easily?

And.......since they won't support our library and by not doing so have left us without the much need income, WHY DO WE GIVE THEM ANYTHING?

rainbows and puppies said...

hahaha! I mean ADDICTION not addition although some moms very well may have addition & multiplication problems. lol!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your family have to make below a certain amout for your child to qualify for the camp??

Anonymous said...

Nope. The police Camp is open to everyone! However, unless you attend services at a particular church (mine didn't make the list), use TDYCC or sit around the registration office at AFV, (my favorite past-time)you don't even know about police camp. We don't get mailed copies of the activities brochure anymore either. Not that it would have mattered because Police Camp is not mentioned in the brochure. Never was either so don't go buying into the 'we re-instituted the program AFTER the brochure was printed!"

As for who gets what for free or discounted, where; go read the brochure online. At every new issue the language for both Parks & Rec and TDYCC changes. In the new Fall/Winter brochure neither says who qualifies for freebies. Ask and you shall be judged and found worthy or not.

Interestingly, due to mounting pressure regarding disparities between TDYCC and Parks & Rec, it appears there is an effort to try to be more informative. Parks & Rec NOW says it will not deny any Greenburgh resident who can not pay fees in FULL Yes, FULL is in bold. I take this to mean 'you ain't getting anything for free here"

TDYCC says more or less "hey, can't pay? Prove it (yes, it says PROVE IT)and you get it for free". How one proves it, is a mystery. TDYCC also give rates for non-resident Town Unicard fees. huh? Oh and "Staff reserves the right to ask patrons to produce their ID cards upon request". So feel free to just walk on in and use the facilities without a unicard. Chances are slim you'll be asked to show one.

Oh and one more thing, Parks & Rec asks that we turn in non-residents using resident Unicards. lol.

Dear Parks & Rec,
I feel compelled to honor your request to turn in and report on non-residents using our facilities. Please go to TDYCC and ask patrons to produce Unicards. No need to thank me. I just want to help keep our taxes down.
TOV Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

1:55 - Where have you been hiding? The reason Elmsford does not pay the Town for the Greenburgh Library services is because the Board of Trustees at the Library got greedy and wanted to raise the fees for Elmsford 30%. Elmsford told them where to put it and gave the money to Ardsley and as the result still gets to use it. They pay a lot of money to use the Library. It just doesn't go to Greenburgh. In six years the Town will have lost close to 2 million dollars because of their greed.

Anonymous said...


I am well aware. So, since they did not want to pay the higher library fees (rate hike debatable) WHY DO WE GIVE THEM, PROVIDE THEM, ANY FREE OR DISCOUNTED SERVICES?


Anonymous said...

2:29 I'll give it to you in a nasty four letter word - to get their V-O-T-E

Anonymous said...

I would love to see an accounting of all the Elmsford freebies throughout the years. The amount of money must be startling.

How is it that TOV tax payers put up with this for so many years? It was only this year that a stop was put to giving camp away to Elmsford. This only because of complaints. TDYCC may have even gotten around charging Elmsford. We'll never really know.

The look on Carters face at the work session when Elmsford camp fees were discussed was priceless. He almost cried.

I doubt they actually charged those fees. I suppose we'll see a big increase in income to TDYCC, if in fact, they did collect those fees from Elmsford families. If we don't, and the expense line didn't get lowered, we will have our answer.

Theft of services. Sanctioned by our town government. Been going on for decades.

It is funny that Elmsford didn't want to pay for the library. Why would they think they should have?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how many Elmsford kids attended Police Camp. Sine the applications were made available in an Elmsford church and all.


Anonymous said...

Rather than wonder, just file a FOIL request for the list of attendees. No doubt you will get a run around from this "open government", but follow up with Mr. Robert Freeman.

You are not interested in the individuals, but as a taxpayer, you have a legitimate concern and you can't trust this Town Board to tell you the truth.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really know if the First Baptist Church is not in the section of North Elmsford which is in the Town of Greenburgh. A lot of families who have an Elmsford post office zip code attend that Church who reside in the Town. Make sure your facts are right before you speak. These children may live in the Town and not Elmsford.

Anonymous said...

According to my map, 145 N. Lawn Ave is Elmsford Village.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not where a particular building is located, but where the participants reside. Do any come from the City of White Plains? From the Town of Mt. Pleasant? From any of the incorporated Villages within the Town? How many actually take part, and what is the cost per participant for the duration of the program? Can anyone actually demonstrate what the benefits are?

Assuming that "all" of the costs are actually covered by the Lanza grant (and I have my doubts about that), what is the impact on other police departments activities that are not performed while members and resources are deployed to this assignment?

Lots of questions and few if any answers forth coming from your "open" Town government. And if answers are provided, you better take them with a healthy grain of salt, because the Town Board won't make the information available for an independent review.

sad, sad town said...

The town is "stacking the deck". This is a form of discrimination no matter which race/creed/sex benefits.

While the deck has been unjustly stacked against minorities in the past, stacking it in favor of them is not the answer. It is perpetuating discrimination and it is done with our tax dollars.

The town must end this terrible, unjust, practice.

Anonymous said...

This camp is a great resorce for the children!

Anonymous said...

Which children?

Anonymous said...

Paul why do you remove certain comments from this blog when you know dam well that they are true.

Do we have to take each issue to court to prove to the residents how you have been covering up for some department heads working and for one that retired.

The truth is hurting right. Do you know the hurt that you have burdened each taxpayer of this town with by your decietful ways of conducting business.

Stop to think how much money you made slip through your fingers so you could pick up votes.

What happened to the Feiner of yesterday?
We thought many years ago that you were the person to save Greenburgh but it turned out that throughout the years you fell into the Regula web and the rest is history.

Yes Paul the county should take over Greenburgh as was mentioned in the Journal News people do not have to be bribed to do the right thing.
Bribing gets one in trouble even if it is said in a joking manner. Remember the Fortress church?