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Top 10 Twitter List For Westchester, NY
Aug 28th, 2009 by Chris S. Cornell.
Top 10 Lists are popping up all around us, and nowhere is this more true than on Twitter. I’ve always had reservations about the fairness of Top-10 lists, but have found them useful in plenty of situations. I was talking to a friend last week about strategies to employ in finding people to follow on Twitter. We agreed that a Top-10 list could be useful to those looking to get off to a good start on Twitter. We also agreed that there could never be one list that would serve everyone’s needs.

What I have done, after consulting with a few of my social-media expert friends, is compile a list that I believe is a good starting point for a Top-10 List of Westchester Twitter users. Many factors were considered, including the quality of the Tweets, frequency of Tweets, the number of followers and the number following, and the web address listed in the user’s profile. Also considered was the degree to which the site helped others and/or helped the user reach his own goals.

I expect to receive some feedback on this list, and I know there will be critics. I’m actually looking forward to it. I will read every comment with an open mind, and will take the comments into careful consideration as I update the list on a regular basis. I also intend to add categories, which will make this concept even more useful. Please suggest nominees for the following categories: Best Retail Twitter Users; Best Restaurant/Eatery Twitter Users; Best Non-Profit Twitter Users; Best Individual Twitter Users; Best Group (Geographical, Interest, etc.) Twitter account. With your help, these lists will be released in the next few weeks.

Without further ado, here it is - the First Top 10 Twitter List For Westchester, NY, in no particular order.

@MidWestchester - Chappaqua’s Walter Olson is a social media pioneer. He created MidWestchester to build a local Twitter community, and has done an excellent job finding and creating worthwhile content to Tweet. Olson also manages @WalterOlson on Twitter and writes the blog (often referred to as the oldest law blog).
@WestchesterMag – this is the account for Westchester Magazine. Creative Tweets linking to Westchester Magazine’s own content, plus quality interactions with their followers. Linked to the magazine’s impressive website.
@CDessi – An excellent mix of cutting edge social media information and other Tweets relevant to the events around us. Dessi’s Twitter account links to his always interesting Social Media blog,
@LoHud - Nothing flashy. Everything Lohud. Lots of Tweets linking to the content produced by
@ThisisRobThomas - This Briarcliff Manor resident is one of the country’s top songwriters and performers. He has also established himself as a darn good Tweeter. He encourages debate and comes off as genuine as any celebrity I’ve seen. He and his wife Marisol also created the SidewalkAngels Twitter account (see below).
@David Parmet - David accurately bills himself as a New York based PR and social media marketing guru who helps businesses and agencies navigate the seas of social media. A good one to follow if you’re looking to stay near the front edge of the social media wave.
@Martha Stewart – Martha’s bio says: Curious, inquisitive, experimental entrepreneur who cares about the world we live in. Oh, by the way, more than a million followers care about what Martha has to say.
@IndieBoundMeg - Meg Smith makes insightful Tweets about Indie Booksellers, and links her account to the website. Good material for authors, publishers, booksellers and those interested in the industry. Makes you wonder why any bookstore or author would choose not to be on Twitter.
@WestchesterLife – The profile summary says it all. A modern and fresh two cents on the good, the bad, and the severely deficient of Westchester living. C’est la vie. My prediction: this account will take off if the Tweets keep coming. There is definitely an audience for this kind of no-punches-pulled content.
@ConsumerReports – Based in Yonkers, the well-known consumer advocate makes excellent use of Twitter, posting important (including recalls) and timely information along with a link to their website. Also check out the related ConsumersUnion and Consumerist accounts.
There. That wasn’t so difficult. TwitterProfessor’s first-ever top 10 list is on the board. Unfortunately, I know I inadvertently left some deserving Tweeter off the list. So to remedy any possible wrongs, I have two solutions: 1) I’m going to list 20 more deserving Twitter accounts below. These are all people or organizations producing good quality content on Twitter. I strongly encourage you to check their accounts. 2) As I mentioned above, I encourage you to contact me (using the comments form or contact page, or by calling me at 914-960-1533) if you have any information you’d like me to have as I update this list in the coming weeks.

The Best of the Rest:

@ExaminerStone – managed by Adam Stone, the publisher of The Examiner newspaper, a weekly covering local Westchester communities, including Pleasantville, Chappaqua and Mount Kisco. There is plenty of quality information being generated by The Examiner — can’t wait until more of it is posted online, so Stone will have the ability to provide followers with links.

@StationStops - StationStops focuses on those things related to traveling via the MTA. StationStops is currently engaged in a somewhat heated battle with the MTA which you can read about in this blog post.

@Small_Bites If you like food (and who doesn’t), this is a Twitter account that will make your mouth water. Linked with Liz Johnson’s blog, the Tweets include photos of food, recipes and news about food.

@AmyPaulin - The account of NYS Assemblywoman Amy R. Paulin. Legislative news from Albany and community happenings in the 88th district (Westchester, NY). Tweeting since mid-July, off to a good start. Keep it up.

@Everything Julie - The account of former staffer Julie Moran Alterio. Bio: Writer who explores the intersection of culture, commerce and technology. Also a mom with too many Cheerios in her carpet. Reformed night owl.

@EverythingLuLu - In their own words: The dress may take the cake, but the cake speaks for itself. This Scarsdale bakery is doing a great job promoting itself through Twitter and a top-notch website. Great images. Setting a great example in social media.

@ArtBizLaw - The account of Larry Berglas - Husband, Father, Writer and Lawyer, Lawyer and Writer, Professor, Guitar Player, Swimmer and Solving Problems with Pineapple Chords… Interesting and informative, entertaining and balanced.

@News12WC – Links (and lots of them) to content from News 12.

@Joe_Wallace - Pleasantville author who lets followers get an inside look at much of what goes on in the book-writing profession. Seems to be an excellent way for an author to promote his career. Very interesting Tweets.

@AndyBarovick - I am an atypical plaintiff’s medical malpractice/personal injury lawyer who loves time with family, music, biking and blogging.

@Blythedale - Blythedale Children’s Hospital is dedicated to the diagnosis, care and treatment of children with complex medical and rehabilitative needs. The hospital posts information and news, but also makes Tweets aimed at helping to keep all kids safe.

@PaulFeiner – Bio: Greenburgh Town Supervisor; former Westchester County Legislator, President Westchester-Putnam Town Supervisors, former national recipient Common Cause Award. Feiner has made a habit of listening to his constituents, and Twitter provides him with another effective medium.

@FlourandSun - Pleasantville’s cupcake bakery has set an excellent example for other businesses to follow. Great pictures of spectacular baked goods, consistent Tweets, creative use of the medium.

@RCAChap - Owner of Red Carpet Antiques, Vincent Fulgenzi Tweets about art and antiques, current events, and an impressive blend of culture and history. Particularly knowledgeable about NYC.

@Warner_Library – Nearly 1,000 followers. Useful Tweets for anyone interested in programs or services at the library. Good use of Twitter.

@HHValley – Bio: We create the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze and Legend Weekend. We preserve six museums of history, including Washington Irving’s Sunnyside and Kykuit.

@MarchofDimes – Daily pregnancy tips from Beverly Robertson, National Director, Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center at the March of Dimes.

@SignalPatterns – Twitter account of Ran Zilca, founder and CEO of Signal Patterns – a company that develops psychology-based mobile and web applications.

@WestchesterFam – This is the account of Westchester Family Magazine, and it sneaks into the list mostly on potential. This magazine should have no trouble putting out content, and it’s apparent they understand how Twitter is used. As of today, though, they’ve only made 16 Tweets. As they say, if you Tweet it, they will come.

@SidewalkAngels – a non-profit established by Marisol and Rob Thomas (@thisisrobthomas), works hand-in-hand with charities in and around America’s big cities.

@GetinLoop - Spirited Hyper-local news, focusing on Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and Rye.

You’ll find all of these accounts, plus many other good Westchester-relate accounts on the “following” list of @ContentHarvest. It’s easy to add them as accounts you follow by simply scrolling down that list and selecting the ones you want.

Editors Note – Chris Cornell’s wife, Connie Cornell is the manager of the @Blythedale account. Accounts managed by Chris Cornell, including @Pleasantville @ContentHarvest and @CornellGallery have been excluded from consideration at this time.


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Another play on numbers...

So funny: your twitter was not in the top was in the second wonder our budget is so messed up

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There's nothing like one blowing his own horn.

Can you twitter yourself out of office.
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Remember, tweeting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk.
The next time I see you with your Balckberry while driving, I will post your photo on America's Most Wanted.

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Wouldn't the list that Mr. Feiner would want to be featured on be:

the top 10 Town Supervisors

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The blog editor is at it again ... deleting comments he doesn't like. There's nothing wrong with a taxpayer asking the Town Supervisor to grow up and stop all the nonsense with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. He's being paid to manage our Town, not toot or tweet his own horn about being one of the 10 best twitterers; twit yes!