Saturday, August 01, 2009


Wednesday, August 5: Playdate for Parents and Babies (0-9 months)
7/29- CHANGE IN LOCATION. Meet at Hastings Station Cafe in Hastings on Hudson!!

We've heard from lots of you that you are looking for a play group. So, we're gathering as many of you that can this week! Join your friends from The Rivertown Play Group for a playdate in the park at Memorial Park in Dobbs Ferry on August 5 from 2:30-3:30 pm. Bring your blankets and toys!

We encourage you to stop in the village and grab an ice coffee or snack for yourself or do some shopping before or after too! We love to support local businesses!

A brand new toy from HearthSong will be awarded to the first person that RSVPs to this event. Please RSVP if you can!

P.S. -this is something new for us! if you have concerns with the time or day etc. or you want to be involved, please email us at


Anonymous said...

I guess Paul now you are going after the young mothers for votes..
How sick you must be that you don't have any confidence in yourself to win without buying up some votes.
In time they too will realize what a mistake was made in putting you in office as many of us have done before.

Anonymous said...

Most people are happy with the town. Otherwise, the entire Town Board would be facing competition this fall.